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Visual Resume - Tammy Knoll-Anderson, MS, ITIL

This is my visual resume. I'm playing with other presentation approaches, but really love how this changes things. I never thought the linear style of packing a page with buzz words and key phrases ever really made sense anyway! Hope you like what you see.

Most days I work from home for B Wyze Solutions:
- Designing, building, and quality checking SH!FT online training courses,
- Editing marketing communications, or
- Assessing the quality of either recorded calls or online proctored exam sessions.

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Visual Resume - Tammy Knoll-Anderson, MS, ITIL

  1. 1. TAMMY KNOLL-ANDERSONHome: 813-929-3337 Cell: 813-385-6352 Email: tkanderson2000@yahoo.comLinkedIn Profile: SUMMARYOver ten years call center experience with Arthur Andersen and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Range of supportdelivery experience includes responding to incoming calls, quality customer relationship management, writingSLAs/SOPs/ IT communications/support documentation, supervising HR call center staff, and establishing/enhancing HR call center processes. Broad operational knowledge of the call center environment includingsupporting internal initiatives, developing interdepartmental relationships, and coaching towards improved agentperformance.EXPERIENCEB WYZE SOLUTIONS – B VIRTUAL INC., Suwanee, GA 2010-PresentIndependent Contractor Instructional Designer/Quality Assurance Manage Thought Rock, MindMuze and B Virtual marketing communications. Designed and executed current call and online proctoring quality assurance programs. Defined and documented eLearning course development processes/procedures so we can deliver the best possibleservices and products to meet our customers needs and exceed their expectations. Built and published multiple eLearning training courses for both internal as well as external/client use. Edited clientcertification training materials for instructor-lead manuals, virtual presentations and eLearning courses. Managed a voice of the customer (VOC) project speaking directly with 2010 B Wyze Solutions clients about theirexperiences. Delivered a summary report used by B Wyze Solutions leadership for 2011 strategic planning.PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS LLP, Tampa, FL 2002-2010Manager of Analytics HR Shared Services Center Reporting 2009-2010Managed a departmental continuous improvement project to standardize reporting across four functional units/21teams related to the goals: Efficiency, Quality, Cost, and People: Compiled efficiency metrics around quantity of work effort and speed of completion. Captured current quality control metrics and consulted on best practices for creating a quality assessment program. Gathered department spending indicators related to budget: cost per capita, hours over capacity, etc. Collected data about the fitness of our department related to people concerns such as OT, vacation, training, etc.Tour of Duty with HR SSC Process DocumentationDocumented Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for all departmental services offered across four functional units.Developed a template, consulted with managers to set appropriate measures/goals, and completed the editorial review. Reviewed, revised and published 100 departmental procedure documents. Collaborated with the HR SSC Process Documentation manager to regularly deliver a departmental newsletter.Tour of Duty with HR SSC Domestic DeploymentTier 2 Domestic Deployment process and system support including deployment system (Retain) SME and call centertraining, knowledge management, procedural/service level documentation and support team reporting package.Manager of Analytics HR SSC Call Center 2007-2009Established call center performance metrics and reporting protocols for the advisor performance scorecard andexecutive dashboard by determining important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in support of our businessmodel, setting goals for these indicators, and measuring performance according to those targets. Analyzed reports to identify specific performance driver to impact lasting process improvement, maintainenhanced processes, and monitor future performance on KPIs. Examples include:Revised call phone tree structure to consolidate routing paths, parallel with reporting categories, andreduce/eliminate volume where the call center added no value to the customer.Partnered with call center operational manager related to topics including employee retention and customersatisfaction, call center training, quality assessments, emergency management, etc.
  2. 2. Most days I work from home for B Wyze Solutions: Designing, building, and quality checking SH!FT online training courses, Editing marketing communications, or Assessing the quality of either recorded calls or online proctored examsessions
  3. 3. For these companies . . .
  4. 4. Using these tools . . .
  5. 5. When I’m not designing, I’m doing this . . .. . . and this.
  6. 6. To inspire performanceexcellence and leave alegacy of enhancedprocesses wherever I go.MY MISSION
  7. 7. I’ve done all thesethings many times overmany years. . .CORECOMPETENCIESContinuousProcessImprovementReport DesignCoachingKnowledgeManage-mentCall QualityAssessmentInstructionalDesignWriting
  8. 8. STEPS TO PROFESSIONAL MATURITYTheTeacherTheLearnerTheCoachTheReporterTheDesigner19961998200420072010The WriterTHIS IS HOW I GREW . . .
  9. 9. 1996The Teacher
  10. 10. In school, I studied English, then Education,then Multicultural/ Multilingual Education.Florida State University
  11. 11. After graduation, I developed curriculumand taught English to foreign students, butthe schools I worked for kept going out ofbusiness.Yazagi NWLII had to find something else to do.
  12. 12. W A X O N . . . . W A X O F F1998 THE LEARNER
  13. 13. I started climbing the ladder ofmy call center career supportingA+ Tax software during taxseason.My new supervisor handed mean IRS pub 17 then set me upwith a phone to field calls andpark tickets in the queue.My first call center lesson was how to use the pick-and-park strategy of clearing incoming calls off the board.
  14. 14. I learned fast andwas promoted toa KnowledgeManagementposition.Tax season was TOUGH, but fortunately, I did wellenough to get hired on the Andersen service deskafter it was over.As a Knowledge Manager, I wrote supportdocumentation including knowledge articles, SOPs,training manuals, and instructional guides.
  15. 15. THE PWC YEARS: 2002 – 2010When Arthur Andersen went out ofbusiness, I was fortunate to beimmediately hired on with PwC.With my new team I wrote ITcommunication alerts, advisories andannouncements.I also compiled our communicationsteam writing standards guide andmanaged the IT best practicedocumentation database.Then, I took calls from PwC auditors fora little while.
  16. 16. 2004The Coach“There’s no crying in baseball!”
  17. 17. I became a coach first by assessing the quality ofrecorded calls for the IT service desk.My teammate and I designed and built the programfrom the ground up including the form, scoring,ratings, assessment standards, calibrations, reporting,evaluations, training and individual staff coachingsessions.I LOVED this work, but after a fewyears I needed a new challenge. Idecided I was ready to expand thiscoaching experience to peoplemanagement.This call may be recorded . . .. . . For quality and trainingpurposes
  18. 18. So, I became a supervisor the HRSSC call centerdoing all the things team leads do to assist theirmanager and coach staff to their highestperformance potential . . . for about a year.. . . . Then I was promoted again.
  19. 19. As a new manager, I managed call center systems, processes and reporting. I was stillcoaching though since our operational manager was brand new to the call centerenvironment. A perfect partnership!I LOVED delivering performance reports like this example to help leadership make thebest possible decisions about call center strategic direction.
  20. 20. It looked like this . . .This meant examining all inputs/outputs for eachteam’s systems and processes to report anaccurate account of efficiency, people, costand quality.After creating a set of reportinganalytics for the HR call center, Imoved to the HRSSC Reporting team.In this role, I partnered with anotherreporting manager to create a similarreport for EVERY HRSSC departmentteam.
  21. 21. Once that project was completed, thereports were automated and handedover to the reporting team and I startedwriting again; this time for the HRSSCProcess Documentation team.I managed a projectto document SLAs forevery HRSSC teamand helped build theSOP documentationdatabase.
  22. 22. A N A L Y S I S > D E S I G N > D E V E L O P M E N T > I M P L E M E N T A T I O N > E V A L U A T I O N2010 THE DESIGNER
  23. 23. I love the creative aspect ofdesigning curriculum andbuilding screens in SH!FT. I’mable to use my academics andexperience as an educatorwith this role.INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR– B WYZE SOLUTIONSI was able to draw on my callquality assessment experienceto design, create and executethe entirely novel onlineproctored exam session qualityassessment program.Writing, editing, proofreadingand creating the visualpresentation of marketingcommunications keeps meengaged as a writer.
  24. 24. I’ve kept up with my DISC profile for most of my career. It’s changedsomewhat, but what remains steady is that I am a solid Di. I appreciate thatthis system helps me understand a better approach for interacting with folkswhose styles are different from mine.DiSC - INSPIRATIONAL PROFILE
  25. 25. I’m Best At:1. Seeing the big picture2. Identifying skill and experience gaps and inspiring improved performance3. Strategic and analytical thinking4. Ambiguity tolerance5. Tearing processes apart, fixing them, and putting them back together6. Staying cool in a fast-paced, noisy, stressful environment7. Interacting with tons of people throughout the day
  26. 26. But don’t take my word for it. . .What people who know me thinkare my skills and expertise.
  27. 27. But don’t take my word for it. . . I have had the pleasure of working with Tammy onthe design and build of an e-learning project for amajor client. Tammy was excellent throughoutevery stage. She worked tirelessly to ensure thateverything was done as promised and addedgreatly to the project by recommendingapproaches that enhanced the overall learningeffectiveness of the program. Tammy isknowledgeable, patient and personable - just whoI needed to help guide me through the challengesof this project. I look forward to working withTammy on future projects and wouldenthusiastically recommend her work to others.Jim Baston, BBA Consulting Group, Inc.Management Consultant, Mindmuze ClientTammy was a great asset to our operations team. She wrote,edited and updated instructional manuals and eLearningcoursework. She was instrumental in building both thetechnical and live online proctoring call quality programs fromthe ground up including developing the form, establishingratings and scoring, documenting standards, training theagents, executing assessments, leading calibration meetings,and reporting results to agents and leadership. Tammy’sattention to detail is unmatched. She has a passion for ServiceExcellence that is demonstrated with every assignment.Wanda Cherry, B Virtual Program ManagerTammys qualities of conscientious dedication,customer service and continuous improvementwould be a valuable asset in any workplace. Myexperience in observing her performance was thatshe developed strong skills quickly, sharedknowledge willingly and constantly strove toimprove. Tammy clearly feels a moral obligation togive an employer more than just going through themotions, and performs her tasks in a cheerful andopen manner that builds trust and conveys honestappreciation for the others in her work group. Sotalk to Tammy if youre looking for qualities like that,but if youre looking for the typical mediocreemployee that needs constant supervision to barelyget the job done, then talk to someone else.Rob McFarlin, PwC Communications SeniorManagerTammy was a direct report at ArthurAndersen and valuable member of ourGlobal Customer Support organization. She isenthusiastic and conscientious about hercareer. Tammy has broad experience incustomer service, training, knowledgemanagement, report analysis, etc. Shedemonstrates a positive, "can do" attitudewith an eagerness to succeed.Denise Cooper, PwC HRSSC Senior Manager
  28. 28. By providing Melina and me with reference materials from the Help Desk Institute (HDI) including 2008 meetingproceedings, recorded transcripts & website access via your account, you gave us a solid foundation on theimportance of a Service Catalog and corresponding components/considerations.You coached us on key components of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the most widelyaccepted approach to IT service management and helped us recognize which elements could be used tosatisfy our HR needs. This foundation provided Melina with the confidence necessary to meet with all the teamswithin the HR SSC to begin documenting the services they deliver.I cannot count the many evenings you stayed to answer our questions and help us refine our Service LevelAgreement template. You patiently explained how Service Manager could be utilized by the teams to quantifymeasurable services and helped our team map out and implement a new product and support matrix for HRKnowledgeSource so that we might test the waters and be advocates for the rest of the department . . .walk thetalk if you will.During your work on the HR SSCs dashboard project, you continued to identify ways in which ProcessDocumentation and Reporting could collaborate and help the teams recognize the relationship between theirdashboards and the measures they were asked to capture in their SLAs. You supported bringing representativesfrom our teams plus Strategic Transformation and the Call Center to the table to discuss how we could workmore collaboratively on our individual projects to minimize stress to the teams yet demonstrate progress towardour individual deliverables.You enthusiastically reviewed our templates and challenged us to think critically, consistently asking ourselvesand the teams if the services we were documenting could be measured. Youve established yourself as avaluable resource for the entire team as well as a trusted coach whom the team could engage for guidance inmy absence.Were thrilled that the HR SSC leaders have placed you on assignment with Process Documentation to helpfinalize the first round of Service Level Agreement. It is fitting that you receive credit for your outstandingcontributions to this important project -- not just at the end, but throughout its lifecycle.Carla Anzalone, PwC Process and Documentation Team ManagerBut don’t take my word for it. . .
  29. 29. Tammy was fully engaged as a stakeholder on the Service Manager 7 project.She attended most meetings including stakeholder updates, design reviews andtraining updates over the course of the year. Tammys active participation onbehalf of the HR Call Center was especially important for meetings on ServiceDesk, Knowledge Management (KM) and Employee Self Service (ESS) systemcomponents.These meetings, particularly requirements gathering and design review sessionscan be difficult to follow, but Tammy remained attentive and activelycontributed feedback, ideas, concerns, suggestions, etc. Tammy leveraged herexperience in both the HR and IT call centers to translate or compare processesin the data administration/field mapping sessions.Tammy owned the Service Manager 7 training process for the entire HRSSC backoffice (~100 staff) including attending and coordinating training for all HRSSCSM7 trainers, providing training materials, and co-leading every session. Tammyalso helped to coordinate QA testers. In both instances Tammys assistancesaved the core project team time and let us focus on other areas of concern.Jeff Walters, PwC Senior Project Manager (Service Manager 7)But don’t take my word for it. . .
  30. 30. WANT TO MEET ME?Reach out with: A call A text Inbox onLinkedIn An email Snail mailUse whateveryour preferredcommunicationchannel is to letme know I’m thefit for you!