Social Networks for Creatives - Some thoughts on Harnessing the Power of the Wired Network Generation


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Social networks, the ‘mega-public’, huge super-wired forces of virtual supporters ready, willing and able to be tapped to mutual advantage. An interactive discussion of views on how that evolution can and does work for us as individuals, as businesses, and collectively as a region.

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Social Networks for Creatives - Some thoughts on Harnessing the Power of the Wired Network Generation

  1. 1. harnessing the wired network generation
  2. 2. Breaking Silos what to do✌
  3. 3. private, closed, centric✌ closed collaborative spaces & forums centrally orchestrated
  4. 4. brand new thinking ✌ Virtual networks and disposable spaces /2009/07/thinking_monkey1.jpg
  5. 5. Breaking silos ✌
  6. 6. building social✌
  7. 7. Social Network Social Object SMS Trips Photos TV social objects ✌ URLs Events
  8. 8. social conversation ✌
  9. 9. social knowledge ✌ 022875/
  10. 10. social reputation ✌
  11. 11. Social Objects Social People Vinnie Collection BU S I NES S DEVE LOPM ENT Reasons for business planning individual business planning Know & describe your business idea Know your competitors Researching the market Funds agencies & services available for assistance Cash, profit & funding Legal partnerships, contracts Presentating your ideas to interested parties Presentation Skills Networking Skills BU S I NES S PLAN NING Business Plan Development Templates Risk Management & Contingencey Planning FI N A NCE Financial Projection s for a Business Plan VAT Company registration BU S I NES S PROCESSE S & PROC EDURES Business Handbook HR Management Invoices and Book Keeping (Templates and Best Practice models) Dealing with customers and customer contact system Time sheets for employees to keep track of the length of time it has taken to do a particular project or task, to help with scheduling in the future. PR O J ECT MANAGEM ENT virtual PRINCE2 Project management methodology Microsoft Project Management Software Resource management social local - portfolios ✌Real World A PPL ICATIONS Tender writing Grant applications splices BU S I NES S MANAGEM ENT Export Internationalisat ion Franchising & L E G AL Legal issues-IP, E-Commerce Contracts, NDAs Patent Office W E BS ITE DEV ELOPMENT Website development using Flash Content development using Flash In-World I N N OVATION Innovate for profit Innovation Thinking outside the box 2 D /3D CONTE NT DEVELOPME NT Game Design Game Design Document Templates Game Development Scheduling Composites Game engine Environment & Entities Texture Asset Formats Model Asset Formats Sound Asset Formats Game engine Architecture & Entity Structure Texture Asset Creation Scene Design Particle Systems Events & Entity Connections Materials Animations & Character Rigging 2D Game Development D E S I GN & PRINT Graohic Design templates/logos Brochures Promotional DVD's Show Reels
  12. 12. social benefit features ✌
  13. 13. vinnie Virtual incubator network Tim Kelley - Cross Border BIC [NORIBIC] Email Skype – noribic_tk_2005 Mobile – 083 3111 462 Office - 048 7126 4242 Twitter - @timspeak Blog -
  14. 14. an Invitation to you Regs, vinnie