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General knowledge gk gd for everyone


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gk gd document

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General knowledge gk gd for everyone

  1. 1. GK  –  GD     –  BY  RISHABH  DEV  EDUCATIONAL  SOCIETY  BIKANER  –  FREE  TRAINING  FOR   CAREER   MOBILE  NUMBERS:  7410836389   FREE  COUNSELLING,  COACHING  AND  FREE  MOCK  PAPERS  :  -­‐  PARAKH  NIWAS,   SIVAKAMU  VETERINARY  HOSPITAL  ROAD,  OUTSIDE  GOGA  GATE,  BIKANER     10 QUESTIONS ON GENERAL KNOWLEDGE FOR EVERY COMPETITION ATTEMP THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS 1. Match the following : A Dungar Singh B Rana Kumbha C Rai Singh D Qutubuddin Aibak 1.Chintamani 2.Badal Mahal 3.Vijay Stambh 4.Dhai din ka Jhompda 2. Match the following a.Dipa Malik b.Nawang Gombu c.Mary Kom d.Satpal Singh 1.Wrestling Coach 2.Boxer 3.Mountaineer 4.Paralymics 3. Match the following: a.P V Sindhu b.Mihir Sen c.Ramnathan Krishnan d.Michael Ferrari
  2. 2. GK  –  GD     –  BY  RISHABH  DEV  EDUCATIONAL  SOCIETY  BIKANER  –  FREE  TRAINING  FOR   CAREER   MOBILE  NUMBERS:  7410836389   FREE  COUNSELLING,  COACHING  AND  FREE  MOCK  PAPERS  :  -­‐  PARAKH  NIWAS,   SIVAKAMU  VETERINARY  HOSPITAL  ROAD,  OUTSIDE  GOGA  GATE,  BIKANER     1.Badmington 2.Billiards 3.Tennis 4.Swimming 4. Which of these is not tributary of Kali Sindh river: - a.Parwan b. Niwaj c. Luni d. Ahu 5 Which instrument has 15 metallic pegs: - a.Rawan Hatha b. Gujari c. Ektara d. Morchang 6 Rajjab was a disciple of which Guru? a.Kabir b. Dadu Dayal c. Pabu ji d. Ramdev 7 Who was not a member of constitution drafting committee: - a. Md. Saadullah b. D P Khaitan c. Sir Benegal Narsing Rau d. A. K. Iyer 8. . What is national law day in India a. 28 Feb. b. 26 November c. 26 January d. 31 December 9. Name the mother of Gogaji : a. Hiranben b. Bachchal c. Harkha Bai d. Jiwan Bai 10. Who built Canals for the first time in Delhi Sultanat a. Gayasuddin Tuglak b. Allaudin Khilji c. Balban d. Rajia Sultan
  3. 3. GK  –  GD     –  BY  RISHABH  DEV  EDUCATIONAL  SOCIETY  BIKANER  –  FREE  TRAINING  FOR   CAREER   MOBILE  NUMBERS:  7410836389   FREE  COUNSELLING,  COACHING  AND  FREE  MOCK  PAPERS  :  -­‐  PARAKH  NIWAS,   SIVAKAMU  VETERINARY  HOSPITAL  ROAD,  OUTSIDE  GOGA  GATE,  BIKANER     Correct answers: Ans 1. Dungar Singh, who reigned Bikaner from 1872 to 1887, built the Badal Mahal, Rana Kumbha of Chittor built the famous Vijay Stambh and Kirti Stambh. Bikaner’s ruler Raja Rai Singh Ji built a fort called "Chintamani" (which is now called Junagarh Fort). Qutubuddin Aibak converted old Sanskrit College and temples into Adhai Din ka Jhompda. Ans: 2. Deepa Malik was born on 30 September 1970. She is an Indian athlete. She is the first Indian woman to win a medal in Paralympic Games and won a Silver medal at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in the shot put. Mary Kom is renowned Boxer. Satpal Singh is a coach in Wrestling and Nawang Gombu is a mountaineer. Ans 3: P V Sindhu is badmington player, Mihir Sen is swimmer and crossed English Channel by swimming, Ramnathan Krishnan was a Tennis player and Michael Ferrari is Billiards Champion Ans 4. Luni River Ans 5. Rawan Hatha Ans 6. Dadu Dayal Ans 7. B. N. Rau
  4. 4. GK  –  GD     –  BY  RISHABH  DEV  EDUCATIONAL  SOCIETY  BIKANER  –  FREE  TRAINING  FOR   CAREER   MOBILE  NUMBERS:  7410836389   FREE  COUNSELLING,  COACHING  AND  FREE  MOCK  PAPERS  :  -­‐  PARAKH  NIWAS,   SIVAKAMU  VETERINARY  HOSPITAL  ROAD,  OUTSIDE  GOGA  GATE,  BIKANER     Ans 8. 28 Feb. Ans 9. Gogaji was born to queen Bachchal Ans 10 : Ghiyasuddin Tuglak