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  • Call someone until you get a hold of a supervisor
  • Hunter, Jake, Morgan
  • Alicia is the curly haired blonde who is the directorOther than dealing with the kids
  • -They cant be thinking we don’t have our shit together-Don’t say he was tired today “Say we had some attending problems today but I got really energetic and he got right back on task”-Don’t say Yah we’ll get that procedure in; Say “I’ll talk to a supervisor and see what we can do”-Don’t say tantrum, pissed off, angry; Say Escape behavior, problem behavior. If they ask what type, say feet stomping, but I kept presenting tasks and eventually he stopped and was rocking through procedures again
  • -Objective- unbiased, can be measured numericallySubjective- biased, no concrete facts or numbers-Pissed off for a long time = Swatted materials but he stopped after about 5 minutes of continuous task presentation“Johnny surprised us today by correctly labeling a cat on the first try! We’ve never worked on that with him. Are you working on that at home?”“Johnny got a new procedure today. We are teaching him to label objects. Right now we’re working on apple, tree, and elephant. In the first phase, we are holding up the item and asking “what is this?” and immediately prompting with the name of the item. Johnny got 60% correct the first session!” “Johnny ate all of his lunch today. He needed a little help holding the spoon steady, but is becoming more independent everyday.”“Johnny spilled his milk at lunch, which is why he’s wearing his sweat pants. His other pants are in a plastic bag in his backpack. He is also out of spare clothing.”
  • Professionalism

    1. 1. Professionalism<br />Tim Obertein<br />
    2. 2. Punctuality (Being on time)<br />What does being on time mean?<br />Being in the center<br />With your stuff put away<br />Signed in<br />And ready to work by your scheduled shift time<br />If you’re going to be late/absent<br />Call the supervisor on your shift<br />Call Kelly or Jessica<br />Call another supervisor<br />Call the CDC <br />
    3. 3. Once you’re there…<br />NO phones during your shift<br />Exceptions only by supervisor approval<br />NO talking about what happened on the weekend, drinking, etc. Instead, talk about:<br />Procedures<br />Problems you’re having with your kid<br />Cute stories that you have about your kid<br />Don’t talk negatively about your kid in front of them<br />Some of them will pick up on it<br />It can reinforce their inappropriate behavior<br />
    4. 4. Correct data collection<br />Don’t run more than 3 trials without collecting data.<br />If data is incorrect:<br />A child may be moved to another phase or procedure that they aren’t ready for<br />They may be held on a phase or procedure that they already have mastered<br />Case coordinators waste time fixing or adding procedures<br />
    5. 5. Correct data collection cont.<br />Make sure you’re perfectly clear what the correct/incorrect response is before you even start the procedure<br />If you think that the data may be incorrect in any way<br />Invalidate it! IV<br />Don’t be afraid to IV data!<br />It will help the kids get the best treatment possible!<br />Missing procedure materials?<br />Call a supervisor over and if they can’t find them…<br />Record it in the log<br />Log sheets at the end of your shift<br />Time<br />ELO’s/LO’s<br />
    6. 6. Outside of the KAC<br />The only places you can use a child’s full first name are at the KAC and in these meetings.<br />That means no:<br />Facebook/MySpace/Twitter/whatever posts<br />Text messages to non-center staff<br />Conversations outside of the KAC or these meetings<br />
    7. 7. Internet<br />Unfortunately you can’t post any of the ridiculously cute pictures of you and your kid online.<br />No negative posts about:<br />Western,<br />The Psych Department, <br />BATS, <br />The KAC and it’s students,<br />or the CDC staff<br />
    8. 8. Dealing with the CDC staff<br />Be respectful at all times<br />We’re in their building and need to abide by their rules<br />Don’t complain about any of the CDC’s rules or regulations<br />
    9. 9. Talking to Mommy and Daddy<br />Don’ts<br />Talk negatively about anyone involved with the KAC<br />Make any promises<br />Make vague statements<br />Make any scheduling decisions (Talk to supervisors)<br />Tell them anything they are doing is wrong<br />Ex: “You’re reinforcing your son’s problem behavior!”<br />Use emotionally charged words<br />
    10. 10. Talking to Mommy and Daddy cont.<br />Do’s<br />Use objective (never subjective) words<br />Talk about a specific procedure and how it’s going<br />Explain new procedures<br />Talk about specific behaviors<br />Tell cute stories<br />Ask questions about behaviors at home<br />Do you ever see him stomping his feet at home?<br />Alert supervisors of any important changes<br />Medications, diets, schedules, other treatments<br />
    11. 11. Quiz Time!!!<br />Writing in your kid’s notebook/Talking to Mom and Dad<br />“He had a really rough day and didn’t do much of anything.”<br />“I had some problems getting him to attend today, but eventually<br />“All he did was freak out all day!”<br />Give specific behaviors (Swatting materials, feet stomping) “…and we worked through it until he was back on track”<br />“His case coordinators don’t do anything. I think he’s bored with his procedures”<br />“He’s having trouble with phase _ of his ___ procedure and his case coordinator is working on that.”<br />
    12. 12. Quiz Time!!!<br />“I’m going to the dentist tomorrow. Can you pick him up at 2 instead of 3?”<br />Talk to Kelly or Jessica about getting it covered<br />“I’ll get that procedure put in his book immediately!”<br />“I’ll talk to a supervisor for you and have them let you know what I find out immediately!”<br />“Hey don’t attend to that problem behavior!”<br />“Hey check out the data for today! Look how awesome he did!” <br />
    13. 13. Questions <br />Or<br />Comments???<br />
    14. 14. Thank you<br />