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Dr.farooq shaikh eng. writing skills


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Dr.farooq shaikh eng. writing skills

  1. 1. 1. By beating the egg whites, the cake will be lighter.2. The student demonstrated considerable interestduring the term, however his exam performancewas disappointing.3. “ It is I.”4. Zain was delighted, when he found out that he hadbeen made a prefect.
  2. 2. 5. People, who are born on February 29, grow oldmore slowly than the rest of us.6. Her husband who was brought up in Londonspeaks with an English accent.7. The principal spoke to my brother and I.8. That group of teachers appear to be heading home.
  3. 3. Journey to the Centre of the EarthAround the World in Eighty DaysA Tale of Two CitiesThe Portrait of a LadyThe Adventures of Huckleberry FinnThe War of the WorldsOf Human Bondage
  4. 4. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManThe Return of the NativeThe Sun Also RisesLook Homeward, AngelAtlas ShruggedMiss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
  5. 5. the woman shriekedthe cat purredthe politician fellthe patients coughed
  6. 6. PTI supporters desirepeople needfactories requireMr. Khan defeatedvoters enduredTV channels announced
  7. 7. PTI supporters desirepeople needfactories requireMr. Khan defeatedvoters enduredTV channels announcedchangeemploymentelectricityMr. Bilourthe heatthe results
  8. 8. Mr. Sharif feelsMr. Zardari appearsMr. Omer seemsMr. Rahim Ali isthe new academic year will be
  9. 9. Mr. Sharif feelsMr. Zardari appearsMr. Omer seemsMr. Rahim Ali isthe new academic yearwill bewonderfuldisappointedsatisfieda conscientious teacherfull of interestingchallenges
  10. 10. the President of Pakistan sent theinjured politician a bouquet of rosesthe candidate called his opponent afool
  11. 11. In the spring of 2013, the PML and thePPP presented differing assessments ofthe country’s economic performance tothe perplexed public via colourful butunconvincing advertisements.
  12. 12. 1. More people should learn how to use computers.They will play an ever-larger part in our future.2. We could play at the park tomorrow if it doesn’train. We could play indoors if it does.3. Mohammed Ali Jinnah was Governor-General forjust over a year. He is our most admired leader.
  13. 13. 4. September 23 was Noor Jehan’s birthday. The radiostation played only the Melody Queen’s songs onthat day.5. They have been separated for two years. They havebeen meeting recently to try to reconcile.6. I visited an art gallery. Then I went to the cinema.7. That was not a practical solution. It was not anethical one.
  14. 14. The gas supply resumed, the fire began towarm up and the water started to boil.The kitchen was well equipped and thecook took pride in her work , but the familymembers usually ate little or asked for asimple soup.
  15. 15. afteralthoughbecausebeforeeven ifeven thoughifin order thatnow thatonceprovided thatrather thanthoughunlessuntilwhenwheneverwherewhereverwhetherwhile
  16. 16. Though I thought the script was appropriatefor the school’s annual production, theprincipal disagreed.Though the principal disagreed. I thoughtthe script was appropriate for the school’sannual production.
  17. 17. Where the old conference room used to be,a lecture theatre has been constructed.The old conference room used to be wherethe lecture theatre has been constructed.
  18. 18. When the Philosophy Society is set up, thestudents will be exposed to the developmentof human thought.When the students are exposed to thedevelopment of human thought , thePhilosophy Society will be set up.