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A 10,000ft overview of TkXel's web and mobile portfolio. Includes type of projects delivered & applications built for large enterprises, SMBs and startups such as Groupon, NBC Universal, Ford, Barlcays, AOL, Vistaprint, Intelligence Bank and many more.

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TkXel Portfolio

  1. 1. Digital Experiences.
  2. 2. Breaking down walls between business, design & technology. A 10,000ft overview of work that we’ve done: Mobile apps: 500+ mobile apps for iOS and Android Jugnoo, Intelligence Bank Rescue Missions: Groupon Technology ecosystems (web & mobile): Funded Start-ups: Yachts and friends SAAS based products: Minimum Viable Products: ChefVivant Portal evolution: Technology Migration:, iVillage, VistaPrint Danva, Campus
  3. 3. Web portfolio. We design and develop. And we do both well.
  4. 4. 75+ Product launches 150K+ User stories delivered 1M+ Hours of development 40+ Rescue missions
  5. 5. SaaS Products
  6. 6. A massive self-serving Social media platform with multimillion dollar funding. 1 2 0 + Ma n Months effort
  7. 7. Jugnoo is an example of our abilities to not only maintain & evolve web portals but also develop massively scalable SaaS platforms. Demonstrates our expertise for integration with OpenGraph and other social APIs including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many more.
  8. 8. Challenge. A Canada based team with visionary and strategic thinkers having experience in launching multiple startups wanted to scale-up their SaaS based product which acted as a social media presence management tool. Results. 50,000 registered users in 1st month. Our role. We took up the product at an early stage with 14 person (PM, Software engineers) team and evolved it for 14+ months. We refactored (architected, developed and deployed) their existing implementations to improve scalability options. Developed multiple components including dashboards, analytics, reporting and workflow processes while integrating with Open Graph and several social APIs like Facebook, Twitter and more. Rated better than HootSuite by multiple social media experts.
  9. 9. An amazing SaaS based Sustainability Data Management System. Having 4500+ clients including:
  10. 10. We carried end-to-end engineering for CAMPUS including the architecture, design, development, deployment and support. Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, REST, MongoDB, Moped, MongoID, Rails Engine, Heroku, Mongo Aggregation Framework, Hadoop, RAPHAEL.
  11. 11. Challenge. In 2010, the green house recognized the need to provide sustainability data to customers in meaningful ways that just made sense. Features such as service reports, statistics, real-time notifications, and audit trials were intended to be offered for large enterprises and SMBs through a cloud based software. Results. CAMPUS as of now has 4500+ Clients & Won awards including: “Top 20 Environmental Businesses in UK.” Our role. We not just built any SaaS product, but a complex cloud based software having multiple models, dashboards, workflows and a bird’s eye analytics view for data visibility. Followed an Agile approach by planning sprints, defining acceptance criteria, & detailing user stories while building the product from scratch. “Fastest growing cleantech business.” “The Future 500.”
  12. 12. Web Portals
  13. 13. One of the fastest growing internet business in the industry.
  14. 14. Quick Facts: Team size Project duration 7 2+ person team PM, Software engineers & QA Years Technology stack: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Testium, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Selenium, Cucumber, Mocha, WD.js, and multiple API integrations.
  15. 15. Challenge. Groupon never settled on being an average company. They wanted rapid expansion and online presence in multiple international destinations while keeping things under control. Results. We enabled Groupon goods platform launch in 30+ international destinations Our role. Still onboard with 8 person (PM, Software engineers) since past 1 year. We refactored (architected, developed and deployed) their existing implementations to improve scalability options. Developed a central admin portal allowing them to control the entire goods platform. In less than 6 Months.
  16. 16. a  division  of   Internet’s most popular astrology destination with thousands of content pages, 100+ personalized readings, 40+ widgets & much more.
  17. 17. a  division  of   Quick Facts: Team size Project duration 9 5+ Person team PM, Software engineers & QA Years Technology stack: Ruby on Rails, HAML, SASS, jQuery, REST, JSON, RSpec, Cucumber, Capistrano and multiple API integrations.
  18. 18. Challenge. Results. Efforts beyond the pack were required for 3 million unique visitors of NBC Universal’s astrology portal. A significant portal evolution including several integrations, building of new components, content management and improving performance was required to improve the user experience. Our role. 4+ years and still onboard with 9 person team (PM, Software engineers, Graphic designers). Followed an Agile approach with BDD based development integrating their several co-branded sites and developing complex background jobs based on business requirements. 50+ new components were developed. A massive improvement was done to UX through several personalization offers.
  19. 19. a  division  of   The Center of her Digital Routine.
  20. 20. a  division  of   Quick Facts: Team size 9 person team PM, Software engineers & QA Project duration 5+ Years Technology stack: Ruby on Rails, HAML, SASS, jQuery, REST, JSON, RSpec, Cucumber, Capistrano and multiple API integrations.
  21. 21. Challenge. iVillage wanted to enable their 30 Million+ (monthly users) to connect to their favorite channel through multiple platforms. They were looking to do continuous product evolution for their existing products. This required a complete technology eco-system with a sustainable admin portal for content management. Our role. 5+ years and still onboard with 9 person team. We managed end-to-end developments and deployments through Agile – Scrum management while using a TDD approach. Carried multiple integrations for implementing an online voting system, social sharing, and tracking. Results. Centralized WCMS built for content edition and updates. Developed complete functionality of Virtual Makeover in less than 3 days. Saved up to 50% of the time for integrations by taking online testing environments to local dev machines using Vagrant. Developed their Android and iPhone Apps.
  22. 22. With 25+ localized websites, Vistaprint serves over 50 million micro-businesses across the globe.
  23. 23. Quick Facts: Team size 5 person team PM, Software engineers & QA Project duration 3+ Years Technology stack: TDD based development, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Mustache, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Minitests, RSpec, Memcache, JSON.
  24. 24. Enterprise Web apps
  25. 25. Single software application for Housing Associations using Internet, cloud and app technology.
  26. 26.     We’ve partnered with Reidmark in developing enterprise products (Microsoft .Net and iOS based) related to property management and real estate in the UK.
  27. 27. Challenge. A massive technology up gradation and consolidation was required by Broadland Housing Group to move ahead of their existing chaotic mix of operating systems and applications. Our role. We took up the the challenge and created a bespoke system with 12 person (PM, Software engineers) team and delivered an enterprise level solution - RSL Manager within 2 years. We designed the entire system (CRM) using Microsoft .Net which covers: •  Tenancy management •  HR & finance •  Asset management Results. 100k+ registered users are currently being managed through RSL Manager.
  28. 28. Eco-systems (web, mobile & social)
  29. 29. The premiere cooking recipe market place on web, mobile & tablet.
  30. 30. Challenge. ChefVivant had a mission to revolutionize how consumers engage with cookbooks and recipes in their homes. They wanted a reliable engineering team to scale up their minimum viable product to an established product with more monetization options. Our role. Still onboard with 6 person (Product strategist, PM, Software engineers, QA) since past year. Apart from product engineering, we designed a complete product strategy roadmap to take the MVP to a full scale established product. Within our strategy, we developed a complete technology suite including the web portal, mobile apps for iOS, iPad, Android and Playbook. Results. Chef-Vivant managed to seize sizeable funding from RIM and Best Buy. We extended the initial product to a complete technology suite including web portal, iOS & Android apps and Playbook.
  31. 31. Order Management System. A full scale order management system for the 10K+ Small & Medium Enterprise customers of Barclays on web & mobile touch-points.
  32. 32. Challenge. Barclays Bank wanted to: •  Help their SME customers (takeaways in specific) to compete with larger takeaway businesses. •  Give their customers a new way of ordering. •  Increase their revenues by utilizing new ways of ordering. Our role. Delivered the project with 7 person (PM, Software engineers) team in 6 months. We architected an entire eco-system (web portal, iOS and Android apps) enabling users with multiple touchpoints to place orders for their favorite restaurants. Our team carried end-to-end engineering including design, development, server side configuration and support – while integrating payment mechanisms. Results. More than 4000 takeaways have signed-up with a plan to bring more than 10,000 takeaways onboard.
  33. 33. Start-up Projects
  34. 34. GivEngine – A great concept around sharing and giving “stuff”. Functionality is similar to Instagram & Facebook (in terms of photo sharing, uploads & feeds).
  35. 35. TradiePoint is an amazing concept turned into reality for finding, booking, and getting quotes from local tradesmen.
  36. 36. Yachts and Friends provides a deep range of quality yachts available online and with the biggest database of skippers to help sail the yachts. Working directly with their CTO, we’re helping them enhance and add in new features to their website
  37. 37. Mobile Applications. Creating experiences, that inspire.
  38. 38. 20+ Apps in Top 100 500+ Mobile Apps 7 apps with 10M+ downloads  
  39. 39. Featured work Enterprise Applications For large enterprises, TkXel has extensive experience in providing high performance, scalable and robust solutions.
  40. 40. Property Management Solutions We’ve partnered with Reidmark in developing enterprise products related to property management and real estate in the UK
  41. 41. Fleet Automation Solutions We’ve helped enterprises like Cintas Corporation realize the ROI for adapting mobile technology. Through RouteBook they managed to reduce lead time of onboarding new drivers and significantly improved delivery process.
  42. 42. The Enterprise Cloud for HR and Finance Developed a marketing demo for the Workday iPad app. This demo helped their executives understand how mobile can be effectively used for Workday customers.
  43. 43. Field Force Mobility More than 6000+ district managers used to perform store audits (for 7500 stores) using paper process. We helped them automate this using iOS and Android apps.
  44. 44. Featured work Apps for ) SMB ( Small & Medium Business Mobility in the Small & Medium business space is more than an option; it’s clearly a necessity.
  45. 45. a  division  of   Content Mobility We’ve created great experiences for millions of users of to access their favorite portal through iPhone and Android apps.
  46. 46. a  division  of   Infotainment With 100+ personalized readings, 20+ daily horoscopes and 10+ products, we know exactly the mobile user experience to offer for your customers. Offering a hands-on approach to understanding astrology through internet’s most popular astrology destination.
  47. 47. A colorful e-book designed for iPad with 30+ animations and exciting 3D graphics. We  did  everything  in-­‐house  including:   Story  boarding,  Interac4on  design,  Visual  design,  Anima4ons,  Sound  Engineering,   Development  ,Deployment  and  support  
  48. 48. Featured work Mobile Solutions For Startups Mobility in the SMB space is more than an option; it’s clearly a necessity.
  49. 49. We built an end-to-end online information management platform that makes it easy to share documents.
  50. 50. IRISH SPEED TRAPS Get speed camera alerts on iPhone by downloading the Irish Speed Traps app.
  51. 51. By the way, that’s just a glimpse of what we’ve done.
  52. 52. And we'd more about Us: Know love to hear about your project! Technological Eco-Systems. Ruby on Rails Specialists. Drop us a line at Mobile Overview.
  53. 53. We'd love to hear about your project! Drop us a line at
  54. 54. !   CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE The content provided herein is intended to showcase our featured work to the recipient only. All information and material provided is confidential and shall not be shared or distributed, re-used for personal or organizational benefit without TkXel’s explicit consent. TkXel reserves the right to take appropriate action against any violations.