Plone for CMS review group at UW Oshkosh


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Covering ten great years of campus wide adoption of Plone at UW Oshkosh, highlighting the range of kinds of sites created: public, collaborative, intranets, workflow applications. For the video, please see

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Plone for CMS review group at UW Oshkosh

  1. 1. Plone at UW Oshkosh Friday, November 15, 13 1
  2. 2. 10 Years of Plone at UWO 2003: Plone 1.0.5 - WIDA grant project 2006: Plone 2.1 - OSA election site 2007: Plone 3.0 - COB, COEHS Intranets 2008: Plone 3.1 - /home, college sites 2010: Plone 4.0 2011: Plone 4.1 - campus Intranet 2013: Plone 4.3 - USP, Grad Studies, Provost Friday, November 15, 13 2
  3. 3. Friday, November 15, 13 3
  4. 4. Why Plone satisfies vast majority & all major requirements complete, rich functionality out of the box our 10 years of experience using, applying, deploying, customizing, tuning, training, and enhancing ~300 sites built, ~1,000 users trained Friday, November 15, 13 4
  5. 5. Why Plone cost (initial & ongoing; direct cost savings) ease of use (WYSIWYG, in context, drag & drop) power & flexibility (external, intranets, extranets, collaborative, integrative, content distribution) beautiful, customizable, inheritable themes security Friday, November 15, 13 5
  6. 6. Why Plone scale: number of users, number of content objects, delegated permissions and roles long term viability / stability thriving 7x24 community support hundreds of Plone service providers Friday, November 15, 13 6
  7. 7. Core Features Search engine, including live search results site map, recently modified content Google friendly URLs and HTML structure Accessibility compliance (Section 508, WCAG 2.0, ADA) Automatic handling of links to moved content (incl. warning on deletion of linked-to content) Friday, November 15, 13 7
  8. 8. Security Ability to protect confidential data Ability to avoid site compromise / defacing No known successful attacks. FBI, CIA. Python, not PHP; no SQL injection attacks Friday, November 15, 13 8
  9. 9. Security Comparison Number of vulnerabilities 2006-2013 (Nat’l Vulnerabilities Database Plone: 21 (none in 2012, 2013) Drupal: 670 Joomla: 773 WordPress: 558 Why is this important? Friday, November 15, 13 9
  10. 10. Deployment Strategy Number of containers Plone versions Flexibility Upgrades on demand* (e.g. Provost) Friday, November 15, 13 10
  11. 11. Enterprise Deployment & Provisioning fast site provisioning authentication integration performance / scale: Plone 4 is fast backups, monitoring & other systems tasks robustness: ZRS, static deployment, CDNs (see FBI) Friday, November 15, 13 11
  12. 12. Can Plone Do...? Ask us! If it isn’t “in the box” chances are there is an add-on Or we can build it or find someone who can e.g. mandated reporter, Kinesiology exams, collaborative bibliographies, searchable databases, experts database, image editor, timeslot*, collaborative grants workflow, internship applications, PeopleSoft data integration, summer session Friday, November 15, 13 12
  13. 13. Training (intro & forms) Manuals, handouts, classes, one-on-one, depts 331 Plone training students (since Aug. ’10) +100-150 more students (1-on-1, depts., IMC) +456 views of Plone training videos (Oct. ’11) Friday, November 15, 13 13
  14. 14. Training (forms & workflow) Grad Studies  - Demo/Training -5 CAPP - Demo/Database(1) - 5 SSS - Demo/Training - Forms(3) - 4 Admin Services - Demo - 4 USP - Demo/Training - Forms(4) - 1 Art - Demo/Training - Forms(1) - 10 OIE - Demo/Training - Forms(6) - 8 Anthropology - Demo - 5 Advising - Demo/Training - Forms(3) - 30 History - Demo - 9 Theater - Demo - Forms(1) - 3 Environmental Studies - Demo - Forms(3) -2 Grants - Demo/Training - 3 HR - Demo - Forms(4) - 4 Kinesiology - Demo/Training - Form(1) - 1 Administrative Computing - Demo - 6 Learning Technology - Demo - 3 Plone101 - Training, 40 people Friday, November 15, 13 14
  15. 15. Untapped Power in existing sites effective and expiry dates, news items, events, RSS feeds, collections, search, workflow, working copy support, forms, next/previous, search keywords, tagging automation, e.g. /beyond Friday, November 15, 13 15
  16. 16. Demo here Friday, November 15, 13 16
  17. 17. Content Creator Features add content in context WYSIWYG HTML, structured markup, wiki markup automatic Google-friendly URLs document & image uploading in place easy linking paste from Word undo Friday, November 15, 13 17
  18. 18. Content Editor Features automatic versioning, comparison, revert automatic locking on edit commenting on saves working copy support mass content changes (rename, workflow state, delete, move, ownership) Friday, November 15, 13 18
  19. 19. Site Administrator Features groups fine-grained roles & permissions sharing (cascading permissions) placeful workflow Friday, November 15, 13 19
  20. 20. Content Distribution News Events RSS content reuse with covers PushHub Friday, November 15, 13 20
  21. 21. Untapped Power Diazo, Dexterity, cover, Solr, social, other integrations e.g. workflow applications Friday, November 15, 13 21
  22. 22. Demo here Friday, November 15, 13 22
  23. 23. Layout Designer Friday, November 15, 13 23
  24. 24. Noteworthy Sites at UWO Friday, November 15, 13 24
  25. 25. About UW Text Text Small OshkoshTextAcademics Normal Large Athletics Admissions Administration Resources Calendars Titan Services search site Search Site search entire campus SEARCH Sections Skip to Personal content. tools | Skip to navigation home setting the course spotlight notes pages beyond uwo Kimberly Udlis, Ph.D., FNP-BC endeavors about B.S. Sridhar, Ph.D. On the wall of Kimberly Udlis’ office is an untitled poem written by a patient on July 22, 1994. On that day, the patient had been told by his physicians that he needed openheart surgery, after a less invasive procedure had failed. Udlis, then barely one year out of nursing school, held his hand after he was given the news. On the grounds of the National Primary and Middle School in Bangalore, India, B.S. Sridhar reflected on his father’s lessons: You need to be a life-long student to be a productive citizen. You need to live a life giving back to the community. On that pleasant January day in 2012, Sridhar, an associate professor of business at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and his siblings stood on the grounds of the school that their father founded more than 75 years ago. Read More Read More 1 NOTES 2 3 4 5 6 7 SETTING THE COURSE Future Students Athletics Admissions Work at UW Oshkosh Alumni Administration Career Services Faculty and Staff Resources Titan Services Current Students Calendars Contact Us About UW Oshkosh Media Relations SPOTLIGHT Community & Visitors Parents 8 Accessibility Academics Copyright 2013 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System Friday, November 15, 13 site map accessibility contact get help log in 25
  26. 26. Friday, November 15, 13 26
  27. 27. Friday, November 15, 13 27
  28. 28. Friday, November 15, 13 28
  29. 29. Friday, November 15, 13 29
  30. 30. A B OU T U W OS HKOS H Skip Sections to content. | Skip to navigation Home A C A D E MIC S A T HLE T IC S A D MIS S IONS A D MINIS T RA T ION RE S OU RC E S C A LE ND A RS Personal tools Academic Affairs Administration Teaching & Learning Resources T IT A N S E RVIC E S SearchSite Search Advanced Site Search… Accreditation, Compliance & Accountability Awards Home Contact Us Provost and Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs 800 Algoma Blvd Dempsey Hall Suite 335 Oshkosh, WI 54901 Forms USP Calendars Handbook Welcome to the Academic Affairs website at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. If you have questions regarding the information provided on this website, please contact the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor. Phone: (920) 424-0300 Fax: (920) 424-0247 Document  Actions Print this THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN OSHKOSH — WHERE EXCELLENCE AND OPPORTUNITY MEET. ©2013 UW Oshkosh University of Wisconsin Oshkosh 800 Algoma Blvd. Oshkosh, WI 54901 (920) 424-1234 Accessibility Career Services Get Directions Give to UW Oshkosh Download UW Oshkosh's Mobile App Emergency and Safety Information Media Relations Work at UW Oshkosh Site Map Accessibility Contact Log in Friday, November 15, 13 30
  31. 31. Skip to content. | Skip to navigation Site Map Accessibility Contact Search Site Search Site only in current section Advanced Search… Personalare here: Home You tools Log in LINKS  Register  Order  Make Deposit pubmed: filariasis or brugia... Wolbachia Infections Mimic Cryptic Speciation in Two Parasitic Butterfly Species, Phengaris teleius and P. nausithous (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). A field survey for Wolbchia and phage WO infections of Aedes albopictus in Guangzhou City, China. Drug targets for lymphatic filariasis: A bioinformatics approach. UPCOMING EVENTS EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES: 9TH LOUIS PASTEUR CONFERENCE INSTITUT PASTEUR, PARIS, APR 09, 2014 13TH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PARASITOLOGY AUG 10, 2014 Previous events… Upcoming events… QUICKLINKS NIAID/NIH Filariasis Research Reagent Resource Center (FR3) Welcome to FR3 ANNUAL FR3 MINICOURSE CITE/CONTACT FR3 CURRENT INVENTORY The Filariasis Research Reagent Resource Center (FR3) has provided a central resource of filariasis reagents, protocols and technical support for the international NTD research community since 1969. Supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the FR3 acquires and distributes parasites, vectors, and molecular and serological reagents. The FR3 is is funded by the Animal Models of Infectious Disease contract mechanism, which also funds the malaria( MR4) and schistosomiasis ( SR3) repositories. FORMS GENOMICS/BIOINFORMATICS JOB MART/LINKS NEW FR3 USERS PICTURES AND VIDEOS Need Acanthocheilonema viteae? PROTOCOLS/TIPS Do you need this important resource for your Wolbachia research or for teaching? Use our new order form! RELEVANT LITERATURE Filarial Nucleic Acids and Primer Sets Now Available From BEI Resources TEACHING EXERCISES See a complete list with ordering instructions. FR3 Information and Contacts Parasite Resources at University of Georgia Molecular Resources at Smith College Communication/Project Liaison at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Print this Document Actions NIH NIAID WHO Powered by Plone Friday, November 15, 13 Search TDR CDC Valid XHTML UGA Valid CSS Smith College Section 508 UWO WCAG 31
  32. 32. About UW Text Text Small OshkoshTextAcademics Normal Large Athletics Admissions Administration Resources Calendars Titan Services Today: OPEN until 1:00AM Skip to content. Articles, Books & More Course | Skip ...from UW Oshkosh and UW System to navigation Advanced Search | Old Catalog | Reserves & Website My Library Everything Search Beyond UW System Journals by Title Accounts Polk Library & UW System Interlibrary Loan More Collections by Subject | Research Databases Quick Links I am a: Student I am researching: Chat Now | Email | Phone | Schedule Research Help African American Studies Show Quick Links News Polk Helps Horizon Make History, Literally! Infographic: Polk by the Numbers No. 1 Polk replaces Oxford Reference with Credo Search@UW is live on the Library website! New and Returning Business Databases More news... Services Collections My Library Accounts Polk & UW System | ILL Education Materials Center Beyond UW System ILL | WorldCat | Not sure? Government Information Course Pages Course Reserves eReserves | Traditional GroupFinder Online Forms Research Help Community About Students Library Hours Graduate Students Polk Library News Schedule Research Help Faculty & Staff Contact us Leisure Reading Citing Sources RefWorks | Help Alumni & Visitors Staff & Department Directory eBooks Collection Distance Education Library Policies Privacy | Circulation Films on Demand How To Find Materials Articles | Books Disability Services Technology FAQ Map of the Library Collections by Subject Nontraditional In the Library Building Chat | Email | Phone Archives & ARC Suggestion Box Please give us some feedback... Share Feedback Future Students Athletics Community & Visitors Parents Admissions Work at UW Oshkosh Alumni Administration Career Services Faculty and Staff Resources Titan Services Current Students Calendars Contact Us About UW Oshkosh Media Relations Accessibility Academics Copyright 2013 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System Friday, November 15, 13 Mobile Site Log In 32
  33. 33. Friday, November 15, 13 33
  34. 34. Friday, November 15, 13 33
  35. 35. Friday, November 15, 13 33
  36. 36. Workflows at UWO Friday, November 15, 13 34
  37. 37. Forms & Workflows at UWO Social Work Kinesiology College of Nursing Information Technology student jobs USP Academic Amnesty Student Support Svcs LGBTQ scholarship HR personnel transaction form Office of Grants & Faculty Development Advising Mandated Reporting Environmental Studies College of Business intranet, internships, DM Theatre online SOS reports Art Faculty & Academic Staff Handbook Friday, November 15, 13 35
  38. 38. Office of Intl Education • Study Abroad workflow app • 5,100 objects processed since 2008 • 16 workflow states • savings: $25 per app + 0.5 FTE per year = 2.5 FTE = ~ $169,000 total savings • programs -> web site (program guides), brochures, and Study Away workflow Friday, November 15, 13 36
  39. 39. Friday, November 15, 13 37
  40. 40. Online Bulletins • undergradbulletins • certificate-and-degree-programs/ bulletins • $100,000 saved Friday, November 15, 13 38
  41. 41. Friday, November 15, 13 39
  42. 42. Office of Grants and Faculty Development • Faculty achievements forms and database -> Endeavors magazine & reports ( intranet/role-based-content/faculty/ achievements) • grant proposals & grant management ($100,000 saved) Friday, November 15, 13 40
  43. 43. Collaboration & Intranets “a place”: group spaces / folders with limited access searchability, discovery pinning group editing, live editing Friday, November 15, 13 41
  44. 44. Mobile Devices Responsive designs built into campus themes Friday, November 15, 13 42
  45. 45. Plone at Other Universities Friday, November 15, 13 43
  46. 46. Friday, November 15, 13 44
  47. 47. UCLA 60,000 students, faculty, and staff “We work closely with UCLA Marketing & Communications and the campus communities to insure compliance with UCLA branding, usability and accessibility standards.” “we selected Plone because there was an active Plone User Group on campus, other administrative websites using Plone (notably and, and Plone’s security (very few security patches).” “Since 2010, there’s only been 2 security patches released, our designers have been able to rapidly update Plone themes as the UCLA Branding, usability and accessibility guidelines are updated.” Friday, November 15, 13 45
  48. 48. Friday, November 15, 13 46
  49. 49. Friday, November 15, 13 47
  50. 50. Smeal & Liberal Arts @ PSU 160 sites “No PHP” - security “We are very happy with Plone and we are not planning to move off it anytime soon. We have a big investment in it, and there is nothing out there that is head and shoulders better that would justify a migration.” Friday, November 15, 13 48
  51. 51. Friday, November 15, 13 49
  52. 52. Louisville ~450 sites 1)      Plone is open source that is backed by a very active and helpful community – this allows us to customize the parts that we need to customize freely and also keeps the ongoing costs down to a minimum. 2)      Plone writes html code that is Section 508 compatible – this keeps us compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act with very little effort and satisfies our marketing departments charge to deliver a website usable by people with disabilities. 3)      Plone allows us to keep brand standards across a decentralized website – Our marketing folks work closely with us providing brand standards and site design documents that the technical team can implement and deliver to the University as a whole.  We can offer many different looks that all feel like UofL. 4)      Plone has an excellent security record – we have yet to have any unauthorized changes or successful hacking attempts of the website” “We have especially benefited from the recent maturations of the Plone project with the latest versions being easier to deploy, maintain, and program for than ever before.  Overall the satisfaction level here is good, especially from the technical team, and we’re proud to continue to be one of the largest Plone deployments in Higher Education.” Friday, November 15, 13 50
  53. 53. Cost Efficiency We went from 30 sites (2008) to 300 sites (2013) greater project complexity with FEWER dedicated staff than we started with Friday, November 15, 13 51
  54. 54. Challenges staffing: 2003 2008 2013 implications? Friday, November 15, 13 52
  55. 55. The Future: Integrated Web reusable, shared content: aggregated & redistributed news, events, pages, custom types portal for prospective students & parents, community, alumni, faculty, staff to create custom dashboards of their information interests from across our disparate sites Friday, November 15, 13 53
  56. 56. The Future, Today All this is possible today using Plone licensing cost: 0 transition time: 0 user, site owner/manager, developer, sysadmin retraining time: 0 site rebuilding time: 0 transition and retraining costs: 0 transition risks: 0 complexity increase: 0 Friday, November 15, 13 54
  57. 57. Plone 5 Richer UI, JavaScript Dexterity, Diazo, Deco “in the room” June 2014 Friday, November 15, 13 55
  58. 58. Community Leadership Plone conferences & symposia Plone Symposium Midwest 2013 & 2014 PloneEdu Plone Foundation Plone teams Friday, November 15, 13 56
  59. 59. Moving Forward With Plone, we continue to move forward, with a powerful yet customizable product that does far more than any competing CMS, has met and exceeded our campus' needs, and has broad integrator and community support and demonstrated long term viability. Friday, November 15, 13 57
  60. 60. Planning for the Future Official web enterprise support department (staffing & budget) Integrated Plone / Intranet / workflow provisioning, hosting, development, training, and support A managed, turnkey service Friday, November 15, 13 58