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The entrepreneur's guide to digital marketing and webpreneurship


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10 Simple Principles of Digital Marketing as discussed by Prof. T.K. Jain for the benefit of entrepreneurs and marketing professionals in simple language. Useful for MBA, CA, CS, ICWA, BCOM, MCOM, university research scholars, research institutions, research centres, all over the world. Freely available extremely useful guidance and tips.

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The entrepreneur's guide to digital marketing and webpreneurship

  1. 1. 2013 The Entrepreneur's Guide to Digital Marketing and Webpreneurship Trilok Kumar Jain Dean, Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur 12/5/2013
  2. 2. The Entrepreneur's Guide to Digital Marketing and Webpreneurship by : Trilok Kumar Jain Dean, ISBM, Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur, India Mobile : 9414430763 Author of book: Marketing Management for whom? Are you an entrepreneur? - this will help you thow who have become entrepreneurs those who aspire to be entrepreneurs those who aspire to train entrepreneurs thow who aspire to support entrepreneurs TKJAIN’S DIGITAL MAREKTING EBOOK Page 2
  3. 3. Webduction:When people started designing website for the first time, they designed them as if they were designing newspaper advertisements. The contents were not dynamic. Soon they realized that the website is more like a human interaction and therefore there is more scope in a website. They started designing dynamic and interactive website. Now we find that digital marketing is evolving as a very powerful tool for marketers and it is becoming a great source of help to the traditional marketing departments. Digital Marketing is like traditional marketing. Being proactive towards customers is the most important aspect of digital marketing. Being proactive also means being 10A in your marketing & communication department : agile, accurate, alert, active, approachable, available, accesible, adorable, agreeable and affordable. The Digital Marketing should supplement the traditional marketing and vice-versa. Hire experts for online marketing. Ensure that the contents, the design and the presentation of your website is excellent so that it is user friendly, easy to operate, simple to understand and requires just a click to endorse / like / tweet / twitter / facebook ////. Make your website a bridge between your customers and their dreams. While traditional marketing can give you a growth rate of X%, the digital marketing can generate growth rate of 2X%. Combined together, the complete marketing (traditional + digital marketing) can generate 5X% growth for you. Try to blend the two marketing in synergetic fashion, give thorough training to your employees in how to use digital marketing and see the results. TKJAIN'S 10 SIMPLE PRINCIPLES OF DIGITAL MARKETING 1. launch online presence : no company can survive today without online presence. It is not just for marketing, but for being accessible to the customers. It is necessary that there should be a website, an inquiry number (preferably a toll free number) and email / contact point. If any customer wants to contact the company - where and how can he contact? Website is the best option. This will generate goodwill for you in future and ultimately it will generate business for you. There are 7 simple principles to TKJAIN’S DIGITAL MAREKTING EBOOK Page 3
  4. 4. keep your online presence impact making also : a. keep small, attractive and easy to remember tag lines and headings on your web site b. keep all such items on your website which customers are searching for and remove all such items which customers dont want to see (customers generally search for history, products, prices, special schemes, helpline numbers, contact details, press release, demo, free trials, online chat room, feedback corner etc in a website and generally avoid bombastic contents about the company's achievements and detailed reports on company's claims). c. keep the most popular keywords in your website's key words and headlines d. get the website checked by the most computer illiterate persons (who are using computers and websites for first or second time). e. ensure that your website opens fast not only on computers, but also on mobiles and other such electronic devices and its software is such that its applications are mobile-friendly. f. make a dynamic website where users are able to add contents and find a good platform for themselves g. add charts, graphs, pictures, simple text (in large font size) and other user friendly contents. The contents should be such that any person can understand it and the language should be simple. The text should be as less as possible. 2. elevate your customers : Websites are designed to elevate your company or the ego of the promoters. But it should be the other way. The website should be designed to elevate your customers. There are 7 principles to make the customer elevate: a. keep the website simple, light, free from texts (minimum use of texts) b. keep the website as a help centre and convenience store for the customer c. let the customer add content to the website (though moderated by your staff). d. let the customer sort the contents of the website as per his choice e. let the customer find his name, picture and contents on your website f. let the customer find his previous endorsements on the website g. let the customer find his helping freinds (online chat / helpline number) on the website 3. listen to your customers : customers are sharing their experiences and rating the products available in the market on different websites. Internet TKJAIN’S DIGITAL MAREKTING EBOOK Page 4
  5. 5. provides you a quick, economical and easy method to know the feedback of the customers. It also provides you a platform to generate lot of feedback and reviews / ratings on your product. 4. understand the consumers : Internet gives you opportunity to understand your consumers and to prepare yourself for the future. Internet enables you to communicate better with the customers. It also enables you to meet the unexplored potential market - which may be present in far off geographic location. 5. let the customers become your online brand ambassadors : enable your customers to use applications stored on your website and share those uses within his / her network. Enable the customer to use the company web-applications in presenting his / her ideas globally. Enable your customers to share experiences on product use, product modifications, new applications, and other experience sharing through your website. 6. let the customers popularise your brands online : customers love to become your brand ambassadors and would love to popularise your products. There are 7 principles for this : a. give your website a glamorous look b. hire the best designers for your website - who keep the best design and modify it daily - but remember - the best design has to be the most simple one c. keep updating with the social media websites and allow for their like buttons d. enable customers to LIKE your products on facebook, twitter and other social media e. enable customers to present links of your website on their home pages / emails without much efforts f. subscribe to social media websites and get your links on their websites, so that your customers can find your website everywhere and link it easily g. reward customers on promoting your products on social media. 7. reward your customers for their online presence : In traditional marketing, you reward customers for frequent purchase. The same applies for online marketing. Let the customers join online and share their product use, reviews and experiences. Reward the customers for more frequent TKJAIN’S DIGITAL MAREKTING EBOOK Page 5
  6. 6. presence. A website rewards customers on visit to the website. Similar strategies are being adopted by other websites also. 8. be prompt in online communications : Traditional marketing also emphasised prompt reply. Online marketing requires event faster response. The speed of response rate will determine the satisfaction level of customers. If a customer writes any grievance and doesn’t get reply, the grievance turns into dissatisfaction and customer withdraws. On the other hand, a prompt reply assures the customer of your care and concern, which enables the customer to stick to the company and wait for the solutions. 9. engage your customers : Enable your customers to spend more time on your website and to participate more often in the applications and events on your website. Enable your customers to enrich and grow with your web-presence. Design your website in such a way that the website is very user friendly for the customers. Give them an opportunity to endorse you, get online contests, online forums & online submissions 10. enrich your customers : organise online training and development programme for your customers. Launch webinars, launch e-books, launch training and demo sessions online. Enable your customers to learn how to use, how to repair and how to modify your products (all these contents should be easy to understand and easy to download). Start online forums and enable your customers to exchange knowledge, information, skills and expertise on those forums. Let the customers also make money by sharing their expertise. Pl. do read my other articles also - which are freely available on the net : Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Negotiation 21 Principles of Life Management 10 Point Orientation Programme for the Future Entrepreneurs Beginners Guide to Career Enrichment TKJAIN’S DIGITAL MAREKTING EBOOK Page 6