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Web Development with Vim by Johannes Raggam


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Vim is everywhere. But out of the box, it is tedious to use and doesn't aid you much with your programming tasks. Due to its flexibility, it can be extended and configured to perfectly suit your needs.

This demo shows you what is possible with vim, how it can be configured to efficiently support your workflow and help you writing better code with auto completion, code analysis and auto formatting.

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Web Development with Vim by Johannes Raggam

  1. 1. Web Development with Vim • Johannes Raggam • • • • Vim Config: Survey via Twitter "What is your favorite code IDE/editor? Let me know" Note • Questions: • Results: Naked Vim is hardly usable Note • Load vim with different configuration vim -u dot-vimrc • Show inserting, moving with cursors, etc. • Use set nocompatible and do :so %. Now it's much better. • Show "deleting in register" problem and "delete in blackhole register" solution. Show fully configured vim Note • My vim config: • Good examples: • Show .vimrc • Show config.vim • Show keymap.vim
  2. 2. Show plugins and functionality Note • Show plugins.vim and there individual plugins. • Open plugin manager gx: File Navigation Note • Ctrl-P: • ,/, search for autoformatdefaults. • ,, currently open files. • File Beagle: -, a netrw alternative. • Buffer Gator: ,m • Open Buffer in NERDTree: ,b • MiniMap: mm. Linting and Formating Note • Ctrl-P, open autoformatsamplejs • Show errors and explanation. • ,f • See result. • - choose the python sample, format it with ,f, ,i, ,s
  3. 3. Note • External formating tools • Choose test.json from root and do: :%!python -m json.tool • Choose test.rst from root and do: :%!column -t Git Note • Show gut gutter on changed files. • Jump from Hunk to Hunk ]c. • Undo a specific Hunk ,hu • Show :Gitv commit browser. • Show GDiff diff viewer. • Show Tagbar tt on Python file. More Note • Show :Goyo with Limelight • colorscheme github, colorscheme molokai Show jedi-vim Note • pythonpaths part to build file with project paths: • python-config.vim which parses this file. • ask me if you're interested in this and need some help.
  4. 4. Tnx A Lot!