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Killer Workflow Apps! Get Rich Quick With an Intranet!


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by Nathan Van Gheem and T. Kim Nguyen -- Tools and ideas to make your intranet viable and relevant, bringing users back to it day after day... without flogging!

Published in: Technology
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Killer Workflow Apps! Get Rich Quick With an Intranet!

  1. 1. Killer Workflow Apps! Get Rich Quick With an Intranet! Nathan Van Gheem -- Wildcard Corp.T. Kim Nguyen -- U of Wisconsin Oshkosh,
  2. 2. What Well Cover● How is an Intranet different?● Features to drive repeat visits● What is a workflow application?● Example workflow apps● Workflow app design tools & demo
  3. 3. How is an Intranet Different?● Used for communication, collaboration● Content rich vs. glitz● Dynamic interaction to drive repeat visits● User customization ("portal")
  4. 4. Features to Drive Repeat Visits● Content is king ○ highlight new; ratings; suggestions● Intuitive navigation● Interactive, dynamic content● Forms● Workflow apps
  5. 5. ContentOrganized hierarchically, by org unit, eg.:● HR● Administrative Services (business office)● Facilities Management (work orders)● Library● Information Technology (support, policies, requests, projects)Work with small "curator" groups; training;meetings
  6. 6. Navigation● Make it the default home page for browsers● Quick links to commonly accessed info● Prominent search box● Have a dual navigation structure: ● by hierarchy/org units ● by role or job function ("lenses")
  7. 7. Dual Navigation HR Accounts Staff Students Library
  8. 8. Navigation by Role/Job Function● Faculty ○ Department chairs ○ Tenure-track ○ Adjunct Instructors● Staff ○ Administrative assistants ○ Classified staff● Students ○ Junior, senior, etc. ○ Student employees ○ Students living in residence
  9. 9. Interactive, Dynamic Content● discussion forum (integrated with email lists)● uwosh.meeting● jarn.xmpp.* collaborative editing and real time chat● "to do" checklists, issue/request trackers● email notification on changes● enable commenting● project / group work spaces● social (follow someone / group / keyword)
  10. 10. User Customization● flexibility for gaps in fixed navigation● pinning content● dashboard, group dashboards ○ need AJAX and more functionality from anz. dashboard, collective.idashboard, ftw.dashboard.* to get into Plone roadmap
  11. 11. FormsAt UW Oshkosh, online PloneFormGen formsaddress these issues:● forms are always current● there is one consistent way to fill them out● can prefill names, email addresses, LDAP directory data if login required
  12. 12. Workflow Applications"Online forms plus backend multi-statebusiness processes":● Save staff time, paper; accelerate business● Business process illumination private submit pending publish published
  13. 13. Some Workflow Applications● Office of International Education study abroad: saved half a staff persons time● College of Business internship program● Add/drop card● Personnel transaction form● Travel expense form
  14. 14. Workflow App Design Tools●● uwosh.northstar● PloneFormGen● uwosh.pfg.d2c● dexterity● collective.pfg.dexterity
  15. 15. The Plone Workflow Manager
  16. 16. Walkthrough● create workflow● create form● add save data to content adapter● apply workflow locally● create type● apply workflow through workflow manager
  17. 17. Create workflow
  18. 18. Create form
  19. 19. Apply local workflow policy
  20. 20. Create type
  21. 21. Assign workflow to type
  22. 22. Other related cases to think about...● Placeful content types with uwosh.pfg.d2c● allow any user to create pseudo content type● Dexterity is full-fledged available anywhere content types● fill dexterity content with ploneformgen submission● generate product from TTW design
  23. 23. Future Directions● more UI help for creating & adding a workflow policy "here" without having to bounce around Site Setup or ZMI● adding metadata & indexes to portal_catalog● workflow queue management: alerts, manual overrides, manager station
  24. 24. Killer Workflow Apps!Get Rich Quick With an Intranet!