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Managing Development Environment
To Setup Development Environment, that can be installed without any dependencies and run in few seconds using docker.

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  1. 1. Managing Dev Environment Using Docker
  2. 2. GOAL
  3. 3. Agenda ● About Docker ● Docker VS VM ● Images ● Containers ● Docker File ● Basic Commands ● Set Up Dev Environment
  4. 4. Docker Build, Ship and Run Any App, Anywhere ● Open ● LXC – Linux Containers ● Portable ● LightWeight
  5. 5. Requirements and Installation 64 Bit OS For Ubuntu $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install
  6. 6. Docker Vs VM VM Docker
  7. 7. Images ● Read-only Layer is called an image. ● An image never changes. Base Image Image IDs
  8. 8. Containers ● That read-write layer, plus the information about its Parent Image. ● Some additional information like its unique id. ● Networking configuration and Resource limits. Container State Container IDs
  9. 9. Docker File Text document that contains all the commands you would normally execute manually in order to build a Docker image. $ sudo docker build
  10. 10. Basic Commands pull run commit ps save load
  11. 11. Set Up Dev Environment 1. Pull Base Image(Ubuntu, Centos, Debian) 2. Install (Apache, PHP, Mysql) 3. Commit Image 4. Display phpinfo();