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Material for PGPSE participants of AFTERSCHOOOL CENTRE FOR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP. PGPSE is an entrepreneurship oriented programme, open for all, free for all.

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Stay Hungry

  1. 1. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain Entrepreneur Raju's Success Story : HOW TO STAY HUNGRY - STAY F☺CUSSED The story of How N.Raju turned into an entrepreneur By: T.K. Jain AFTERSCHO☺OL Centre for social entrepreneurship To give career guidance is my hobby. Few people know that I rarely give advice; I just enable people to discover their inner self. I just enable people to be what they are. Sometimes, it is easy, as people speak out their dreams and openly declare their career objectives. Sometimes it is difficult, as people find it difficult to understand their own
  2. 2. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain true self. Many people come to me to become entrepreneur, but most quit, when I tell them that they should prepare themselves for the drudgeries and hardships of entrepreneurship. When I tell them that entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses, most people realize that they have other options and they decide not to meet with me again. After working with many social entrepreneurs, I started PGPSE to train social entrepreneurs and to prepare people to pick up this sector as their career. In the course of last 3 years I have got many students, who made big promises, showed their big achievements, but couldn’t continue the programme. In spite of being a free programme, PGPSE has not become a very popular programme. I openly welcome new students when they join, and I smilingly give them farewell when they quit. In all these experiences, I have an experience, which is most memorable to me. I cant stop the temptation to share the story of this person will all the persons I know The story of this person had influenced me, and I am sure that you will also like it. Inspired by the book STAY HUNGRY – STAY F☺CUSSED, I decided to write this out as it is one of the most exciting story that I have seen in my life. The story of an entrepreneur It was the winter of 2006 when a person came to me to take career guidance. He had put in over a decade of service in some government department and had traveled different places and had come to my city, just because he was transferred. He had some dreams about his family, a desire to serve old parents and a willingness to help the younger brother – however, all this was not possible in the service that he was doing. He was not sure about what he wanted to do. His only objective was to settle down in next four years. I again and asked him about his career objectives, and finally I realized that he is also like an ordinary Indian, who is joined a government service due to its glamour, but finds his capabilities under-utilized. I told him about PGPSE programme, which I had just started. N.Raju: “what is the value of this programme, when it is not recognized by government?” I: “My purpose is not to create another group of service oriented persons. There is an entrepreneur hidden in all of us. We all want to be on our own. We all enjoy doing something on our own. We all wish to do a little bit for the benefit of society. When people can earn money selling weapons, they can also make money and fame both selling socially useful products. There are training academies for terrorists and for every other purpose, then why there are no training academies for social entrepreneurs. (At that time, there was no educational programme in India exclusively on social entrepreneurship as far as my knowledge). If you want to become an entrepreneur, you
  3. 3. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain don’t need a certificate from a government university that you are qualified to become an entrepreneur. You need to develop the capability that can help you in becoming an entrepreneur. At the end of the programme, you should be able to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a mindset. It is simply your capability to take risk, to take decisions and to work with people to bring about some transformation around yourself. If you wish to work as an employee, I can suggest you other alternatives” He: “I am in service, can I still join it,” I: “you have to take permission from your employer, I don’t have any problem. It is a flexible programme; we shall arrange classes as per your schedule. We can give you some material to study at your home. If you have internet, you can download the material and study at your own place.” He: “what will I need to do my homework?” I: “just a laptop / computer will be sufficient.” He: “what will I get at the end of the programme?” I: “you can become an entrepreneur. If you don’t want to become an entrepreneur, we will arrange your placement. First you have to find out area of our competence, and focus in that area” This was the first meeting. He again met me with his friends to enquire about his course. He: “what are the course contents?” I: “the course contents are designed to help you in becoming a successful entrepreneur. We use more of case studies. Our pedagogy is based on case study method followed in IIM Ahmedabad and ISB Hyderabad. If you work hard, you may be able to develop your decision making ability which will help you in becoming an entrepreneur. ” He: “Is this course offered through some university?” I: “No, we are not affiliated to any university. We are independent organizations, promoting social entrepreneurship. We change our course contents frequently and update our programme as per the changing time this kind of flexibility is not possible in any university setup. Further we don’t have any examination system. Instead of that we have continuous performance appraisals.”
  4. 4. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain After a few meetings, he (N.Raju) decided to enroll in the PGPSE programme. He was the second person to join the programme. His friends were surprised at his decision. I was too. I was not expecting any government employee in my course. I had focused my programme on entrepreneurs. It so happened, that entrepreneurial families didn’t like my simplicity. My simplicity and lack of pomp and show created biggest hurdle for me. I could see a large number of students joining family business programme of a prestigious institution, but they were not willing to join the programme offered by my institution. I knew that my programme is going to fail, yet I was willing to experiment. My wife was not happy at my decision, however she continued her support for all my activities. She wanted me to join some prestigious institution. She told me many times that you should think over your decision. Many of my relatives used to come and indirectly encourage me to quit. One of my known person (and also my old student) narrated a story about a person who went to the USA and worked there for many years and then opened his business in India. My wife was happy at the story and told that she also tried to convince me about my decision. Some of my old students helped even more. They collected information about vacancies and offered those as a bit of help to me. Probably they had sympathy with me. It was a surprise for me that both the students who joined my programme were from government service. They were having a very tight schedule. One of them was free in morning and the other person was free in evening session. So I asked the first person to come in morning and the second person to come in evening. This is how the programme started. With just two persons, I had two batches. N.Raju used to come in evening. He was hardworking, punctual, and keen to learn. He had a bicycle. On my advice he purchased a laptop (on that time I had some limited amount on my hand, and I thought laptop is must for me to learn according sir’s pattern. and I had purchased this laptop through EMI. And truly on that time I didn’t know how to operate that laptop? I just buy this one for the sake of learning). In my city, he was the Only person who was carrying a laptop and riding a bicycle. I used to laugh at this, Raju now recalls : “In that time I was thinking, no problem, because I knew that, I had limited amount, and laptop was very important rather than any kind of vehicle so I went for it, And right now this the time, when I should focused on the target” but he was very calm and modest person. It was not typical classroom kind of thing. We used to have discussion across the table. I could see a great person in his simplicity, honesty, and determination. Being from arts background, he had little difficulties in understanding finance. On my advice, he started dealing in shares also tried to
  5. 5. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain understand the modern business world. Raju recalls : “No dought it was very difficult for me to choose finance as a career, but I knew that whatever sir suggesting me, It would be better for my life, so I opted this one as a my career” Due to his duties, he had to go out of the town. He told me that he would miss my classes. I gave him an extra assignment. He was to visit Barmer. I told him to visit SURE (a pioneering NGO located in Barmer). He visited the NGO and when he returned back, he had a wonderful presentation ready with him. By now there were 16 students in PGPSE programme; however, most had joined just because it was a free programme. They were not sure about their career. They didn’t have any motivation also. Most of these students left the programme just within 10 to 15 days of joining the programme, as they didn’t find any worth in the programme. I was thinking to close down the programme, but I had two students, who were regular and growing. These two students enabled me to continue my inner motivation to continue the programme. N.Raju had an outstanding zeal to learn. Study along with a full time service is always challenging. N.Raju was very honest, so he never compromised with his duties. He wanted to learn, so he always tried to save money to learn and grow. With his small savings, he used to buy some books or some other material for study and learning. One day he bought a book on Human Resource Issues. He offered the book to me. I read out the book in a day and returned him the book. I realized that he had an appetite for learning. Then came July, we were waiting for new students to join for the PGPSE programme. In the fist batch, we had only three students (all others had left the programme after a short period). In the new batch, we had 19 students (against the target of 20). Most of these students were not sure about their career. A few of these students were keen to learn and were seriously interested in becoming entrepreneur. Most of the students didn’t complete their assignments. Although they had lot of time and lot of resources, but there was lack of inner motivation. I always had a question before me – should I continue this programme or not? The poor response given by the students use to dishearten me and used to force me to think about closing the programme. However, when I used to see N.Raju, I used to get motivated to continue the programme. N.Raju was a ray of hope for me in spite of all the negatives. As a teacher I am habitual of giving instructions. If a student follows even 20% of what I tell, I feel very happy. In the case of N.Raju, it was surprise for me as he used to do it more than 100% in spite of all his constraints and limitations. I was surprised at his
  6. 6. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain working capacity. Now he used to have noon duty, so he used to attend the classes in morning. He used to motivate his classmates to focus on the goals and put in the best efforts. A culture of academic excellence was created. We used to have some or other creative activity every day. Sometimes, we used to have a quiz, sometimes we used to have management games. We invited many entrepreneurs to share their experiences with the PGPSE participants. N.Raju was regular, punctual and most disciplined. He used to visit entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs and prepare reports on them. One day he came and shared his ideas about future. He told me that he was keen to join some HR company. We had a long talk on the options. I: “Why do you with to take up HR as your career” N.Raju: “it is a very cool profession. I wish to work with some company in the field of HR and work for developing people.” I: “in that case, you have to build your communication skills, your knowledge about HR and your capabilities in HR. There is going to be HR summit in Delhi. Can you participate in this summit? This will help you in getting knowledge about latest HR practices. Can you join some company for gaining an understanding about HR practices?” N.Raju: “I will try, if I get leave, I shall try to participate in the conference.” N.Raju applied for leave, but the leave was not sanctioned. He was given posting in a remote area. It was now a difficult task for him. He made a lot of requests, but nothing worked. He told me that he was in a pressure to go to village. I told him to focus on the duty and don’t worry about studies. I gave him some CDs, which contained self study material, which Finally, N.Raju was able to participate in an HR Summit. He got the permission to visit the Summit. He looked jubilant, excited and unstoppable when he returned back. His face and body language revealed that he had unearthed the real goldmine of life. He had met about 50 senior HR executives and was able to share his views with them. Now he started reading books on HR. He used to ask me for more and more material on HR and he was now able to prepare HR in better approach. I thought that he was now clear about his career goal. I was now having clarity that N.Raju should become an HR consultant and open his HR consultancy organization. I was exploring the issues regarding his career journey. However, he still had confusions. We had long discussions one night, when we spent about 2 hours discussing various issues. Some of our conversation was as under:
  7. 7. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain N.Raju: “I am still not clear about how I should proceed in my career?” I: “what do you want from your career?” N.Raju: “I just want to settle down in the next two years. I want to have reasonable earnings, which can satisfy my family requirements. I want to lead a life of dignity, reasonable status and self-respect.” I: “You can be successful in any field that you try – but you must take up a field of your choice. You must identify the sector that really fascinates you. You must pick up a sector that can give you really satisfying career. Over a period of time, we are successful in whatever we do over a period of time; we are able to expertise in any field that we pick up. Over a period of time, we are able to reach a reasonable level in the organization, if we are able to pick up a field and stick to that field. What we really have to understand is that we have to do something, which can bring music out of our heart. We are made for some field and we have to identify that field. Listen to your inner soul and you will get answers to all your questions.” We used to have meditation session every Sunday at 7 AM. All the PGPSE participants used to participate in the session. At the end of the session, we used to discuss some social issues and write articles on some important social issues. Pawan (one PGPSE participant) used to write extensively. However, N.Raju used to keep pondering. He used to find it difficult to pick up some issues. He used to have more questions than answers. PGPSE participants than participated in Franchise India’s International exhibitions and seminars and then they participated in annual business management festival of one of the best b-schools in India. Then they participated in an international Family Business conclave organized by one of the leading global business schools. N.Raju was able to have greater clarity about his career with the passage of time. He was now able to have better understanding of the corporate world and social service sector. He had also visited many NGOs and prepared detailed reports on those NGOs and was now able to understand the process of working at NGOs. His schedule was a riddle for me. He used to get up at 4.30 am and come to AFTERSCHOOOL at 6 am. At about 8.30 we used to wind up our discussions and then he used to return back to his home. They he used to get ready for his office, from where he would return by 6.30 pm. Then he used to have discussions with his friends on personality development, presentations skills and communication skill. He then used to start his personal studies – which would continue till late night – usually up to 2 pm. He used to sleep for hardly 2-3 hours. I used to ask him to change his daily schedule. I used
  8. 8. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain to ask him to sleep more as proper sleep is also necessary for our success and well being. Many PGPSE participants were preparing projects, N.Raju also decided to pick up some projects He did some projects on foreign exchange operations, commodity markets, Games for leadership development etc. He also carried out a survey of bank employees on their job satisfaction. I suggested him not to over-stretch himself. I thought that he was not able to have proper rest. With all these, he never missed any programme at AFTERSCHOOOL. Once we went for an industrial visit we went to a Khadi organization to understand Khadi Philosophy, contribution of Khadi philosophy to our country’s development and to understand the working of Khadi institutions. N.Raju took a leave from his duties and joined with us. By that time N.Raju had finalized a uniform for all the PGPSE participants. This decision was taken by them through a joint discussion. All the PGPSE participants had agreed to the idea in principle. We follow a democratic decision making approach in all the matters regarding AFTERSCHOOOL. For many students, it was unusual to participate in activities like event planning, dress code planning, budgeting, scheduling of activities etc. Many students didn’t have the confidence to take up decisions and execute them. The industrial tour was also finalized through mutual discussion. It was agreed that all the PGPSE participants had to assemble near Medical College Bikaner. However, there were only 3 persons on the scheduled time - one of them was N.Raju. We then visited Khadi Mandir and talked to I.B. Goyal who was the secretary (CEO) of that organization. N.Raju took notes of each discussion and next day he was ready with complete industrial visit report (although I didn’t ask him for this). N.Raju was little bit dictator in his style when there used to be discussions on important matters regarding group norms. N.Raju was firm that every PGPSE participant must speak in English and must abide by the norms regarding punctuality, discipline and etiquettes. I was little but lax and so many times the other PGPSE participants used to complaint about dictatorial style of N.Raju, but his assertiveness enabled him to change others. I asked him to learn about practical aspects of HR, for which he now started focusing. A financial services firm contacted our institution to visit for campus recruitments. One student from our institution was keen to become an entrepreneur in financial services sector. His interview was scheduled for Jaipur. However, somehow, his interview location was changed to Bikaner. I asked N.Raju to try out the interview to gain experience. N.Raju agreed. He prepared himself and revised his study material. He along with two other persons appeared in the interview. He was selected. Now it was a very difficult task. Should he join or not? I was not sure, but N.Raju was determined. He told
  9. 9. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain me that he wanted to start an NGO now. But for making the NGO self reliant, he needed some business organization to fund the expenditure of NGO. His face reflected a confident and wiling smile. He was sure that he would be able to make it. He took the most daring decision a person can take – resigning from a government service (which was a permanent service). I was shuddering. I was praying to the god to help this person – as this person is taking a big risk. He joined the financial services firm as a trainee. He took some books for studies and started working on them. Now he was in Mumbai. His family was not happy at his decision. His friends were surprised at him. His entire network was against him. At this juncture, it was the most difficult decision a person could take. I was doubtful whether N.Raju would be able to handle this new field of not. However, I encouraged him and asked about his career direction now. “What will you do with your social development ideas?” I asked. N.Raju: “I will set up an NGO and will work for social development. But I need money for my survival, this I will get through this business. I have studied this business and it is perfectly OK. It is a good line.” It was April of 2008, when N.Raju was leaving us for his new journey. He had taken up a field about which he didn’t know much. He was entering into capital markets sector, for which had never thought of. We were always thinking that he would be an HRD consultant, but we never visualized him in this sector. He left for Mumbai. Even after 1 month of training, N.Raju was not comfortable. He found it difficult to understand the working of the stock markets. He failed in the NSE and BSE examinations. He couldn’t cope up with the pressure of the new work structure. N.Raju was broken, disappointed and feeling very bad. Once he was thinking of becoming a social entrepreneur and starting an NGO. Once he was having a dream of starting an innovative company. What a mistake he had made? He realized that he had really messed up with his career. The days were nights – as it was all dark to him. The nights were days – as these used to be sleepless nights. He was regretting his decision. He was not sure about what to do. Recession was taking its toll on the stock markets. The stock market was falling every day and with that the confidence in N.Raju was also falling. The company that he had joined had retrenched many employees. Large number of employees were quitting on their own – as they had apprehensions about financial sector. Many employees had submitted their resignations and many were planning to resign. Many employees switched over to other industries. N.Raju was also in dilemma. He visited many organizations and started studying the other options. However, he maintained his work in the office. Being regular and punctual in work was his habit, so he continued to win confidence of people. He continued his work in this organization.
  10. 10. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain It was January 2009, and N.Raju was pondering about what to do. Stock markets were still falling. His company had asked him to work on commission basis and try to bring a lot of sales. By now N.Raju was also comfortable in his new field. He had now developed basic understanding about working of stock markets. He used to call me up every fortnight. We used to have long talk about market and market trends. He used to send me tips on stock market. N.Raju: “I don’t know what to do. I got inspiration from our CEO. He told us at the end of training programme that markets rise and fall, but you should never quit. Work within limits and try to encourage people to have patience. This market requires patience. I have understood his concept. He told me that when he started, it was a modest beginning. For the first 4 years, he was operating from a small office in Mumbai, but it is now that he is able to increase his business. I believe that this market is right.” I: “the markets are close to their bottoms. It is the right time to make an entry in the market. You should start your own business now. If your investors will invest money now, they will have huge returns and they will thank you for all that. You should plan out our entry and go ahead.” N.Raju: “I have asked my company to allow me to open my office at a particular location. However, my company already has an exclusive dealer in that location so I am not able to get franchisee for that location. If I will get that location, I shall try to start my business. I also want to help my old father and my younger brother.” I: “that is good; just stick to what you are doing. I think now you are clear about what you will do and how. What are the plans of your colleagues?” N.Raju: “when we had started, we were in hundreds of trainees. But now only a few persons are left. Most of them have left this company. I like this company and its concept and so I will not quit.” While the stock market was in firm bear grip and continuously falling, N.Raju was planning to start his own office in his own city. He was having big dreams. He was now planning to unite with his family after a long time. He was now planning about a brighter future. He was having a lot of plans to help his old father. He was always dreaming that this is the time that he should now help his father and stay with him. N.Raju “I now wish to spend my time with my parents. I think that they need me. I need to spare time for them.” N.Raju switched over to his home town. His little savings were not sufficient to enable him to start a business of his own. He collected some money from here and there. He
  11. 11. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain borrowed some money, still it was inadequate. Fortunately, he got a partner, who was willing to work with him. The partner also contributed some money, and finally the dream became a reality. N.Raju was now an entrepreneur. N.Raju: “I want you to inaugurate my business. My business is about to start. I am starting it as a modest beginning. I wish to start a branch of AFTERSCHOOOL. I believe that our concept is very good. I think we should promote our concept. As soon as I get established, I shall start a study centre of AFTERSCOOOL. We have to promote entrepreneurship.” I:” for that, first you set up your business. Once you are able to make it viable, we will set up our branch in your city. You understand our concept, now you need to have financial stability to enable social work and the kind of work that we do in AFTERSCHOOOL. N.Raju: “Yes, I am sure it will work. I now understand the concept of wealth management. I will try to help investors in building their wealth. I now understand how the stock markets work. I now have no regrets on my decision. It is a big challenge, but I will do it and prove it. ” I always used to tell that you plan and you will see the future as you plan. Just dream, believe in it, do it and create your own future. Have convictions in what you dream. Dream for betterment, dream for social development, dream for upliftment of masses and see how you can enable the society to change. However, things don’t happen as we plan – contrary to what I think. Our environment is not in our control – contrary to what I thought. Future is more powerful that our dreams and future can show unexpected to us. We may create future in our dreams, but will it come in reality, remains to be seen. N.Raju made a beginning, a new chapter in his life. He tried to create future on his own. He single handedly managed the struggle of life. He was about the shape his destiny. He was now going to do, what he always dreamt (but couldn’t do – due to other compulsions). He was now devoting himself to a new sector, to entrepreneurship and to service to his father (to whom, he loved and admired the most). For a couple of weeks I didn’t receive any telephone call from N.Raju. His business was a new challenge I was expecting some good news from him. I expected him to have a great beginning. In my last conversation, I asked him to look into closing businesses. A number of financial services firms were closing down. These provided an opportunity. Their customers could be approached and these customers could provide business to N.Raju. There were a huge number of dissatisfied customers. Due to continuous financial recession, financial services firms were closing down their businesses. Many established
  12. 12. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain firms had decided to close their businesses. While these firms were closing down their business N.Raju was willing to start and grow. While these firms were not able to survive, N.Raju was looking for a new business opportunity in the same sector. It was really a difficult challenge. N.Raju had started with financial services (stock market operations and mutual funds operations). One morning I received a call from N.Raju. I was happy; finally some good news must be there. However, there was no sound from the other side. I asked – “N.Raju what is the matter.” I could here him sobbing … he was trying to speak but was not able to speak out “father is no more …” He couldn’t speak any more. He was shattered into pieces. “You must maintain yourself; you have to now look after your mother and younger brother. You need to have greater self control. God expects you to face greater challenges. “ Life is journey of discontinuity. It gives unexpected challenges. We fail to understand the implications of these. N.Raju had to now look after the increased responsibilities. He was now preparing himself for the challenges that he had not visualized earlier. A real challenging journey had started. Within months, he realized that difficulties come in a queue. His partner deserted him. His creditors started asking for immediate payment. N.Raju ensured that he met every deadline. He tried to satisfy each of his creditors. There were people who were earlier with him, but now they had deserted him. N.Raju was all alone facing the real challenges of entrepreneurship. He was prepared to keep hungry, but didn’t delay payments of salary to his staff. He was prepared to wear a worn out shoe, but didn’t delay payment of any creditor even by one day. His values and inner strengths enabled him to overcome the Tsunamis o f life. November 2009: I met N.Raju during my short visit to his town. He was now quite comfortable. He was surrounded by his clients. One of his clients told me: “he is a really great business person. He simply doesn’t work to increase his commission. He works for the betterment of the client. He doesn’t advise clients to go for intraday business, but he advises them to build money with patience.” I think he is a real friend to every client. N.Raju is able to survive all the challenges that he has faced so far. I wish that he should become a great entrepreneur and fulfill all his dreams. I realized that if a person is determined, nothing can deviate that person. I was now again sure that through will power, a person can do miracles. I was again sure that we can change our destiny. I was again assured that strong determination and will power are central to entrepreneurship development. N.Raju was looking confident again. He told me “I am on the right track. I am sure that there will be success in the end. I shall prove it, I shall prove it, I shall prove it….”
  13. 13. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain Raju says (in his own words) : “Actually what I thought, after continually interaction with Jain sir, entrepreneurship is the one of solution of many things which I wanted to achieve in my life. 1. First I wanted to lead, implement the own decision & work a lot for some organization, this is only possible in my own business. 2. With the impact of Jain sir and many NGO’s visits, I was always planning to do some thing for society. And I knew that without money it is not possible for me, this is another factor which was motivated to me to go in entrepreneurship. 3. another very important thing, to provide livelihood to many people is a key element to go in entrepreneurship I knew, this would be very hard for me, But on the believe on my parent & my guru’s (honorable T.K. Jain) blessing, I opted for this segment.” “I started my work with full of energy, I used all this technique and methods which I had learned at afterschoool. I prepaid my business plan, select the name of my firm (MARIGOLD WEALTH MANAGEMENT), select the logo of my firm and select the punch line of my firm & many more things which was highly required for me to establish this organization After reached to Mumbai, I got a highly puzzled myself, in terms of working atmosphere, Mumbai’s fast lifestyle, finance & stock market termologies. And many other things which were very different form my previous govet Job. But, with the support from my parent, Jain sir & my sister, I honed to myself for this new field. And Motilal ji’s personality also made an impact on me, his lectures, his way of managing the company & many more..... Motilal ji’s one wording always motivating to me this is “We had started this business in small room with Ramdev ji as a sub broker, and coming 4 years we didn’t able to cross breakeven, but we never leaved this business shown our patience, and today you all knows where this organization is standing.” “In Mumbai stay, in the period of my training, I got a chance to work at Nariman point office, there I was inspired by Motilal ji, and his team, I want to become like them, and another one thing which I had done over there, I joined TIE, Mumbai chapter, in the advice of my guru ji. I had attended regular Saturday & Sunday programmes of TIE at welingker campus at Matunga. I learned lots of things over there regarding entrepreneurship. Mr. Manak Singh, who is the director of this
  14. 14. Stay Hungry – Stay Focussed- Raju's Success Story – T.K. Jain chapter helped me a lot to understand various elements of entrepreneurship. Still I am the member of this chapter & getting good help from there. Now, Here I am facing lots of problem to establish this business, working capital problem, efficient employee’s problem, and lots of complaints form clients etc. But I know it is the part of any business and I shall never lose my determination level, because I know, I am working with honesty, for the benefit of client so until and unless I get a success in this mission. Simultansuly, here I have started marigold awake investor forum, which is working for spreading knowledge of investment, to clear the doubts of investors and making them understand the concept of wealth management. And under umbrella of this organization we are working to provide blood for needy people. And it is sure in coming days we are going to take many more social activities under this forum. I wanted to spread out our institute's social entrepreneurship concept in Kota city. After well establishment of this organization (MARIGOLD WEALTH MANAGEMENT), definitely I will start one branch of AFTERSCHOOOL here in Kota. And I will provide chance to many people to become a social entrepreneur. I wanted to establish one very impactmaking NGO which will work in some unique area. (This thing I don’t wanted to unveil right now) This is my big dream. Finally I wanted to add one more thing, which is different kind of teaching style of Jain sir. With the help of this pattern I have never faced any kind of problem to resolve solution of any problem. Actually when I was at afterscoool, and asking any question regarding study then he used to ask me to just go to library, search book and find out, or just search out internet and find out & you can get your own the solution of your question, they developed finding habit in me . And this is really very amazing power I have with me to tackle any kind of problem.” Your suggestions are welcome, please send them to and enable us to promote social entreprneurship. Our small initiatives are very small in comparison to big institutions and associations, however, we shall continue these whether we receive any support or not.