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General knowledge gk gd for everyone 2


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general knowledge for everyone

Published in: Education
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General knowledge gk gd for everyone 2

  1. 1. GK  –  GD     –  BY  RISHABH  DEV  EDUCATIONAL  SOCIETY  BIKANER  –  FREE  TRAINING  FOR   CAREER   MOBILE  NUMBERS:  7410836389   FREE  COUNSELLING,  COACHING  AND  FREE  MOCK  PAPERS  :  -­‐  PARAKH  NIWAS,   SIVAKAMU  VETERINARY  HOSPITAL  ROAD,  OUTSIDE  GOGA  GATE,  BIKANER     GK-­‐     Rajasthan Based Questions and Answers for Everyone Which sports these Arjun Award winners are related : - Khushi Ram Radhey Shyam Hanuman Singh Ajmer Singh Answer : Basketball Who gave the concept of Zero and decimal system: Answer : Brahmagupta Who was the guru (teacher) of famous historian Gaurishankar Hirachand Ojha: Answer : Shyamaldas Who wrote Vir Vinod : Kaviraj Shyamaldas Who established famous institute “Rupayan” which is promoting folklore and folk culture in Rajasthan (based in Jodhpur) Answer : Vijay Dan Detha and Komal Kothari Match these : Limba Ram : Golfer Manjari Bhargava : Archery Devendra Jhajharia : Paralympics Laxman Singh : Swimming Correct answers Limba Ram : Archery Manjari Bhargava : Swimming
  2. 2. GK  –  GD     –  BY  RISHABH  DEV  EDUCATIONAL  SOCIETY  BIKANER  –  FREE  TRAINING  FOR   CAREER   MOBILE  NUMBERS:  7410836389   FREE  COUNSELLING,  COACHING  AND  FREE  MOCK  PAPERS  :  -­‐  PARAKH  NIWAS,   SIVAKAMU  VETERINARY  HOSPITAL  ROAD,  OUTSIDE  GOGA  GATE,  BIKANER     GK-­‐     Devendra Jhajharia : Paralympics Laxman Singh : Golfer Who won the Silver Medal in double trap shooting in 2004 Olympics Games for India Answer : Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore Name the first chief minister of Rajasthan and also the founder of Banasthali Vidyapeeth: Answer : Hiralal Shashtri Who established Marwari Hitkarni Sabha, Jodhpur Praja Mandal and Marwar Lok Parishad and later became the 3rd Chief Minister of Rajasthan Answer : Jai Narayan Vyas Who served Rajasthan as longest serving Chief Minister : Answer Mohan Lal Sukhadia (17 years) Who wrote Shishupal Vadh (Sanskrit book) : answer Magha Kripal Singh Shekhawat is known for which art and craft : Answer : Blue pottery