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Churchill on leadership


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Churchill on leadership

  1. 1. Churchill on Leadership Executive Success in the Face of Adversity September 21, 2010
  2. 2. About Steven F. Hayward Steven F. Hayward is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute ( in Washington, D.C., an adjunct fellow of the John Ashbrook Center, a former Bradley Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a Weaver Fellow of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and a senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute ( in San Francisco. Hayward writes on a wide range of public policy issues, including the environment, law, economics and public policy. He is the coauthor of the annual Index of Leading Environmental Indicators and the producer and host of An Inconvenient Truth . . . or Convenient Fiction?, a rebuttal to Al Gore's documentary. His work has appeared in National Review, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Reason, The Weekly Standard, Policy Review, Los Angeles Daily News and Chicago Tribune. Hayward earned a Bachelors of Science in business and administrative studies from Lewis and Clark College. He then earned a Ph.D. in American studies and an Masters of Arts in government from the Claremont Graduate School. Steven F. Hayward is a recognized authority on world leaders. In addition to Churchill on Leadership Hayward authored books on Ronald Reagan including The Age of Reagan, 1964-1980: The Fall of the Old Liberal Order and The Age of Reagan: The Conservative Counterrevolution: 1980-1989. He wrote The Real Jimmy Carter in 2004 and Greatness: Reagan, Churchill, and the Making of Extraordinary Leaders in 2005.
  3. 3. What Do You Know About Churchill?
  4. 4. Churchill Youth: 1874-1900 Young Statesman: 1901-1914 The Challenge of War: August 1914-1916 The Stricken World: 1917-1922 The Prophet of Truth: 1923-1939 Finest Hour: September 1940-1941 Road to Victory: 1942-1945 Never Despair: May 1945-1965 Immortal
  5. 5. Churchill Myths Personal: Historical: • Churchill was an abuser of alcohol. • An actor read Churchill’s wartime speeches. • Churchill’s father died of syphilis. • Churchill and FDR knew of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor but did nothing in order to draw the United States into the war. • Churchill had a learning disability. • Churchill crushed the striking Welsh miners by • Churchill was a poor student in school. sending in troops. • Alexander Fleming saved Churchill from drowning. • Churchill opposed the India Bill out of hopelessly Victorian view of the Empire. • Churchill had knowledge of the holocaust during the war but did nothing about it.
  6. 6. Five Distinct Truths 1. That there is full authority. 2. That there is a reasonable prospect of success. 3. That greater interests are not compromised. 4. That all possible care and forethought are exercised in the preparation. 5. That all vigor and determination are shown in the execution.
  7. 7. Frequently Asked Questions Do I need to subscribe to the BBC? How do I What does The Meyvn Group do? subscribe? The Meyvn Group is a leadership Yes, we would like to get to know you! To development firm. We specialize in human subscribe, visit our website and click on resources consulting, training & development “Business Book Club.” and business coaching. Please visit our website to learn more. When is the next session? The next session will be October 19th. The book How can I contact you with additional will be The Oz Principle by Craig Hickman. questions? Contact us by phone at (515) 299-0983 or Where can I order books? email us at You can find each book on our website. Your purchases are processed through How can I recommend a book for the BBC? Visit us online at We always love new ideas! Please let us know your suggestions. If you are an author, please submit a review copy for consideration.