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Exploring Mobile Technologies


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Presented at the EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional Conference, May 15th, 2011

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Exploring Mobile Technologies

  1. 1. Associate Director, Learning Technology Center
  2. 2. Experiential Data gathering Content creationFeedback and Interactivity Content delivery
  3. 3.  Deliver content (eg., announcements, PDFs, YouTube videos, simple augmented reality); Content creation by students (e.g., video, images, audio). Data collection (e.g., fieldwork, interviews, Internet research) Feedback and Interactivity(e.g., Twitter backchannel, mobile clickers); and Foster experiential learning experiences (e.g., simulations, role play);
  4. 4. Mobile Mobile App Web
  5. 5. 
  6. 6. 1. Extremely awesome2. Somewhat awesome3. Somewhat not awesome4. Extremely not awesome
  7. 7.  According to Joosten (2009), 71% of students want to receive text messages about their class ( According to PEW Interent, “the typical American teen sends and receives 50 or more messages per day, or 1,500 per month.”
  8. 8.  According to Bulik (July 8th, 2009) “…They go to social networking sites 5 days per week and check in 4 times a day for a total of an hour per day” (para 7). According to PEW Internet study, “…Nearly three-quarters (72%) of online 18- 29 year olds use these sites–similar to the rate among teens–with 45% doing so on a typical day” (
  9. 9.  Mobile apps Apple, Hootsuite Android, Tweetdeck