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Commercial Architecture


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Partial collection of architectural renderings for variety of commercial projects @ Schneider Wright Inc.

Published in: Design, Business, Automotive
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Commercial Architecture

  1. 1. PORTFOLIO by Tatyana Korsunskaya COMMERCIAL ARCHITECTURE -Renderings PORTFOLIO by Tatyana Korsunskaya @ Schneider Wright Inc. COMMERCIAL ARCHITECTURE RENDERINGS
  2. 2. First Baptist Church, Exterior. Dallas GA
  3. 3. First Baptist Church, Interior. Dallas GA
  4. 4. Performance Theater, Stage View. Dallas GA
  5. 5. Ravine Three, Lobby. Atlanta, GA
  6. 6. Genuine Parts Company, Presentation Board 1. Atlanta, GA
  7. 7. Genuine Parts Company, Presentation Board 2. Atlanta, GA
  8. 8. Genuine Parts Company, Exterior. Atlanta, GA
  9. 9. F.A.T.S. Meggitt Defense Systems, Reception. Atlanta, GA
  10. 10. F.A.T.S. Meggitt Defense Systems, Lobby. Atlanta, GA
  11. 11. Cox Media, Reception. Atlanta, GA Cox Media, Break Room. Atlanta, GA
  12. 12. Cox Media, Conference Room. Atlanta, GA
  13. 13. Lil Mama’s Café, Counter. Alpharetta, GA
  14. 14. Lil Mama’s Café, Seating. Alpharetta , GA Lil Mama’s Café, Counter. Alpharetta, GA
  15. 15. Harley Davidson, View of Pavilion. Atlanta, GA
  16. 16. Harley Davidson, View of Heroes Park. Atlanta, GA