Faculty development programme entrepreneurship - teaching, research and case writing


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FACULTY Development PROGRAMME - Entrepreneurship - Teaching, Research and Case Writing at SURESH GYAN VIHAR UNIVERSITY JAIPUR

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Faculty development programme entrepreneurship - teaching, research and case writing

  1. 1. FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME - entrepreneurship – teaching,research, and writing case studies Dr. T.K. Jain, Dean, ISBM Suresh Gyan Vihar University 9 to 11 March 2011
  2. 2. Can entrepreneurship be taught?• Entrepreneurship is a bundle of skills – which can be imparted through understanding and practice• Decision making situations should be created and the participant may be asked to act out as the key decision maker and face the consequences• There should be critical assessment of decisions taken by the participantn
  3. 3. How to teach entrepreneurship ???• Case study method• Biographies of entrepreneurs• Interviews / discussions with entrepreneurs• Visits to industrial exhibitions / displays• Visits to other countries• Market surveys to identify gaps• Business plan formulation and evaluation• Immersion into entrepreneurial role• Business games / scenarios / inbasket• Movies,
  4. 4. What are Truly enriching cases ?• Giving complete situation and alternatives• Puts the student in the seat of decision maker• Puts the students in dilemma• Decision making is a difficult task• The student has to commit for one decision and thereby face opportunity cost• The case situation is vivid
  5. 5. KASH – THE IMPORTANT ISSUES• K = Knowledge - business practices and rules• A= Attitude – positive to calculated risk• S = Skills – decision making, communication, motivation, risk taking, leadership, initiative, financial planning, etc.• H = Habits - prudence, social networking, careful in using money, creating assets rather than expenditure
  6. 6. Teachers as transformers• Teaching beyond the syllabus – to touch the vision, mission and objectives of the students• Teaching beyond the class rooms – to expose the students to opportunities, experiences and adventures• Teaching beyond the language – to present an ideal personality, to project a set of ideas, to project a set of values
  7. 7. Give more emphasis on• Role plays• Experiential learning• Simulations• Brain storming• Business plan formulation and presentation• Collective group processes
  8. 8. Research ????• Study the factors that shape entrepreneurship• Study the vision, perspectives and processes of entrepreneurs• Experimental research on teaching tools and techniques
  9. 9. Start writing …..• Various types of writings – book reviews, literature review, article, research paper• Plenty of journals today• Study the author guidelines• Follow APA stylesheet• Study the past issues of the journal
  10. 10. Collective processes• Two faculty – one from academics and one from industry can act as teacher / researcher / case writer / case analyst• It can be a collective process thereby enriching learning and mutuality• They can initiate debates, discussions and analysis thus encouraging students to think critically and evaluate every option
  11. 11. Case Study• Based on publicly available information or on the basis of interviews / data collection / research / etc.• Take permission• Give enough time to the participants to study, discuss, analyse and prepare the case study• Case study should be carried out in group• Each group may be asked to give presentation on possible solution, followed by discussion / debates
  12. 12. How to pick the idea for case study ???• Something unusual• Something involving controversial decision• Complex decision situation• Some innovation / new application• Some similarity to theory / business model• A longitudinal study• An ideal business perspective / scenario
  13. 13. Try out the case study• Ask the students to act out as CEO / Decision maker• Ask the student to defend his decision• If possible, tell the student about the consequences later on
  14. 14. Some interesting case studies prepared by me• Ajit Foundation• Vidya Kunj School• Shana International School• E-Governance• Family Business Management
  15. 15. Some Business plans ….• Business Plans formulation and discussions help us in teaching entrepreneurship• The students should be formed into teams to formulate business plans and discuss the same.• Consult the website www.bplans.com & www.bizplans.com• Social Networking Website• Plastic Recycling plant•
  16. 16. Encourage innovations and new ideas• National Innovation Foundation• Sristi• Gian• TIE
  17. 17. Training and Institution Building and Intrapreneurship• Institution building and intrapreneurship are related disciplines with huge scope• Entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship focus on starting new businesses, but institution building focuses on nurturing institutions• Some of the case studies are : -• Institution Building in IIMA• Case Studies on institution building including Prof. Ravi Tikku, Prof. M.L. Mishra, Mr. Jhabak, Mr. Maliram, Mr. Banwarilal , IMS Bikaner etc.