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Amazing students of gyan vihar university jaipur with social commitments changing the society and spreading good messages


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Amazing students of gyan vihar university jaipur with social commitments changing the society and spreading good messages

  1. 1. AMAZING STUDENTS OF GYAN VIHAR UNIVERSITY JAIPUR - STUDENTS WITH SOCIAL COMMITMENTS By : Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain Dean, ISBM (International School of Business Management) Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur, Mobile : 9414430763 Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur has introduced the concepts of community clubs and social developmental activities. Like other institutions, the University also gives emphasis on co-curricular activities. However, the response of some of the students is truly amazing. The students take these activities with passion and pursue them for achieving the desired goals of their own life and also for achieving well being for the society. Their small initiatives give them satisfaction, recognition, support and a network to continue such activities. The university has been constantly motivating students to pursue social development agenda and also to become entrepreneurs. The initiatives of the University bring results as we witness students converting themselves into social catalysts. Their success stories further reinforce the spirit of the University and we get inspired to channelise the energies of the students towards this great cause and for the benefit of both the student and the society at large. I shall mention here about one such student of Suresh Gyan Vihar University - Mr. Chinmaya. While doing his engineering, Mr. Chinmaya was actively involved in social development activities, which ultimately enabled him to start an NGO called ECO PADDLERS (started in 2012) and also a website called (it will be launched shortly). Mr. Chinmaya took the social development and social activities as responsibilities of every citizens and spared some time out of his busy schedule. I had interacted with Mr. Chinmaya about his activities. A brief discussion is presented herewith: - Q: What do you want to do and what is your purpose? Ans : There are bicycles from 3000 to 10 lakhs. I want to change the mindset of people about cycling. I want to encourage people to adopt cycling. This will save our environment, help people in their health and improve our living.
  2. 2. Q: What are the activities that you organise? Ans : I have organised about 20 activities mostly relating to the following three areas during the last 2-3 years : - 1. Cyclothone - to prmote bicycle use, health, environment. All these three things are connected. If people start adopting cyclying, they will be healthier and they will not cause harm to the environment (which is being done by using vehicles). I try to encourage people to adopt cycling. I organised one such drive during C3W 2012 (Convention on Climate Change and Water Crisis 2012 - an annual activity of SGVU). 2. Cleanliness drive : - Cleanliness should be the responsibilities of the citizens and they should ensure that they should not throw away garbage here and there. There is a need to raise public awareness and raise public actions on these lines. I have been taking initiatives in this regard. We choose an area and our team make people aware. We do the cleaning ourselves. Other people join us when they see us working. We convey the message to the citizens of the area that it is the responsibility of the citizens to clean the area around us. We ask people to use dustbins and other such things to ensure that there is cleanliness and proper civic sense. Mostly people go to park in the evening. They throw away waste papers etc here and there. They dont use dustbins. There is a need to make people aware of cleanliness. 3. Health drive : - I take up topics like cardiovescular health. We organise discussions on these issues. We invite specialists and request them to talk on important issues relating to the topic of discussion. Thus we are able to raise public awareness on issues that affect all of us. We organise such discussions periodically and raise public awareness and understanding on issues that affect us all. 4. Promoting youth to empower themselves : The youth can organise themselves and hold themselves in the society. They can raise their voice in meaningful way. Q: When did you organise first event? Ans : It was on 29 Sept. 2011. I organised Health on Wheels : World Heart Day - on J.L.N. Road Jaipur. It was organised to celebrate the occasion of world heart day. There were 4 persons organising this event, but ultimately I had to manage it. My friend Keshave Modi helped me in conducting this event. Q: Can you share your experiences of other events? Ans : We have organised many events in schools and colleges to promote environmet. Cleanliness drive with the help of the people in Vaishali Nagar and Malviya Nagar. The response
  3. 3. was good. People have the habit of throwing the garbage here and there. It is a very long process to change the mindset of people. How to influence people to use better habits? This is a real challenge. Q. What kind of difficulties / challenges do you face? Ans : Some people ask me : Why are you doing it? People dont come forward for a good cause always. It is difficult to change the mindset of people. Some people oppose you. You have to take this much of risk for this work. We dont get the required support from the government departments also. Laws are made to regulate people, but these same laws become our tight ropes when we wish to organise any events. The government officials are very bureaucratic. I give an example : When I went to organise first cyclothone. I had to go to various police departments and to take permission. I spent a lot of time in taking permission from the police departments. The process is so long and so bureaucratic, it was very difficult to do it. . Laws are made, but people dont follow them. There is very callous attitude towards laws, even towards those issues which are for our own interest. On 2/10/11 an act was passed whereby Smoking has been banned in public places. I found that this law was hardly followed. I used to tell people why do you smoke in public places. I used to ask shopkeepers not to encourage smoking in public places, but people didnt cooperate. I did photography for JLF (Jaipur Literatury Festival). I found that people were smoking and drinking in the public place. I could not stop them, but felt very bad about it. There were hard drinks being served in the evenings. I even found a few reporters smoking. I didnt like these, but couldnt do anything on these issues. Q: who encouraged you for these issues. Ans : My father was a freedom fighter. Since the childhood I have been trained to do something for the country and for society. I participated in the Blood donation camp on 14 Feb 2010. I did it with RTI Rajasthan Manch in Mahaveer Cancer Hospital Jaipur. Later whenever I got an opportunity, I participated in events for society. Q: What is the reward that you got for your social commitment? Ans : People have appreciated my work. They have recognised my efforts. I have got respect from people. I did all these for social cause. Q: What is Ans: this is a social networking platform. It is having its own e-commerce. There is virtual currency in this website. It is going to pay its users. We shall be making its final luanch within one month. A person can use twitter, facebook, and linkedin all the three website using this
  4. 4. website. I am engineering person, but I am looking after overall management of this venture. My friend, who is a commerce student, is developing the software and testing out beta version. My another friend, who is a Chartered Accountant, is looking after marketing of this website. You may collect further details on Chinmaya by directly contacting him. His contact details are : - Chinmaya , Mobile : 9799748668 email :