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What fun to deliver this short workshop to consultants at International Decision Systems in Minneapolis!

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Okay, my first-ever excursion into the Wonderful World of Slideshare seems to have caused some cyber indigestion with respect to fonts and images. I have made some adjustments (including converting the file from what I used to create it on a MacBook to classic PowerPoint in Microsoft Office), but advice from more experienced Slideshare users is warmly welcome. :-P

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  1. 1. The Hand-Offgetting your expertise out ofyour head so that your clients can use it
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Find a partner
  4. 4. What is yourpet peevewhen trainingclients?Whatfrustrates youthe most?
  5. 5. What makesyour heartsing?Whatgratifies you themost?
  6. 6. deceptively simple concepts
  7. 7. Your brain is like a closet
  8. 8. Your brain is like a closetAnything can be summedup as The Two Things
  9. 9. Your brain is like a closet Anything can be summed up as The Two Things∧ Practice pays off powerfully
  10. 10. An expert brain looks like this: NOTE: This illustration comes straight from Julie Dirksen’s terrific book, Design for How People Learn. You can get your own copy at Amazon or at You can see her blog post on how your brain is like a closet here:
  11. 11. A novice brain looks like this:
  12. 12. ∧ Job #1: Provide some shelves warsTerri’s18c clothinghistory- technologygeekshelves governance Food/drink
  13. 13. Your turn: What sorts of “shelves”are in the brain of an IDS expert?
  14. 14. Think of the clients you work with. What sort of “shelves” do they need from you?
  15. 15. Your brain is like a closet = =
  16. 16. The Two Things
  17. 17. The Two Things about Economics1.Incentives matter1.There ain’t no free lunch
  18. 18. The Two Things about Marketing1. Know existing customers.2. Recruit more customers.
  19. 19. The Two Things about the Two Things1. People love to play the Two Things game, but they rarely agree about what the Two Things are. 
2. That goes double for anyone who works with computers.
  20. 20. “The Two Things” is a perfect fractalIt’s completely scalable
  21. 21. Your content 1 2 1 2 1 21 2 1 2 1 2 1 2
  22. 22. Partner timeagain!
  23. 23. • Select a specific topic you train clients on• Identify “the Two Things” for that content• Identify “the Two Things” for up to three levels down
  24. 24. Anything can be summed up as The Two Things
  25. 25. The “Two Things”make great “shelves” =
  26. 26. Pop quiz! If your house is burning down, do you want the fire fighters to a. describe the best methods of dousing a house fire b. put out the fire
  27. 27. In a workplace setting people learn stuff as ameans to an end
  28. 28. doWhat do they need to know?
  29. 29. New Member Orientation“I’ll read you this list of ways you can getinvolved in the chapter.” This is Larry, and these are his circumstances. Which participation opportunities would you recommend for him?
  30. 30. Mimic real-world decisions
  31. 31. Last partner activity
  32. 32. What “rehearsal opportunities”can you provide for your clients?
  33. 33. doWhat do they need to know?Let them practice
  34. 34. Your brain is like a closet Anything can be summed up as The Two Things∧ Practice pays off powerfully
  35. 35. Yes, you really can contact me with questions – and I’ll help!Terri@ConnectLearningDesign.com651-208-0926 @TerriChy