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Senior paper

  1. 1. Boltz 1Britney BoltzMs.TilleryBritish Literature14 October 2011 The Story of the Wedding Cake The art of cake decorating appears to have roots in Europe especially in the northwesternprovinces of Europe (The Forgotten Art of Cake Decorating).The wedding cake can also betraced as far back as the Roman Empire (History of the Wedding Cake). Although the weddingcake then is not what you would picture these days, the ceremony was the same. The groomwould eat some of the bread and break the remaining piece over the brides head (History of theWedding Cake). After this ritual, guests and relatives would eat the broken pieces, as it wasconsidered it to be a good omen (The History of the Wedding Cake and Cake Toppers).There are also tales of a custom involving stacking small sweet buns in a large pile in front ofthe newlyweds; the couple would then attempt to kiss over this pile, with success being a sign ofmany children in the couples future (History of the Wedding Cake). In the late 19th Century, thewedding cake became extreamley popular. The cakes were originally given the title "bridecakes" to emphasize that the focus point of the wedding was the bride (History of the WeddingCake). The early cakes were simple single-tiered cakes, usually a plum cake (History of theWedding Cake). There are many techniques used to decorate a cake. Cakes are decorated for two basicreasons: to increase the decorative appeal of the cake, as well as to complement or improve thetaste and texture of the cake (The Forgotten Art of Cake Decorating). Cake decorating is moreoften considered as a means of improving the visual appeal of the cake, and some master
  2. 2. Boltz 2decorators have elevated it to a high edible art. Cake decorating can do a lot to improve theappeal and impression of the cake. During the Victorian era, the idea of a white wedding becamemost prevalent symbolizing the innocence of childhood and purity of the heart (the weddingcake). Most cake decorating involves using icing or other kinds of decorative sugars, includingchocolates and candies, to decorate. However, cake decorating, can be as simple as icing a cakewith sugar, sprinkling it with decorative sprinkles, or adding a glossy sweet glaze to the cake(The Forgotten Art of Cake Decorating). All of these are basic examples of cake decoratingmethods. Cake decorating can also be much more complicated than that. There are manycommon motifs that are frequently found in the sugar art of cake decorating. Some of the mostcommon motifs in cake decorating include flowers made of icing; decorative icing borders,fondant, marzipan figures and flowers, molding gum paste decorative borders, and glazes (TheForgotten Art of Cake Decorating). Around late 17th century, the wedding cake came to be known as the brides pie or bridescake. The brides pie or cakes were made of sugary sweet breads. A glass ring was hidden inthese pies during the preparation. A belief then was that a lucky female at the wedding gatheringwould find the ring in the pie and would be the next one to wed. (The History of the WeddingCake and Cake Toppers).Another interesting tradition probably first witnessed in the 17thcentury was keeping a piece of cake under an unwed girls pillow in the night. These pieces alsowere then offered to the other female guests to be placed under their own pillows. By followingthis ritual, it was believed that they would dream of their prospective husband (The History ofthe Wedding Cake and Cake Toppers)
  3. 3. Boltz 3 Then just as important as the designs and the color of the cake is the wedding caketopper. The wedding cake toppers have been an ancient tradition followed in weddingceremonies. One account regarding its origin a century ago revolves around a bakers daughterwho was about to get married (The History of the Wedding Cake and Cake Toppers).The girlasked her father to create a symbol of the unflinching love between her and the groom, for theworld to see. After mulling over several ideas and carefully deliberating over each one of them,the father decided to make a unique creation with two fabulous figurines on top of it (TheHistory of the Wedding Cake and Cake Toppers). The figurines that the cake top featured wereobviously of his daughter and her groom-to-be. The baker had conceived the cake topper as theperfect symbol of their love and bonding (The History of the Wedding Cake and Cake Toppers).On the wedding day the daughter was moved by the sight of the cake that was made with loveand affection by her father. The daughter was indeed touched by the beautiful gift and thesentimental meaning behind it. For her it was the best gift, among the most unique weddingfavors, she could have received. The wedding ceremony desserts have gotten extremely popular and far wanted and so avariety of effort and time is given to make the cake not solely be tasty but also ensure that it’s thefinal expression of affection and devotion to the bride and bridegroom (Importance of WeddingCake Toppers).To this effect, it is rather essential that Wedding Cake Toppers must be veryparticular and will match completely with the special occasion (History of Wedding Cakes).Hence the design of the cake is claimed to be incomplete until the cake toppers are in place(What Exactly is EssentiallyWedding Toppers About And Importance of Wedding CakeToppers).). Probably the most commonly used and basic wedding ceremony cake toppers arethose which have the bride and groom figurine atop the cake. The topping thought has advanced
  4. 4. Boltz 4and changed over the years and in the present day’s trendy earn marriage ceremony cake toppersare normally found in crystal or in all-white porcelain (Importance of Wedding CakeToppers).Some believe in topping the cake with recent flowers whereas there may be one otherfaculty of thought which believes in monograms as wedding ceremony cake toppers (Importanceof Wedding Cake Toppers). There are a variety of prepared made monograms available that canbe utilized or if you are very particular you can have a custom made monogram which couldpossibly be used as an excellent wedding cake topper. There are lots of readymade monogramsaccessible that can be used or if you’re very particular you may have a custom made monogramwhich might be used as an outstanding wedding ceremony cake topper (Importance of WeddingCake Toppers). Today’s Bridezilla might be able to justify her towering concoction, because the mostfamous cakes become immortal (The Strange History of the Wedding Cake). For instance Piecesof Queen Victoria’s 167-year-old wedding cake are on display at Windsor Castle this year.. Alsoa slice of the 1871 wedding cake of her daughter, Princess Louise, was recently auctioned off atan antiques fair for $215. It was a scandalous wedding, because Louise married “a commoner,”but there was nothing common about the cake, which took three months to create. It waswrapped in parchment paper, the slice was stashed in a “cabinet of curiosity” for all these years.Its texture has been described as “firm” (The Strange History of the Wedding Cake). PrincessDiana’s five-foot tall cake, adorned with marzipan Windsor coats of arms, was so vital to theroyal union that two copies were made, the extra serving as a stunt double in case of accidents(The Strange History of the Wedding Cake). In 1947, when Queen Elizabeth II wed PrincePhilip, the cake weighed 500 pounds. (The Strange History of the Wedding Cake).
  5. 5. Boltz 5 In the end there are six questions to be asked before making your wedding cake. the firstis what is the budget? Followed by when is the wedding? How many guests are coming? Howformal is the wedding? What flavors are essential? And finally what is the style or mood of thewedding? (wedding cakes you can make). The care you take with decisions regarding otheraspects of your weeding, such as wedding stationery, should also be reflected with the samefinesse and touch of class in the selection of your wedding cake as well (History Of WeddingCakes).
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  7. 7. Boltz 7toppers-in-wedding-ceremony-operate/>. Wilson, Dede. “dreaming and planning yourcake.” Wedding cakes you can make. Hoboken: Wiley publishing, 2005. 3-5. Print