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TKW Portfolio

  1. 1. Tamara K. Wyld Portfolio 2013 Tamara K. Wyld Interior Design · Product Specification · Design Management Sales · Client Management · Project Management Brand Promotion · Product Support Materials Development Tamara K. Wyld 404.731.9119 mobile Interior Designer LinkedIn:
  2. 2. B & B Design Interior Design Studio II - Project for Juried Review University of Georgia - March, 1995 Project Scope for 10K sq ft for B & B Design, a leading iconic fashion design company.– Departments / Areas: Marketing & Sales, Systems / IT, Design & Production, Accounting, CEO with Executive Assistant, VP, VIP, President, Main Reception, Office Manager, office services & storage, multi-purpose & break rooms, conference rooms (1 private for CEO), M & W restrooms.– Design an office environment in which creativity can thrive, international business can be efficiently and impressively conducted, and everyday office functions can all be supported in a bespoke setting. Catering to celebrity and high-end clientele is essential – welcoming, always fashion forward, must invoke integrity, positive energy and constant mobility.– Departments should provide privacy to work efficiently with little interruption, yet have fluid access to coworkers for ease of collaboration.– Individuals should create minimal interruption to others when transitioning from one area to the next. Work stations near aisles should be sensitive to privacy needs.– Executive suites should allow for privacy due to meeting with affluent clientele and reviewing confidential and/or proprietary designs and information.– Specifications must be easily adaptable in order to stay on-trend and reflect the unique, high-end brand-image required by such an organization.– Consider ADA-compliant needs, Fire & Safety codes, egress requirements.– Consider FFE uses: wearability, cleaning, multi-functioning, adaptability, uniformity, compatibility.
  3. 3. B & B DesignBubble Diagram, preliminary schematic
  4. 4. B & B DesignCircular and preliminary schematics, conceptual ideas
  5. 5. B & B DesignSpecial Features: Accessible seating, panel heights, executive suite
  6. 6. B & B Design Sally’s Suite: Perspective & Elevations PerspectiveElevations, rendered,showing beam spread
  7. 7. B & B DesignSally’s Suite: Furniture Plan and Schedule
  8. 8. B & B DesignSally’s Suite: Color & Product Boards • Herman Miller furnishings • Contemporary styling yet classic • Woods: light maple • Soft flooring: blue & grey • Decorative window treatments: off- white sheer with texture • Executive Chair: deep slate blue leather, matte finish, no texture • Side chairs: blue and teal pebble- texture • Sofa: deep green leather • Side table: glass and metal with deep red chairs, textured • Accessories: sleek and minimal
  9. 9. Stainmaster Flooring Center Retail Store Design – USA & Canada• Exclusive Stainmaster products are placed at the front in the most easily-accessible location.• Display fixture layout and traffic flow uses various flooring materials in a showroom application for ease of shopping; Install layouts created for contractor.• Specifications include paint colors, lighting fixtures and layout, exterior treatments. Use of warm or rich paint colors encourages a more domestic feel, allowing customer to relate to their home.• Overall good design attracts the consumer, earning their trust and providing a respectable environment in which to shop. This can win business, return customers, and a good reputation.• Encourage a seating area to accommodate the non-shopper with the main customer – reduces impatience and distractions, allows greater opportunity to close the sale.• Proper lighting is essential in order to best show color, textures, and provide a visually- comfortable shopping environment.
  10. 10. Swim N’Sport National retailer of ladies’ swimwear and accessories Lighting layout & calculations using AGI32 software• Requests upgrade of store’s image with more dramatic and efficient lighting. – Solution: use Metal Halide on angle, focus on displayed merchandise on walls.• Requested fitting rooms be adequately lit, but softly to minimize personal sensitivities common for this product, in effort to maximize sales. – Solution in hall: use horizontal up-lighting to wash upper walls and ceiling, allowing light reflectivity from ceiling and walls to be the ambient lighting. – Solution in fitting rooms: use side-mount vertical lighting by mirrors to avoid shadow-casting on person; use lower CRI lamp to soften skin-tones and minimize “problem areas” as prone to occur in swimwear fittings.• Client wished to reduce light fixture visibility for higher-end aesthetics. – Solution: use recessed lighting to hide, use track to streamline; all low-profile fixtures to minimize visual attraction, allowing focus to be on merchandise.
  11. 11. Swim N’Sport Lighting Layout
  12. 12. Swim N’Sport Lighting Layout• Shows overall FC readings on floor - based on lighting type, lamp, reflector, angle, and distance.• Layout for Sales Floor and Fitting Rooms: – Entry: recessed CFL and recessed Metal halide multi-spots @ 12’ AFF – Sales Floor perimeter: Metal Halide track @ appx 9’ AFF, angled – Sales Floor center front and rear soffits: recessed CFL @ 9’ AFF – Sales Floor center – Cash Wrap: 50wMR16 pendants @8’ AFF – Fitting Room hall: Wall-mount horizontal wall-wash uplights @7’6 AFF – Sales Floor wall: reading from Metal Halide track @ 9’ AFF, angled
  13. 13. Swim N’SportTotal store footcandle calculations
  14. 14. Swim N’SportExample of wall footcandle calculations
  15. 15. Swim N’Sport Summary of footcandles and calculations• Luminaire Schedule: lamp type, lumens, light-loss factor, and total watts used per lamp.• Numeric Summary: Footcandle (FC) levels, averages, min / max, and location of each reading.• Information on the summary pages allows for: – Energy Cost Analysis for cost comparisons; total energy cost can be determined by also using HVAC system reading or estimates. – A numeric understanding of light level variances for appropriate visibility at task areas, highlighting merchandise, artwork, or architectural features, and desired dramatic effects. – Avg / Min and Max / Min can show balance of light in a particular location.
  16. 16. Swim N’SportSummary of footcandles and calculations
  17. 17. Amtico International Inc – GlobalShop 2001 2000+ square feet of Amtico LVT trade show floor Installed flooring at show AutoCAD layout for manufacturing and installation
  18. 18. Kairos Development CorporationMixed-Use development, Buckhead neighborhood – Atlanta, GA Phase III - design board for display at Sales & Design Center • 2000 sf condo home with balcony. • Modern architecture and detailing, e.g. floor- to-ceiling windows w/ automated recessed shades for energy & light control, drywall to doors and windows, no trim, upper cabinetry goes to ceiling. • Kitchen equipped with Viking stainless-steel appliances, natural or engineered stone countertops, sleek cabinetry design for efficient and visually-clean storage. • Kohler bath fittings and water-saving fixtures; natural stone floors and tile details around bath and showers with glass accent tiles. • Low VOC paint in soothing neutral or pale colors, wood flooring in bamboo for better use of sustainable and renewable resources.
  19. 19. Southern Builder Showhouse 2006McConnell Homes / Healthy House of the South, LLC - Atlanta, GA “A Healthy House of the South home is certified to significantly reduce allergens, moisture, insects, and radon gas and has the areas best ratings for EarthCraft homes.” “A Healthy House of the South™ (HHS) home provides you a healthy, safe, durable, and energy efficient environment. Our homes are built to the highest building standards in the U.S., utilizing the American Lung Association’s best practices and standards, which include site inspections during construction and performance testing upon completion.” “Get better air quality, lower energy bills, and more home for your money with a Healthy House of the South.” Quotes found at:
  20. 20. Southern Builder Showhouse 2006McConnell Homes / Healthy House of the South, LLC - Atlanta, GA Clockwise from lower left: • Bonus Room: Velux skylights for natural light; accent lighting for drama; ambient lighting fixtures in long oval shapes to accent center vault in ceiling. • Kitchen: natural materials, energy- efficient appliances; custom island height for baking and prep; hidden storage for small appliances. • Master Shower: natural stone; custom stained-glass; multi-function shower fittings. • Entry door: Custom stained-glass for custom door.
  21. 21. McConnell Homes Barcus Residence - Virginia-Highland neighborhood, Atlanta, GA• Specified all exterior finish options, including custom door & sidelight details, front porch exterior lighting.• Master bath: designed custom cabinetry and tile designs; specified custom trim detailing at counters; specified lighting, paint and cabinetry finishes.• Living Room: designed fireplace hearth and mantle, specified natural stone; Custom-designed built-in cabinetry with fold-and-slide doors, interior adjusting shelves to accommodate media equipment.
  22. 22. McConnell Homes Barcus Residence - Virginia-Highland neighborhood, Atlanta, GA• Wine Room: “Vintage Views” wine racking: -cost-savings due to reduced fabrication and finishing; less use of resources which require “renewal” -inexpensive to purchase and install -iron racking is nearly invisible, allowing wine bottles to be a featured display -allows for more wine storage vs. wood- dividers due to minimal material thickness.• Alabaster & iron mosaic pendant light fixture; natural slate flooring; granite counter surfaces.• Cabinets & drawers for storage.