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English roots and their meanings for better word power


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English roots and their meanings for better word power

  1. 1. ENGLISH ROOTS AND THEIR MEANINGS FOR BETTER WORD POWER by : DR. T.K. JAIN AFTERSCHO ☺ OL centre for social entrepreneurship sivakamu veterinary hospital road bikaner 334001 rajasthan, india FOR – PGPSE PARTICIPANTS mobile : 91+9414430763
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  3. 3. WHAT ARE ROOTS? If you remember roots, you can understand meaning of any word originating from that root. For exmple take Eu = good Eulogise = good talk / praise we can guess the meaning of eulogise because we know the meaning of Eu, which is a common root.
  4. 4. Fort Fort = chance, for example : Fortuitous-accidental, occuring by chance fortunate-lucky
  5. 5. Gam = marriage Poly gam y-having many wives or husbands at the same time monogamy,bigamy Mono = 1 bi = 2 monogamy = one marriage, bigamy = two marriages
  6. 6. gen=group or class Genus-group of animals or plants with similar traits generic-characteristic of a class gender-class organized by sex
  7. 7. Greg = group /herd / living together gregarious-tending to group together as in a herd aggregate-group,total egregious-conspicuously bad;shocking e = extreme / bad, thus egregious = very bad
  8. 8. Helio = Sun Heliotrope-flower that faces the sun graph = to write / an instrument to write, so heliograph-instrument that uses the sun’s rays to send signals
  9. 9. Jec = to throw Pro = forward and Jec=to throw, so Projectile-missile;something thrown forward trajectory-path taken by thrown object ejaculatory-casting or throwing out
  10. 10. Lec / leg = to select / to read Select Election-choice legible-able to be read eligible-able to be selected
  11. 11. Logy=study Ento = insect Entomology-study of insects eymo = origin of words etymology-study of word parts and derivations momologue-speech by one person
  12. 12. Mega = big, grand Mania = false self belief, a tendency to do something unreasonably Megalomania-delusions of grandeur megaton-explosive force of a million tons of TNT
  13. 13. Hyper = excess, more, Inflation = increase in prices so hypterinflation = very high price rise Hyperbole-exaggeration hyper ventilate-breathes at an excessive rate
  14. 14. circum=around Navigate = to sail Circumnavigate-sail around spect = to see, so circumspect-cautious(looking around) scribe = to write, so circumscribe-limit
  15. 15. Demi = half Demigod-partly divine being
  16. 16. Ab = away Duct = to take, so Abduct-lead away jure = to take decision, so abjure-renounce
  17. 17. Ambu = to walk Somna = to sleep, somnambulism = to walk in sleep Ambulatory-able to walk,after being bedridden amble-walk aimlessly
  18. 18. Dict=to speak, to say Dictatorial-words that signify telling others what to do dictaphone-sound contradict-to say against addiction-a saying towards
  19. 19. Taci=silent Taciturnity-speaking less tacit-unspoken,unsaid
  20. 20. Voc = to speak Equi = equal, Equivocate-you seem to be saying both yes and no with equal voice
  21. 21. Nox = night Equi = equal, Equinox-when day and night are of equal length,occures twice a year:about march 21 and again about sep 21st nocturnal-describes people,animals(or)plants that are active (or)flourish at night rather than during daylight hours
  22. 22. anim=mind Equanimity-equal mind equability-a person of equable temperment is characteristically calm,serene,unflappable,even tempered
  23. 23. Iferous= producing / bearing pest=harmful insects etc. Pestiferous-carrying desease voc=voice, vociferous-bearing a loud voice
  24. 24. anthrop=mankind Logy = study, so Anthropology-the study of the development of the human race Phila=love, so philanthropist-one who loves mankind and shows such love by making substantial financial contributions to charitable organizations (or)by donating time and energy to helping those in need
  25. 25. Bene=good Benign,benignant-kindly,good-natured,not harmful dict = to speak, so benediction-blessing Fact=to do, so, benefactor-one who does good things for another, as by giving help,providing financial gifts(or)aid,(or)coming to the rescue when someone is in need vole=to desire, so, Benevolent-Wish them well
  26. 26. Fide = trust, faith Bonafide-good faith,hence valid,without pretence,deception, (or)fraudulent intent fidelity-faithfullness infidel-one who does not have the right faith(or)religion, especially to the marriage vows
  27. 27. chrono=time ana=out of , chrono=Time, so Anachronism-is someone (or)something out of time,out of date, belonging to a different era,either earlier(or)later
  28. 28. astro=star nomy=order, logy=study Astronomer-is interested in the arrangement of stars and other celestical bodies astrology-which assesses the influence of planets and stars on human events
  29. 29. Pod / pus = leg Oct = eight, pus = leg, so Octopus-the eight armed sea creature podium-speaker’s platform
  30. 30. metr=measurement Opto/ opthalma = to see, so Optometrist-measures vision therm=temperatue, so thermometer-an instrument to measure heat
  31. 31. Den / don = teeth Endo = inside, so : Endodontist-specializes in work on the pulp of the tooth and in root-canal therapy
  32. 32. Card = heart Cardiologist-science regarding heart cardiac-condition refers to some malfunctioning of the heartbeat
  33. 33. derma=skin hypo=beneath, so Hypodermic-needla penetrates under the skin titis = disease, so dermatitis-general name for any skin inflammation,irritation, or infection
  34. 34. vert=turn intro=inside, so Introvert= thoughts are constantly turned inwards extro=outside, so , extrovert-outwards
  35. 35. escent=belonging to evan=for a moment, so Evanescent-tending to vanish pubescent-arriving at puberty
  36. 36. libra=balance Equi =equal, so Equilibrium-the forcr of gravity is stronger than your ability to stay upright equilibrist-a performer successfully defining the law of gravity by balancing on a thin overhead wire
  37. 37. par=equal com=together, so compare = to find whether two things are equal or not, Parity payments-refer to payments that shows an equality to earnings for some agreed-upon year disparate-indicates inequality
  38. 38. omni=all Science = knowledge, so Omniscient-all knowing
  39. 39. Arch = first Archetype-original archibishop-chief bishop
  40. 40. ambi=both sides Ambiguous,ambivalent-having two conflicting emotions
  41. 41. dia=across Diagonal-across a figure diameter-distance across a circl
  42. 42. dext=efficient Ambi-dextrous = a person who efficient from both his hands (can use both the hands proficiently).
  43. 43. Ante = before Antecedent-preceding event antediluvian
  44. 44. cata=down Catastrophe-disaster cataract-waterfall catapult-hurl(throw down)
  45. 45. leg=law Legislature-law-making body legitimate,legal-lawful
  46. 46. Labor = to work Laboratory-place where work is done collaborate-work together with others laborious-difficult
  47. 47. Fus = to pour Effusive-gushing,pouring out diffuse-wide spread(poured in many directions)
  48. 48. Frag = to break Fragile-easily broken infraction-breaking of a rule fractious-unruly,tendind to break rules
  49. 49. Fin = limit Confine-keep within limits finite-having definite limits
  50. 50. Fug = to run Fugitive-someone who flees refuge-shelter,home for someone fleeing
  51. 51. Ego = I Egoist-person who is self-centered egotist-a person who talks about only himself egocentric-revolving about self alter=others, so alterego = one's other self.
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