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Our Castle's Strength


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Castle CMS, an open source distribution of Plone with enhanced UI and integrated services for large scale sites.

Castle CMS is an enhanced distribution of Plone, released under GPL2, for large sites and security-conscious organizations.

Castle CMS is created and maintained by Wildcard Corp., provider of cybersecurity and open source web site solutions.

Find out about Castle CMS's content editing enhancements that make it easier to create and manage large amounts of content and its many integrated services for improved search, archiving, and collaboration.

Learn about Castle CMS's upcoming features and release roadmap, and how Castle CMS is in turn affecting the Plone roadmap.

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Our Castle's Strength

  1. 1. Our Castle’s Strength T. Kim Nguyen, Wildcard Corp.
  2. 2. –Macbeth, by William Shakespeare “…our castle's strength
 Will laugh a siege to scorn”
  3. 3. What is Castle CMS? • Plone + UI enhancements & backend services • For "secure, large-scale web sites” • Content creation, editing, and management is easier, more efficient
  4. 4. Security Enhancements • Login shield, 2 factor authentication • Activity audit log • Session log, session termination • Max login attempts, auto-deletion • Metadata scrubbing on files and images
  5. 5. Castle CMS vs Plone (UI) • Mosaic, with extra tiles • Diazo-like theming (but not Diazo): designs by page & section • No more default pages on folders • Slots & tiles, not portlets • Image, file, video repositories • Recycle bin
  6. 6. Other UI Enhancements • “View As” • Add dialog (add multiple items in-place) • Content quality check • More social media support • Lead images on everything • More Mosaic tile types • Image focal points
  7. 7. Demo
  8. 8. Castle CMS vs Plone (Backend Services) • Archiving to S3 (other services to come) • Email newsletter to users, groups, subscribers • Text messaging / SMS (Plivo) • Google Analytics -> Elastic search results • Site crawler • aXe-core accessibility compliance check • Etherpad, Rocket Chat
  9. 9. Castle CMS and the Plone Roadmap • Plone 5.3: blocks and tiles, slots from Castle CMS • Plone 5.4: other Castle CMS features (recycle bin; repositories for images/files/videos;  "Add" dialog box; built-in content quality check • Plone 6: Castle CMS site designs
  10. 10. Castle CMS Editions • Castle CMS "Community": GPL2, • Yes, Castle CMS Community is open source! • Castle CMS "Advantage": enhanced, privately available feature set for paying customers • Castle Cloud: turnkey hosted, managed solution ("all the bells and whistles"), US federal certification
  11. 11. Is Wildcard Corp. Evil?
  12. 12. Wildcard Corp. and Open Source • We have been contributing to Plone and other projects for 10+ years • We want to help continue growing Plone • Castle CMS Community is our way of giving back • Castle CMS Advantage and Castle Cloud revenue is reinvested as more development, design, training materials, and marketing
  13. 13. Castle CMS Community Features
  14. 14. Castle CMS Advantage Features
  15. 15. Castle CMS Roadmap
  16. 16. Join Us!
  17. 17. Wanted: • Your help with Castle CMS Community • • Development & reseller partners for Castle CMS Advantage, Castle Cloud • Help drive innovation in Castle CMS and Plone
  18. 18.