BRIJ RATAN PARAKH OR BABA(biography of my father Brij Ratan Parakh)(Brij Ratan Parakh with his granddaughter)Abridged Stor...
Contents : -IntroductionLife StyleFreedom StruggleClose Associates and FriendsIntroductionBaba died in 2004 at the age of ...
opened) only due to our emotional attachment, otherwise the arrogant and impolite behavior of many bankemployees in SBBJ f...
Not only electricity, every resource was used scarcely. I was trained to be very particular in using any resource.While wr...
He used to tell – “why we wanted freedom – we wanted to lead a life of respect, a life of initiatives, a life ofour own de...
Lichhu Maharaj was the famous Nadi Vaidya (traditional doctor trained in Indian art of medicines) fromBikaner and Baba use...
and Baba identified another mantra. This mantra had to be recited for six months (108 times daily) and thiswould transform...
When our home was constructed (1964), Bhagwan ji was a construction worker. Baba had the habit of formingfriendship with e...
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Brij ratan parakh or baba biography of an unknown indian


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Abridged biography of Brij Ratan Parakh by his son Trilok Kumar Jain for sharing with others and for searching publishers for publishing complete biography.

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Brij ratan parakh or baba biography of an unknown indian

  1. 1. BRIJ RATAN PARAKH OR BABA(biography of my father Brij Ratan Parakh)(Brij Ratan Parakh with his granddaughter)Abridged Story prepared by :Trilok Kumar JainParakh Niwas, Sivakamu Veterinary Hospital Road,Near Gogagate Circle, Bandrabas, Bikaner
  2. 2. Contents : -IntroductionLife StyleFreedom StruggleClose Associates and FriendsIntroductionBaba died in 2004 at the age of 83. He was a man of exceptional capabilities. His life was full of sufferings. Hespent his entire life in struggles at multiple fronts. He had to leave his home early and start earning at the ageof 15. He got his formal schooling upto class 8thin Kolkatta. He was an outstanding astrologist, an outstandingorator. He was exceptionally good in accounting, financial analysis, drafting and report writing (both in Englishand in Hindi). During his school days, he was an exceptional football player. During his young age, he was agreat entrepreneur, however due to illness, he spent last 45 years of his life taking rest. He had suffered manydiseases and had to undergo 7 major surgical operations by the age of 38. When he was 38, his one of thekidney had to be removed from the body, as it was completely damaged. The other kidney was also partialllydamaged, but it continued. Later on he had to undergo one more major surgical operation for removal oftumors (which had developed with symptoms of cancer).An Adverturous Risk TakerHe used to take risks throughout his life and he suffered due to these risks. He included new partners in hisbusiness, which ultimately forced him to suffer substantially. He went ahead to help his relative, who wasbitten by a mad dog, and he suffered here also and had to take up multiple injections relating to rabbies,which ultimately damaged his kidney.He had exceptional memory till his last and had facts and figures at his tips. He was a freedom fighter and hadworked with Subhash Chandra Bose, and had invited Gandhi ji and Shashtri ji in Eastern India.Baba used to engage himself in some or other adventures. There was no bank in our vicinity and people hadto go to 2 km for a bank. Baba wrote letters to SBBJ for opening a bank and ultimately succeeded. When thebank started, Baba requested everyone in our neighbourhood to open an account in the bank so that the bankbecomes viable. However, Baba was very disappointed later to see the bureaucratic and apathetic attitude ofbank employees towards work and towards customers. He later wrote many letters to SBBJ regarding arrogantbehavior of bank employees in SBBJ. We still continue our account with SBBJ (the same account that Baba had
  3. 3. opened) only due to our emotional attachment, otherwise the arrogant and impolite behavior of many bankemployees in SBBJ force us to close our account, but we are still continuing (thanks to our tolerance power).After Bank, Baba then took up issues like Water Tank and Chabutara (a platform where food is offered topigeons). Baba succeeded in both the adventures as Water Tank was constructed and Chabutara wasconstructed. However, here also Baba was disappointed. Water tank was opposed by the people living invicinity and they became adversaries of Baba. Chabutara was usurped by someone and it is now an illegalproperty of someone.Baba made many-many adventures, and succeeded in most of them, but ultimately got disappointed to seethe end results. He realized that the administration system in India is in shambles. Nepotism and pooradministration system has destroyed our governance. Baba used to say that when there was British rule, theywere aspiring for independence, but after independence, they had found the administration and politicalleadership devoid of any merit and it was worse then the British system.Baba was a highly punctual and disciplinarian. He would not tolerate even one minute’s deviation. He wouldalways honour his verbal commitments at any costs as according to him “Jaban gayi to sab kuch gayi” (if youare not able to implement your own promise, you are worthless).Life StyleSimple LifeHe was born to an exceptionally rich family, and had large business enterprises, however he had separatedfrom his family due to differences in ideas with his mother. He started his career with a service. He laterstarted his own businesses from his savings. He was exceptionally successful in his business ventures, butsuffered when his partners cheated him and had to quit his businesses.He had no source of income during his last 45 year and he used to earn some interest from his savings (whichhe had deposited partly with bank and partly with some of his relatives). He used to lead a very simple life andhence he used to manage his family with the small budget that he had. He used to wear only three dresses –one Lungi and one cotton brief and one Chola (a type of loose shirt). He had one plastic sleeper, which heused till his last (and that is still lying intact).Self-restrained Structured and Principled LifeHe led a very structured and well managed life. He used to sleep at 9.00 pm and used to get up at sharp 3.00am. He used to spend 2-3 hours in the morning in prayers. He had tremendous tolerance. He used to say thatwe have to prepare our body to tolerate extremes of weather and extremes of circumstances. Whether it wasextreme summer or extreme winter, Baba followed same routine and more or less same life style. I wastrained to economise electricity in my childhood. We used to use electricity minimally. Our rooms are suchthat there is enough natural light during day time. During night I used to try to study from the street light(which was just opposite our home). During summers, my father used to switch on fan only when there wereguests. During nights we used to sleep at roof top, which didn’t require any electricity.
  4. 4. Not only electricity, every resource was used scarcely. I was trained to be very particular in using any resource.While writing his notes, my father used to use every bit of the paper. He would save paper till it could be usedfor the last bit. When I would throw my old copies, my father will pick them up and prepare writing pads usingthe other side of the paper or the paper which had not been used till that time.It was a dream of Baba to set up a school. He wanted to set up school for the masses. He used to encourageeveryone, specially teachers to start a school. He was one of the board of trustees of H.S.RampuriaVidyaniketan (one of the best Schools in Bikaner at that time) for a long time and had some ideas of how tomanage a school. However, he couldn’t materialize his plansHe was strongly in favour of entrepreneurship. He used to suggest his relatives and friends to start somebusiness in home town. Whenever he used to meet any person, who had left his home down for his job, Babaused to suggest that person to start some business in home town. He used to suggest people to start smallbusiness instead of taking up a job.Baba used to circulate good ideas, noble thoughts and good books. He had donated large number of books todifferent libraries and to different people. He wrote a poem on service to parents, whereby he wanted toemphasize the importance of service to parents. He circulated this poem to everyone who was in touch withBaba. Baba used to love Indian medicines and Indian health tonics. He used to buy Chawanprash. He usedused to ask his friend ‘Goli Pandit” to prepare lot of chawanprash and then he would encourage his friendsand relatives to take some chawanprash.Freedom Struggle :Baba spent his childhood and his youth in various adventures with freedom fighters. He burnt foreign clothduring his childhood. His grand father had many shops, one of the shop dealth in cloth and he could findforeign cloth there and set that on fire. He had met Subhash Chandra Bose and was very much impressed fromhis ideas. When the forces of Indian National Army reached Indian borders, he went to Burma borders tosupport them and it was a very difficult time. It used to be horrible to listen from him about his memories offreedom struggle and about partition of India. He himself was in Silhat (now in Bangladesh) at the time ofpartition and had great difficulties in escaping from Silhat to Eastern India. He invited Gandhi ji and later toShashtri ji to Eastern India and attended their sessions.During partition time, he was settled as a businessman in Silhat. He spent his time in saving people in Silhat.He saved lives of many people. Later when the situation worsened, he had no option but to quit Silhat. He leftall his properties in Silhat and left for India. Due to his good behavior, he had many muslim friends. Hechanged his attire as a muslim asked my mother to wear Burka and then both escaped from Silhat towardsIndia. They faced many rioters in the way, but they were able to escape as they said that they were muslims.He then reached Agartalla, where he spent his time in fighting against communal riots. His journeys fromSilhat to Agartalla is a very horrendous account in itself.Though a freedom fighter himself, Baba was completely dissatisfied with the policies of the government afterindependence. He in fact became very critical of all our political, economical and other policies. He used to tellthat the British Government had better administration and better discipline.
  5. 5. He used to tell – “why we wanted freedom – we wanted to lead a life of respect, a life of initiatives, a life ofour own decisions. We are getting none of these. After independence, the government thinks everyentrepreneur is a cheat. The government officers try to repress an ordinary person. There is no rule of law.There is nepotism and corruption everywhere. What is the benefit of this independence?”Close Associates and FriendsSrinarayan PradhanBaba’s closest friend was Srinarayan Pradhan. When Srinarayan Pradhan died, Baba was shattered. He felt likehaving lost his own life. Death of a close friend removed his own motivation for life. He thereafter started apessimistic approach towards life and started saying “ye share jhini chadaria hai, kabhi bhi bulawa aa saktahai” (this body is a flimsy cover and may be removed any time). In his last year, Baba used to tell everyone –these are last days. When he was celebrating his last Diwali, he was pessimistic and said “next year I shallcelebrate Diwali somewhere else, hence you organize it yourself”.Baba and Gourishankar ‘Madhukar’Gourishankar ‘Madhukar’ is a great satirist. He writes poems and satires. He is a great patriot. Now he haspublished a few books also of his writings. He used to visit my home frequently. He used to have longdiscussions with Baba about current political and economic scenarios. Both were very critical of political andeconomic policies of the government. Both were very disappointed by the administration system of thegovernment. Hence, it was a perfect meeting. The most important issue used to be rising corruption.Baba and Sahajanand jiSahajanand ji was the greatest Jain saint I have seen in my life. He was a disciple of Srimad Rajchandra. Heused to live mostly in Hampi (Karnataka). He once came to Bikaner. I was 3 or 4 years at that time. Baba wasvery close to him. Baba used to go to him every day. Sahajanand ji used to spent most of his time inKayotsarga and in Meditations. He knew many rare skills (like Akash Yatra). It is commonly believed about himthat he used to fly to Palitana daily from whereever he used to be there. There were many incidents betweenBaba and Sahajanand ji, which I cant write here as no body will believe such incidents today.I still remember the night when we all got up at 3.00 am and it was winter. At 4.00 am Sahajanand ji wassupposed to come. At sharp 4.00 am Sahajanand ji came and gave us blessings and left Bikaner. He neverreturned Bikaner afterwards. While leaving Bikaner he gave his Khadau (wooden sandals) to my father as hismemoir. He gave a mantra to my family to be used regularly.Baba and Lichhu Maharaj:Till indpendence, there used to be traditional doctors in every city / village in India. These doctors wereexperts in traditional Indian medicines and Indian pharmocology. They had got this science from their parentsand from their teachers. They were so skilled in this science that they could check complete health of aperson by just studying pulse of his veins. They used to prepare their own medicines mostly from herbs foundin the region. They used to be very hard-working as they used to spend a great deal of time in collecting herbs,preparing formulations and preparing medicines.
  6. 6. Lichhu Maharaj was the famous Nadi Vaidya (traditional doctor trained in Indian art of medicines) fromBikaner and Baba used to refer to him for any minor ailments. Lichhu Maharaj used to check your veins in thehand and could tell everything about you. He could even tell about the food that you have eaten during last24hours. He used to prepare medicines for his patients. His medicines used to be herbal medicines of verysmall size and he used to give doses for 4-5 days. I had very weak physique in my childhood and used tooccasionally suffer from minor ailments like cough, cold, fever etc. Baba used to take me to Lichhu Maharajand used to give me medicines of Lichhu Maharaj.Lichhu Maharaj : “I am the last Vaidya in our generation. Now this art will disappear. No son of any NadiVaidya wants to learn this art. The modern education system tells the people that Nadi Vaidya should not beconsulted and therefore no body comes to me these days. The government doesn’t realise the great expertisethat we have. People eat allopathic medicines without knowning the contents of those medicines. I tell youmost of these medicines are made of non-veg contents. These medicines have so many side effects thatpeople don’t realise now. I tell you that people will suffer in the future. Look at my medicines, they give quickbenefits and have no side effects. They are very good for your health. They give you real health”Baba: “I try to convince people, but people don’t realise. Look at me, I suffered my one kidney just due toAllopathic Medicines and Injections. I suffered so many diseases due to these medicines. Now I first check thecontents of Allopathic medicines before taking them. They have so much side effects. Our time is about to over. The next generatons will have difficult times. Why don’t you train some people in your art”Lichhu Maharaj: “No body wants to learn this art now. People have been misled by the government. No bodywants to believe on us. No body wants to try our medicines”Modaram jiModaram ji used to be a Tonga driver (Tonga is a type of horse-cart). Baba used to call Modaram ji wheneverBaba had to go somewhere. Baba was a very weak and fragile person (physiologically – not psychologically).Baba could not walk long distances, hence he used to call up Modaram ji for travel purpose.Baba and Indrajmal jiIndrajmal ji was a great astrologist from Bikaner. He had exceptional skills in astrological mathematics. Babawas close friend of indrajmal ji. They used to spend hours discussing about possibilities about future. Indrajmalji used to give predictions, which used to be highly accurate. All the forecasts made by Indrajmal ji have beenfound to be correct. His genius in predicting future was un-parallel. He had given predictions long back thatone day (he had given dates and years also) Atal Bihari Vajpee would become the prime minister of India.Baba used to be extremely worried about me. He was in poor health and my mother was in worse conditions.Hence, he was always worried about my future. Indrajmal ji used to give assurance to Baba and this wouldhelp him in relieving his tension.I used to be very poor in studies. I didn’t have good memory. Baba asked Indrajmal ji about solutions. He gavea mantra which had to be written on my tongue at the time of Eclipse. Baba tried to do this, but it was verydifficult for me to bear this, however, afterwards there was an improvement in my performance. Indrajmal ji
  7. 7. and Baba identified another mantra. This mantra had to be recited for six months (108 times daily) and thiswould transform my memories. I tried for 2-3 months, but then I fell ill and couldn’t complete the exercise.Indrajmal ji and Baba tried many things like this for my development.Baba and Sripujya jiSripujya ji was the great Jain Monk and incharge of Jain Gurukul and training centre in Bikaner. He followedJain traditions and had been appointed by previous Sripujya ji. Baba used to be very close to him. Baba usedto visit him occasionally. Sripujyaji had exceptional knowledge in all fields like Astrology, Indian medicines, Jainreligion, Indian sciences and Indology. He used to prepare a Vaskhep, which he used to shower on us duringour visit. He used to chant some mantra for our well being. Baba insisted that he should do something for mydevelopment. Sripujyaji prepared and gave a mantra to me for my development. I still use that mantra. It’s aone line mantra.Baba and Indo-Pak War 1971Baba used to tell everyone about precautions at the time of war. Baba had experienced many wars closely andhence he was expert in handling such conditions. We had protected our home. Some bags of dust wereprepared on top. All the windows were properly sealed so that no light could go out. Baba used to listen toradio regularly, particularly BBC news to get an update on the war.Baba and Bhanwarlal ji and Hazarimal jiBhanwarlal Nahata was my maternal uncle and a very close friend of Baba. Baba used to have regularcorrespondence with Bhanwarlal ji. Bhanwarlal ji used to write extensively on Rajasthani culture, traditions,Indian culture etc. We used to receive post cards regularly from Bhanwarlal ji (he used to live in Kolkatta). Thepost card used to be written in very small handwritings. If you try to write the same text on a A4 size paper,probably you will use the entire paper for that much of matter. Every bit of post card was written up. Babaalso used to reply regularly to him by post cards.Hazarimal ji Banthia was also my maternal uncle and close friend of Baba. He used to live in Hathras. He wasalso a staunch supporter of Rajasthani culture, art and Rajasthani language. Baba used to have regularcorrespondence with him.Sohan Singh jiSohan Singh ji was an old person who didn’t have any body else in his family. He used to lead a very witheredlife. He used to come to my home daily and Baba also used to visit him in return. Sohan Singh ji used to makePan (beetle leaf) , which he used to offer to us. Sohan Singh ji later gave his entire property to his distantrelative and went to their home. Thereafter, we didn’t have much interaction with him.Sohan Lal DugarBaba’s close friend Mr. Sohanlal Dugar used to be available to him always at his phone-call. Sohan Lal ji is nowsettled in Delhi.Bhagwan ji
  8. 8. When our home was constructed (1964), Bhagwan ji was a construction worker. Baba had the habit of formingfriendship with everyone from down to the top. Hence he developed friendship with almost all the workersand others working in construction. Bhagwanji maintained this friendship till last. Even now Bhagwan jiregularly visits our home and he is an uncle for us. Whenever any construction related issue would be there,Baba will handover the matter to Bhagwan ji.Jatan Lal SuranaBaba’s close friend Mr. Surana was a good doctor in Homeopathic medicines. Baba used to encourageeveryone to go for homeopathic medicines. Baba used to remain in close association with Mr. Surana.