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Revision york


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Published in: Education
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Revision york

  1. 1. REAL REVISION: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk Kate Messner Penn State York Institute 2013
  2. 2. www.katemessner.comPennStateYork
  3. 3. So…what are you writing these days?
  4. 4. Revision should not be a surprise.
  5. 5. Assignment: Write for three minutes, describing a place that you love.
  6. 6. WHAT REVISION ISN’T…  Spell Checking  Hiring a professional editor  Solitary  A process with a single correct solution or end point
  7. 7.
  8. 8. WHAT REVISION IS Brainstorming Free-Writing (and maybe starting over)
  9. 9. Princess Marty Frog-Slime and the Nutcracker Ballet
  10. 10. Confessions of a Sea Monster
  11. 11. “Well…This is funny. But it sounds more like a New Yorker cartoon than a book for kids.”
  12. 12. What if things turned out differently?
  13. 13. Two Books in One?
  14. 14. Who’s that guy girl?
  15. 15. Considering different formats
  16. 16. Draft 1 Draft 2 Draft 3 Draft 4
  17. 17. Time to Write! Sometimes poem…
  18. 18. Time to Write! Sometimes poem…
  19. 19. WHAT REVISION IS Finding & Strengthening the Heart of a project
  20. 20. This book is about ______________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________. (But underneath that, it’s really about ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________.
  21. 21. My book is about a figure skater from a small-town maple farm who earns a scholarship to train with the elite in Lake Placid & discovers a world of mean girls on ice. But underneath that, it’s really about making a decision to follow your own dreams instead of the dreams that are chosen for you.
  22. 22. My book is about a future world where killer tornadoes are widespread and four kids at a science camp who are trying to stop them but discover a terrifying secret. But underneath that, it’s really about using your powers for good.
  23. 23. This book is about ______________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________. (But underneath that, it’s really about ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________.
  24. 24. WHAT REVISION IS 65 Off-Draft Writing Prompts to Jump- Start Revision
  25. 25. Write a metaphor- poem describing one of your characters, in another character’s voice. Thanks, Kelly Fineman!
  26. 26. If your poem/essay/person al narrative/ research paper could talk back to you right now, what would it say?
  27. 27. WHAT REVISION IS Charts, maps, timelines, & outlines
  28. 28. More Ideas… • Map the setting – note important events • Chapter by chapter timelines • Plot charts with rising/falling action • Outline (after writing) to identify weak chapters
  29. 29. Big-Picture Story Chart - What characters, settings, obj ects, jokes, themes, and threads are important in your project? Are they woven consistently throughout the text?
  30. 30. WHAT REVISION IS Considering all five senses.
  31. 31. Time to Revise! Sometimes poem… Add SMELLS
  32. 32. WHAT REVISION IS Returning to Research
  33. 33. WHAT REVISION IS Details and Word Choice Be specific. Be surprising.
  34. 34. Look for delicious details
  35. 35. Look for delicious details
  36. 36. Google Maps – Street View
  37. 37. Role Play! Replace Tired Body Language
  39. 39. WHAT REVISION IS Being a Word Ninja
  40. 40. Readers are Smart Don’t keep repeating your points to make sure they “get it.”
  41. 41. very really just that “what looked like”
  43. 43. Watch for “pet” stories, ideas, themes, p hrases…
  44. 44. Brainstorm: What words, phrases, & pet stories are on your personal “MOST WANTED” list?
  45. 45. Time to Revise! *** Sometimes poem… Cut at least 20 words
  46. 46. WHAT REVISION IS Being Social -Critique Groups/Partners
  47. 47. Post-It Note Critiques ORANGE = “I LOVE THIS!” GREEN = “I’M BORED.” YELLOW=“I’M CONFUSED”
  48. 48. WHAT REVISION IS Technology Tools of the Trade
  49. 49. Scrivener
  50. 50. WHAT REVISION IS Finding the Right Title
  51. 51. WHAT REVISION IS Finding the Right Title TEN Titles Highlight great phrases Crowd-source Cut-it-Up & Mix-it-Up
  52. 52. WHAT REVISION IS Making Lists… …and getting to work!
  53. 53. Five Reasons Kids Don’t Want to Revise (and what teachers can do about it) Kate Messner
  54. 54. REASON #1 “But I just FINISHED. And I like my paper the way it is.”
  55. 55. SOLUTION: Start the revision conversation early.
  56. 56. After We Write…  REVISION – PART I  REVISION – PART 2  REVISION – PART 3
  57. 57. REASON #2 “I already ran a spell check. I’m good.”
  58. 58. SOLUTION: Teach students the difference between revising and editing.
  59. 59. REASON #3 “I don’t know where to start.”
  60. 60. SOLUTION: Have a revision checklist ready…
  61. 61. Student Critique Partners • Trade papers with a partner •Use highlighters to indicate the following: •Pink = Consider cutting this part. •Green = I’m confused now. •Orange = Use more vivid details/precise language. •Yellow = This part works really well! •In the margin next to each color (or on a Post-It note), write a note explaining your highlighting and
  62. 62. REASON #4 “I did revise. Just now. It’s not my fault I’m a fast reviser.”
  63. 63. SOLUTION: Teach multiple strategies for revision.
  64. 64. A Shrunken Manuscript Strategy Courtesy of Darcy Pattison PINK = plot points GREEN = crush BLUE = Ruby ORANGE = funny bits with Ian YELLOW = place for the tree game
  65. 65. REASON #5 “Everybody says I’m a great writer. Great writers don’t need to revise.”
  66. 66. SOLUTION: Use published authors as role models, through text examples and Skype visits.
  67. 67. GUESS HOW MANY DRAFTS? 14!
  68. 68. REAL REVISION: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk Kate Messner Penn State York Institute 2013