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Social Media & Footy: The Art of Social

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  2. For those who don’t like sport…
  3. Social Tech Social Social Social Relevance Media Networking Online reputation ie: Slideshare, ie: Facebook, ie: your YouTube Twitter relevance online (Klososky 2011)
  4. Relevance: What’s the Point? Rules of engagement: 140 characters! Really? Language: WTFs, <3, #rofl No kill switch: Rethinking Control & Influence of the Leader
  5. www Thought L’ship Governance technacy Social tech Mobility www dialogue The Strategic Com- The Marketing Organisation Organisation
  6. Probably not. WHY?
  7. Celebrity 2.0 Power, Personality & Pull V’s (or + ?) Media/ Celebrity 3.0 Content, Context & Connectedness
  8. Bourdieu: Field & Habitus How A structured social space with its own rules, regulations © Tiffanny Junee 2011
  9. 1.0 2.0 3.0 F-2-F F-2-F F-2-F Celebrity 2.0 -Post match/ Mobile Power, Sponsorship events: Talking to Personality & Pull Sponsors -Attending events/ YouTube + (?) community signings/ hospital visits -Print, Radio & TV Twitter Celebrity 3.0 media interviews (Captain) Content, Context Contact via media PLUS: Instagram & Connectedness manager, • Email corporate box • www Foursquare 1990s 1996 2012
  10. Free Need Access Open Habit Technology source Software
  11. 1996 - ARU Online since 1996 2010 - IRB’s ‘Year of Getting Social’ 2011 – Rugby World Cup (NZ) ARU marketing ‘One Team’ •  Traditional marketing tactics •  Social media & social networking strategy = underdeveloped •  Social Relevance is negligible •  Social Media policy non-existent beyond RUPA’s ‘how to’ guidelines. The Internet is a mirror of the self…
  12. How “Our position is that Twitter and Facebook is just like sitting at a press conference. [Each] is a media platform and you must manage it like you would any other form of media” – Anthony MacKaiser, Communications & Marketing Manager, SANZAR Watch This Space: Impact of 2012 Arbib Report into Rugby in Oz © Tiffanny Junee 2011
  13. Fine: $60K + 2 yr good behaviour bond & 2 Test suspension
  14. The Sports Organisation •  The Athlete •  The Team •  The Organisation •  The Sports Brand Environment Dialogue Connectedness Governance The Event Personality •  The Sponsors : The Business Community Language The Person •  The Teams •  The Athlete •  The Celebrities •  The Team Member •  The Formalities •  The Contractor / Employee •  The Fan Communities: Family & •  The Sports Brand Friends, Fanatics •  The Games
  15. Understanding the Fan needs: Marketing - - Die hards: Stats Sponsorships - Team Info Extension - Player Profiles
  16. www Thought L’ship Governance technacy Social tech Mobility www dialogue The Strategic Com- The Marketing Organisation Organisation Differentiators: •  Capability – Technacy, Platform Socialisation (marcomms/ IT) •  Language - Personalised Vs Mass produced •  Behaviour – Confident Vs Tentative - Dialogue Vs Lecture
  17. The content of this presentation is based on on-going research. Full copyright remains with the author, Tiffanny Junee. Information contained in the visualisations is proprietary and cannot be reproduced without the express permission of the author. Image references are available on request. © Tiffanny Junee 2012