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Sandeep acharya institute of performing arts


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Published in: Education
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Sandeep acharya institute of performing arts

  1. 1. 2014 SANDEEP ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF PERFORMING ARTS Professor Trilok Kumar Jain Parakh Niwas, Sivakamu Veterinary Hospital Road Bikaner 334001 1/3/2014
  2. 2. SANDEEP ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF PERFORMING ARTS Proposal Document Submitted to The Government of Rajasthan Submitted by : Professor Trilok Kumar Jain On behalf of the music lovers of Bikaner
  3. 3. Introduction: Bikaner is a city of art, craft, talent and creativity. The youth from Bikaner need guidance, training and inspiration so that they can mould their ability in right pursuit. Bollywood dance, music and performing arts have become popular in Bikaner after the amazing victory of Sandeep Acharya in Indian Idol 2. About Sandeep Acharya: Sandeep Acharya (4 February 1984 – 15 December 2013) was a very positive, enthusiastic and energetic person. At a young age, he made a mark on Indian music industry. In 2006, whenever I used to go to Ajit Foundation, we used to talk about him with the members of Ajit Foundation. When I met Sandeep, I found him an extremely positive person. His cousin Arun Acharya and his relative “Polsa” were very close to me. In fact entire Bikaner city was involved in the initiatives to see that Mr. Sandeep gets victory in Indian Idol 2. Sandeep Acharya was runner up in the Golden Voice of India. He was the winner of India Idol Season 2 on 22 April 2006. Acharya's win gained him a 10 million contract from Sony BMG, a music album contract and a brand new Maruti Baleno car. Sandeep also participated in a TV show on channel 9X - Jalwa Four 2 Ka 1 on Mika's team. Sandeep won the award for best new Bollywood talent in New Jersey, USA. He won the Sur Aradhna award in Delhi's Siri Fort Auditorium for best upcoming male singer category. About the Proposal : We wish that there should be an institute of performing arts in Bikaner, which should conduct following programmes : 3 year BPA (in dance, instrumental and vocal music, folk art and drama) 2 year MPA (in dance, instrumental and vocal music, folk art and drama) We request the government of Rajasthan to initiate this and enable us to give a tribute to our loving Sandeep Acharya. Advisors : The music lovers of Bikaner and eminent music experts of Bikaner including Prof. Murari Sharma, Prof. Ashok Sharma, Prof. Asit Goswami, Mr. Hemant Daga. Budget :
  4. 4. Detailed proposal document including budget document will be submitted to the government of Rajasthan, if they so require. Request : This institute will be the best tribute to the memories of Sandeep Acharya, hence I request every reader to support this cause.