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Bikaner’s greatest role models of our times who missed media attention

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Bikaner’s greatest role models of our times who missed media attention

  1. 1. BIKANER’S GREATESTROLE MODELS OF OURTIMES - WHO MISSEDMEDIA ATTENTION 1Prof. (Dr. ) Trilok Kumar JainDean, ISBMSuresh Gyan Vihar UniversityJaipur 302017 Mobile : views expressed in this article are the personal views of the author. The author is open to criticism and iswilling to proceed further in the direction, but requires support. The likeminded persons are invited to join to worktogether to help the great philanthropists of our country. The author welcomes suggestions / support / ideas fromthe reader.
  2. 2. Bikaner is the land of social entrepreneurs, thinkers, innovators andphilanthropists. Many of these persons received media attention, but manydidn’t. those who didn’t get media attention, could not create impact andcould not replicate their work. Their great contribution will be forgotten inthe times to come. They had to face more struggle and more difficulties inthe work they they pursued. However, here is an attempt to write smallnotes on some of them. These notes may not help them or their cause, butmay help us to think again and help such persons in future.Jwalaprasad Shashtri : I wrote on him – “a student of 80 years” - theperson who spent his life in learning and in promoting learning. Hispassion was reading books and writing poems. His two books werepublished. He was a real role model in terms of self-less service. He taughtfree of cost (no tution fees). He donated his huge property (worth crores) topeople for social cause and that too on a small sentence like this : “Shashtriji, if you will sell your land, where we will conduct our functions – we arepoor people” Shashtri ji donated entire land to the mohalla and themoulvies (it was a muslim dominant mohalla). He was an expert on allreligions including muslim religion and authority in many laungaugesincluding Russian, Urdu, Parsi and Sanskrit. He was respected by people ofall communities for his simplicity, honesty, truth and knowledge.
  3. 3. Purshottam Dawra : This person organized one after another event for thebenefit of society. He used to organize bhajans at the homes of any personwho had suffered any death / calamity. He used to distribute pots whichcould be used for putting waste material which can be eaten by Cows. Thushe protected many cows of the city from plastic bags.Gyan Mal Sewag : one of the greatest teachers of all times in Bikaner, heused to present himself as an ideal person in and out of school. Adisciplinarian, linguist, geographer, and a perfectionist, he will always beremembered by his students for his high values.Dr. Nath Mal Dugar : He left Bikaner city to settle in his own village and toserve his villagers. He is a role model for other doctors and public servants.He served in villages and towns throughout his life. He is still approachableto any villagerGorishankar Soni “madhukar” : a satirist, a poet, and a person who alwaysspoke against the prevailing corruption. He travelled extensively to sharehis satires and poems. He was also a role model in terms of his willingnessto help people and to raise thinking level of people. He always advocatedsimple living high thinking.Yogendra Kumar Rawal : he spread innovations in school education. Hisinitiatives were recognized by NCERT – but it was too late. He spent his lifetrying to spread innovations. He tried in many schools, but he didn’t get thekind of response that he deserved. His innovations were path-breaking andtruly innovative, but most of those innovations have now disappeared.
  4. 4. Dr. Vijay Bothra : one of the most humble and down to earth doctors inBikaner, he is always available for patients. He never says a no. he not onlytreats patients, but helps them by providing medicines (all for free). For thepoor persons of Bikaner, he is the true Messiah.