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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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  1. 1. Dnsdhcpftpnisnfssquidsambasshsslsnmppostfixsendmailqmailtcp/ipcvssubversionclusteringgitmercurialmemcachehadoopsaslkerberosnetwork securityselinuxpamgpgcupstcp wrapperopen vpnsystem monitoring performance tuningiptablessyslogaclbackup and restore
  2. 2. firewalllamp administrationjboss administartionredhat network satellite sserverkernel compilationvncdirectory servers: openldap redhat directory servers fedora directory servers ads*databases: mysql (mysql high availability) postgresql oracle ms sql*programming: shell scripting python c ruby regular expressions sed awkframework: djangowebservers: apache tomcat iis*
  3. 3. vitualisation: xen redhat enterprise vitual manager vmware esx server qemutools: tripwire ntop cfengine bugzilla mantis wireshark webmin openvas snort cacti bigbrother chef puppet mrtg tcpdump nagios zenoss linux kernel crash dumptesting: seleniumweb: html css xml jquery
  4. 4. javascript