2012 sample report 50-55 year old house


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Recent Inspection of a 50-55 year old house in Nassau County, NY.

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2012 sample report 50-55 year old house

  1. 1. Mr. and Mrs. Homebuyer72 Second St.XXXXXX, NY 11XXX516-XXX-XXXXvXXXXXX@aol.comInspection Site: 2 XXXXXX, XXX XXXX, NY 11XXInspection Date: May 6, 2012Congratulations! You are considering the purchase of a new home!Thank you for selecting Long Island Home Inspection Consultants to performyour building inspection for you.We invite you to visit our website www.longislandinspection.com. Our website is packedwith great information about the various components that make up a house or building.If you attended the inspection, our inspector has already provided you with averbal report and discussion of his findings. The following report is designed tohighlight significant defects uncovered during the inspection and providesmaintenance suggestions to protect and prolong the life of the area discussed.The inspection has been performed in accordance with The State of New York standards ofpractice. It is intended only as a general guide to help the client make his or her ownevaluation of the overall condition of the home and is not intended to reflect the value ofthe premises, nor make any representation as to the advisability of purchase. The reportexpresses the personal opinions of the experienced inspector, based upon his visual«Last» 1
  2. 2. impressions of the conditions that existed at the time of inspection only. The inspection and report are not intended to be technically exhaustive or to imply that every component was inspected or that every possible defect was discovered. No disassembly of equipment, opening of walls, moving of furniture, appliances or stored items, or excavation is performed. All components and conditions, which by nature of their location are concealed, camouflaged or difficult to inspect are excluded from the report. We can provide an excellent overview of the property, but will not find every defect; or uncover every possible risk, whether visible or not. The inspection report should not be construed as a compliance inspection of any governmental or non-governmental codes or regulations. The report is not intended to be a warranty or guarantee of the present or future adequacy or performance of the structure (we can not predict the future), its systems or their component parts. This report does not constitute any expressed or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for use regarding the condition of the property and it should not be relied upon as such. Any opinions regarding adequacy, capacity or expected life of components are general estimates based on information about similar components and occasional wide variations are to be expected between such estimates and actual experience We certify that our inspectors have no interest, present or contemplated, in this property or its improvements. To the best of our knowledge and belief, all statements and information in insulation, internal or underground drainage or plumbing, any systems which are shut down or otherwise secured; water wells (water quality and quantity) zoning ordinances; intercoms; security systems; heat sensors; cosmetics or building code conformity. Any general comments regarding these systems and conditions are informational only and do not represent an inspection, however we can provide professional testing for radon, asbestos, water quality, mold testing, electromagnetic fields, and urea formaldehyde at the client’s request for additional fees. this report are true and correct. TABLE OF CONTENTSCONGRATULATIONS! Welcome.................................................................................. 1-2 TABLE OF CONTENTS.....................................................................3 OFFICE USE ONLY: PAID BILL............................................................4«Last» 2
  3. 3. EXTERIOR...................................................................................6-9TERMITE REPORT..........................................................................10INTERIOR Structure and Foundation.............................................................11 Attic or Crawl Spaces..................................................................12 Plumbing/Heating/Electrical Systems..............................................13-17 Rooms....................................................................................18-19GENERAL NOTES...........................................................................20-21SUMMARY...................................................................................22 Terence Kursawe Licensed New York State Home Inspector Long Island Home Inspection Consultants 536 Bedford Ave., Bellmore NY 11710 New York State License #16000005820 NYSDEC Termite Certification #C1811196 American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI #: 202339 1-800-553-1843 Direct Line: 516-880-5103 tkinspect@netzero.net www.longislandinspection.com www.longislandinspection.net«Last» 3
  4. 4. Mr. and Mrs. Homebuyer72 Second St.XXXXXX, NY 11XXX516-XXX-XXXXvXXXXXX@aol.comInspection Site: 2 XXXXXX, XXX XXXX, NY 11XXInspection Date: May 6, 2012Inspection Fee: $xxx.00Total AmountPaid: $xxx.00 THANK YOU!cc:«Last» 4
  5. 5. cc:«Last» 5
  6. 6. EXTERIOR ITEM MATERIAL RECOMMENDATIONS1. Street Sidewalk N/A Not Applicable A corner of the driveway has settled.2. Driveway Blacktop See Comment 10 Serviceable. Showing signs of normal wear and tear. Able to perform its3. Front Walkway Slate intended function. Serviceable. Showing signs of normal wear and tear. Able to perform its4. Front Stoop Slate intended function.5. Entry Doors Wood/Metal The exterior doors are old. Replace existing doors with insulated solid wood or metal doors and frames. Install dead bolt locks for security. Balcony railings are damaged/rotted and are not safe. Replacement6. Railings Caution needed. There are several cracks near the base of the chimney, this may indicate problems with the footing. Contact a licensed and qualified mason to review/repair/replace as needed.7. Chimney Brick8. Roof Asphalt Shingles The roof covering is a single layer 3-tab, fiberglass/asphalt composite shingle. Evidence of repair/prior leakage observed. Shingles are worn, several are missing. Roof requires replacement. Contact a licensed and qualified roofing contractor to review /replace roof.«Last» 6
  7. 7. EXTERIOR ITEM MATERIAL RECOMMENDATIONS The joint between the garage roof and house is not properly flashed. This has9. Flashing Metal caused cedar siding to rot, and there is evidence of water entry into the adjacent rear bedroom. Clean all gutters and leaders to prevent backup. Proper management of gutter/leader system is important for preventing soil erosion and possible damage to foundation/structure as well as for helping to keep the basement/crawl area dry. Mis directed downspouts may be10. Gutters/Leaders Aluminum responsible for conditions observed: settled driveway, cracked/settled garage floor, foundation cracks, basement water entry. At least twice a year gutters, leaders, and downspouts should be cleaned and checked for proper alignment and connection.11. Exterior Walls Wood Frame See Comment 39 regarding insulation. Many of the exterior cedar shingles are loose, missing and warped. This12. Siding Cedar Shingles indicates that the siding is at the end of its service life. Replacement needed. There is a crack in the exterior right13. Masonry Concrete side foundation wall. See Comment 3614. Trim Wood/Aluminum Replace various rotted wood trim/ damaged aluminum trim around exterior of structure.15. Paint Water base Exterior paint is worn. Professional painting is needed. Maintain caulking around all windows and window frames. Scrape off16. Caulk Silicone/Latex old caulking where needed. Use silicone caulk, which has long life expectancy. As viewed from the exterior, windows appeared in satisfactory17. Storms / Screens Single Pane condition.18. Sidewalk N/A Not Applicable19. Side Stoop N/A Not Applicable Install covered galvanized window wells at basement windows, where20. Window Wells None Present none presently exist. This prevent water from entering the basement through these windows.21. Rear Walkway Concrete Rear walkway is cracked and requires repair.22. Rear Steps Concrete Serviceable. Showing signs of normal wear and tear. Able to perform its intended function.23. Deck N/A Not Applicable «Last» 7
  8. 8. EXTERIOR ITEM MATERIAL RECOMMENDATIONS Periodically pitch soil away from foundation slab to aid in positive24. Grading Level drainage. Soil should be pitched at a minimum of 15 degrees away to help prevent seepage into crawl area.25. Landscape Shrubs/Trees Trim/remove shrubs and trees away from house as a preventative maintenance.26. Patio Slate Relevel uneven rear patio.27. Pool N/A Not Applicable28. Fences Wood Replace worn fencing/gates.29. Retaining Walls N/A Not Applicable30. Access Buildings N/A Not Applicable31. Bulkhead N/A Not Applicable32. Garage 2 Car-Attached «Last» 8
  9. 9. EXTERIOR ITEM MATERIAL RECOMMENDATIONS The first two photos show that the worn garage roof is leaking. Third photo is termite mud tubes on the wall between the garage and house. The last photo shows a roof balcony post which appears to be damaged by water as well as termites. It was also observed that the floor slab has cracked and settled, the overhead doors are rotting, and a mold-like substance is present on walls/ceiling. Strongly suggest removal of all finished materials in order to thoroughly inspect condition of foundation, supports, framing, roof structure, etc. A thorough termite inspection should be conducted as well.«Last» 9
  10. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Homebuyer72 Second St.XXXXXX, NY 11XXX516-XXX-XXXXvXXXXXX@aol.comInspection Site: 2 XXXXXX, XXX XXXX, NY 11XXInspection Date: May 6, 2012 TERMITE INSPECTION REPORTTermite damage observed to rear sill, box beam, several floor joists and sub floor beneath theden entry. See also comment 32. It could not be determined if drill holes in foundation werefrom a termite treatment. If dwelling has been treated, obtain warrantee from seller. If not,treatment is needed. Due to the slab construction and/or finished nature of this dwelling,framing was not visible for inspection. It should be noted that slab-on-grade construction isparticularly prone to insect infestation. Strongly recommend entering into a service contractwith a licensed and qualified pest control company for periodic inspections.Long Island Home Inspection Consultants____________________________Terence KursaweT1811196«Last» 10
  11. 11. INTERIOR STRUCTURE AND FOUNDATION ITEMS DESCRIPTION RECOMMENDATIONS33. Termites Evidence See Termite Report. Contact a qualified pest control company regarding carpenter ants33A. Other Pests Evidence observed on exterior perimeter. Treat in accordance with E.PA. and D.E.C. guidelines.34. Dry Rot N/A Not Applicable35. Water Entry Evidence Evidence of water entry at bricked up rear basement window, form ties, and several foundation cracks. Water staining on carpet as well. See Comment 10, contact a professional waterproofing company for further evaluation.36. Foundation Poured Concrete Several cracks and other defects to foundation were observed. Numerous interior repairs have been made, however excavation work is required to properly repair cracks and waterproof the foundation from the exterior. This will be costly.37. Girders Wood No major defects were observed.38. Columns Steel Support columns are rusting and may need future replacement.38A. Miscellaneous N/A Not Applicable «Last» 11
  12. 12. INTERIOR ATTIC OR CRAWL SPACES ITEMS DESCRIPTION RECOMMENDATIONS39. Insulation Cellulose Blown cellulose insulation can be a fire hazard if it was not properly treated prior to installation. This insulation was tested and was able to sustain a flame. This indicates a fire hazard, the cellulose insulation in this dwelling should be removed. It should be noted that this insulation can also be an allergen to sensitive individuals.40. Floor None Present Install plywood flooring in upper attic area for safety and light storage.41. Ventilation Gable Fan The whole house fan requires a protective shroud for safety, however, use of this fan would seriously disturb the cellulose insulation. Also, since insulation has been blown into the soffit areas (eves) the attic is no longer properly ventilated. This may raise cooling costs, and reduce the lifespan of the roofing shingles.42. Water Leaks Evidence See Comments 8 and 9.43. Access Hatch Serviceable. Showing signs of normal wear and tear. Able to perform its intended function.43A. Electric Light Present Performing intended function. No visible defects.43B. Storage N/A Not Applicable43C. Misc. N/A Not Applicable
  13. 13. INTERIOR PLUMBING / HEATING / ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS ITEMS DESCRIPTION RECOMMENDATIONS Recommend clearing all drain lines upon occupancy. Use PVC44. Fixtures See Remark compatible cleaner, follow manufacturer instructions. The plumbing fixture is in serviceable/operable condition. No leaks A. Kitchen observed. B. Main Level Bathroom The plumbing fixtures are in serviceable/operable condition. C. Upstairs Bathrooms The plumbing fixtures are in serviceable/operable condition.49A. Drain Lines Galvanized/PVC No leaks were observed. No defects were observed. Waste/drain piping in this house is original. They could be prone to clogging and restricted flow because of internal corrosion. Future repair or replacement may be required. Due to the slab construction and/or finished nature of this dwelling, waste piping was not visible49B. Waste Lines Cast Iron/PVC for inspection, however periodic maintenance can be anticipated. No representations can be made as to the condition of this waste piping. No leaks or blockage was observed. Consider a having video scope inspection of waste line done by a licensed/qualified plumber, as waste/septic/sewer lines are costly to replace. Wherever possible, insulate exposed cold water piping to eliminate50 Supply Piping Copper condensation and hot water pipes to conserve energy. No leaks/defects were observed.51 Plumbing Valves Brass Label plumbing valves for identification purposes.52 Water Supply Municipal The municipal water shut-off is located in the basement. The water heater was operational at time of inspection. Generally water heaters do not require replacement Kenmore unless they leak. Periodic monitoring is advised. The average lifespan of a53 Water Heater Gas water heater under normal conditions 50 Gallon is between 5 and 10 years. It is possible that this unit may require replacement at any time, as it is beyond its statistical life span.
  14. 14. INTERIOR PLUMBING / HEATING / ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS ITEMS DESCRIPTION RECOMMENDATIONS The boiler is a converted coal boiler and likely the original heating system for the building. Although the system was operational during the time of inspection, due to its age, future replacement can be anticipated. Also, Sunray since asbestos was commonly used in54 Heating System Steam Boiler the construction of boilers of this type, it is possible that this unit may 1 Zone contain asbestos as an ingredient of the cement sealer or insulation lining. Positive determination can only be made through laboratory analysis. Remediation by a qualified asbestos company may be required. If performed, this work may be expensive. Replacement prior to, or upon occupancy is advised. It appears that the fuel oil storage tank in the crawl space may be leaking. Some of the surrounding soil55 Burner Oil has a strong odor of fuel oil and may be contaminated. Professional clean up is needed. Contact a licensed and qualified environmental remediation company for evaluation.56 Humidifier N/A Not Applicable Wherever possible, insulate heat pipes to reduce heat loss and improve57 Heat Pipes Copper/Iron overall efficiency of system. No leaks/defects were observed. Have ducts professionally cleaned upon occupancy and at lease once a58 Cooling Ducts Supply and Return year. Change the filter every 30 to 60 days of the cooling season to provide clean air and to extend lifespan of cooling equipment. Heat was present at all radiators when tested. Surface temperatures of steam radiators can reach levels high enough to present a risk of burn59 Heat Radiation Radiators injury. It is recommended to install protective gratings around exposed radiators. Steam radiators can sometimes develop leaks and should be checked periodically for the same.
  15. 15. INTERIOR PLUMBING / HEATING / ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS ITEMS DESCRIPTION RECOMMENDATIONS The electric panel is located in the garage. Panel is overloaded, there are more circuits than allowed by the manufacturer schematic. There is evidence of arcing in the panel at the main breaker. This is unsafe. Contact a qualified licensed 100 Amp electrician to review and repair as needed.60 Electric Service 120/240 Volts We recommend upgrading existing electrical service to a 200 Amp, 120/240 Volt service with a single circuit breaker box. Distribute electrical load in dwelling as required to meet modern electric needs. This may require some wiring alterations. The electric cable is much too close to the balcony entry and railing. This is a potential electrocution hazard, which requires correction. Contact a qualified licensed electrician to review and repair as needed.
  16. 16. INTERIOR PLUMBING / HEATING / ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS ITEMS DESCRIPTION RECOMMENDATIONS Install GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) circuits in kitchen, bathroom, Copper/BX/Romex laundry and exterior locations for safety. Test all GFI outlets on a61 Electric Wiring monthly basis, replace any which fail. Label all circuit breakers for Circuit Breakers added safety. A random check of electrical outlets did not reveal any deficiency. The average life expectancy for an air conditioning compressor under normal conditions is 8 to 12 years. It is possible that this unit may require replacement within 5 years. Check with owner for Trane documentation on the installation date of A/C compressor.62 Central Air 5 Ton The primary and secondary condensate lines have been tied together. It 2 Zones is recommended that they be separated so that in the event of a clog in the primary line, condensate drainage may still occur. Otherwise, condensate will back-up and may cause damage to equipment and/or leak through to living space below attic. Secondary drain line should terminate at an exterior point overhanging gutter in a location that can be readily observable, thereby providing notice that the system needs to be serviced. System was operational during the inspection.
  17. 17. INTERIOR PLUMBING / HEATING / ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS ITEMS DESCRIPTION RECOMMENDATIONS63. A/C Units N/A Not Applicable Upon occupancy have fireplace cleaned/serviced prior to use, and on63A. Fireplace Wood Burning an annual basis there after. Have flue damper adjusted/repaired for proper drafting.
  18. 18. INTERIOR ROOMS ITEMS RECOMMENDATIONS See previous comments regarding systems and components located in basement area. Strongly suggest removal of all finished materials from basement area in order to64. Basement thoroughly inspect condition of foundation, supports, framing as well as plumbing, heating and electrical distribution. A thorough termite inspection should be conducted as well.65. Kitchen Room was carefully checked, no problems were observed.66. Pantry Evidence of (garage) roof leakage, and the doorframe is no longer plumb. See Comment 32.67. Dining Room Room was carefully checked, no problems were observed.68. Living Room Room was carefully checked, no problems were observed.69. Den Room was carefully checked, no problems were observed.70. Half Bathroom Install a GFCI electrical outlet as required by most electrical codes for safety. Evidence of water entry from balcony, and several wall cracks present. See Comment71. Rear Left Bedroom 32.72. Front Left Bedroom Uneven floor, See Comment 32.73. Front Bedroom Room was carefully checked, no problems were observed.74. Master Bedroom Room was carefully checked, no problems were observed. Some of the grout between the ceramic tiles is loose or missing. This can allow water to penetrate and damage the structure behind the tile. Remove all loose grout and re-75. Master Bathroom grout as needed. Install a GFCI electrical outlet as required by most electrical codes for safety. Install electronic exhaust fan vented to exterior to remove excessive moisture.
  19. 19. INTERIOR ROOMS ITEMS RECOMMENDATIONS76. Full Bathroom Room was carefully checked, no problems were observed.
  20. 20. GENERAL NOTES• As this inspection was conducted during daylight hours, the effectiveness of exterior lighting could not be determined. Repair existing or add where necessary for safety.• Condition of sewer line could not be determined at time of inspection; however, anticipate maintaining, cleaning and/or replacement. Contact a licensed and qualified plumbing company to evaluate sewer line prior to closing.• Water supply valves to any washing machine should always be turned off when the washer is not in use. Otherwise the washer hoses, which contain live water pressure, could rupture at a most inopportune time, potentially causing significant water damage.• Clogged dryer vents are a leading cause of home fires. Dryer vent should be disassembled and cleared of accumulated lint upon occupancy and periodically as part of normal maintenance. A clean dryer vent will improve the efficiency of the dryer as well.• The flooring in this dwelling consists of wood, carpet, tile.• No determination can be made as to the surface condition of any flooring that is covered by finished materials.• The windows are wood double hung-single panes with storm windows. It is possible that at some time wooden window sashes had been painted with paint containing lead. Double- hung windows are friction able surfaces, meaning that paint dust, which may contain lead, is created each time the window is opened or closed. Painted single-pane double-hung windows should be replaced with high quality thermo pane windows.• The walls and ceilings in this dwelling are sheet rock, plaster, panel and tile. Lead paint was widely used in houses built prior to 1978 and is a known health hazard. Recommend having this house tested for lead paint, and if present, abate as necessary.•• A complete system of smoke and carbon monoxide detection should be installed on these premises, as per New York State law. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends smoke alarms in every bedroom, and on every level-including basement. Smoke alarms should be tested monthly, and replaced if needed.• Obtain Certificate of Occupancy on building including any needed permits.• When recommendations have been made for repairs and/or service, we suggest you contact a qualified tradesperson prior to closing so actual costs involved can be anticipated.• Our service does not include a representation regarding the absence or presence of underground storage tanks. Advise obtaining written representation from present owner regarding this matter.• Our service does not include checking of appliances. All major appliances should be on separate electrical circuits. Due to varying increases and decreases of electrical power supply, electrical appliances, motors, equipment, etc. may be subject to change.• All repairs, alterations and recommended work within this report should be done by licensed (where necessary) and qualified tradesperson in accordance with state and local codes.
  21. 21. • No representation is made regarding any enclosed areas and/or possible concealed damage. This includes all areas blocked by storage and furniture. It is highly recommended to re-inspect premises once all storage has been removed and all areas are visible and accessible to check for any problems that may have been concealed during this inspection.• All mechanical equipment should be maintained under contract and/or on a regular basis as prescribed by manufacturer.• There is no representation made in this report as to the conclusion of environmental analysis, if performed, such as air quality (radon or urea formaldehyde levels, pollution, mold, or noxious gases); or the quality of water and/or soil. A full spectrum of environmental testing is available and includes: radon, water, electro magnetic fields, mold and air quality testing, etc. With exception to those mentioned as performed in this report, the remaining tests were not performed.• Recheck this structure immediately prior to closing for things that may have changed since the inspection or were inaccessible due to furnishings and/or storage. All mechanical systems should be checked for malfunctions. All windows and doors should be checked for proper operation. All finished walls, floors, and ceilings should be checked for damage. All plumbing fixtures, including heat and hot water, should be checked for proper operation. Check all visible plumbing lines for leaks. Check electrical outlets and switches for proper operation prior to closing. If you require assistance with your pre-closing “walk-through” inspection, contact this office (800-553-1843).• This inspection has been performed in accordance with New York State Standards and American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  22. 22. SUMMARYThis dwelling has been generally well constructed, however, much of its maintenance hasbeen neglected. Significant problems were observed, which will be costly to correct.Structure should be re checked once vacant and empty prior to closing. The followingconcerns were observed:• Roofing-Comments 8, 9, 32• Siding-Comment 12• Garage-Comment 32• Foundation-Comments 7, 10, 13, 35, 36• Pest Control-Comments 32, 33, 33a• Insulation-Comments 39, 41• Heating System and Oil Tank-See Comments 54, 55• Electrical-Comments 60 and 61Additional observations have been outlined throughout this report. Obtain estimatesfor all required work prior to going to contract to be aware of cost and scope.Anticipate ongoing maintenance as part of normal home ownership. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. Good Luck !