T2 spec marketing process


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T2 spec marketing process

  1. 1. T2. Specification of Marketing as a ProcessBy now you have your definition of Marketing....TASK: Now I am looking for you to actually take this definition and render Marketing asa process that runs from the earliest idea of a potential market, right through to a successfulrelationship between company and client (where the customer is of another culture andliving in a nation other than that of the company). Please produce this process as a FlowChart that chronologically sequences a series of step-by-step activities. (I realise that somesteps run in parallel).Let me help get you started.....Presumably your process will involve initial research into the market potential? Here is anidea of the scope of just one early element of the process: Market Research, which, for yourinformation, I distilled as follows for the benefit my Lörrach students:...”Market Research is an ongoing, outward-looking process by which an organisation seekssystematically to acquire (through primary or secondary research) relevant, valid andreliable data concerning its existing and potential customers and competitors (and anypresent or forecast influences acting upon them which may present threats to or opportunitiesfor the organisation and its future aspirations) with a view to transforming such data intoknowledge (by means of its organisation, presentation, analysis, evaluation, synthesis and itstimely communication and sharing) in order to underpin strategic and tactical decision-making such that the organisation is continually engaged in learning and thus always able tomaintain the best fit, dynamic equilibrium between its internal production & servicecapabilities and external opportunities/market demand. The Market Research process is suchthat although it may be nominally the responsibility of one function/division/department, itwill involve most, if not all, business functions and staff in gathering data, transforming it,sharing it, learning from it and responding thereto.” T. Jolley (2007)SO: you have identified a potential market for your product: what comes next? (Continueyour Flow Chart...and keep going....)Where am I going with all this? .............Well, if I can get you to understand Marketing as aprocess... I can then get onto the really interesting stuff and ask you to analyse eachcomponent stage/activity in this process and identify exactly where ‘culture’ and ‘inter-cultural’ matters may be important issues / play a important roles. I want you not only to beable to understand culture, but why, where and how it plays a role in order that you canmanage it: you can DO something with it. A lot of people tend to know ‘about’ certainthings, but they often prove unable to intervene at critical moments because they do not knowwhere to look, what to look for or how to respond. Consider Market Research as definedabove: where do you think ‘culture’ can come in and cause problems unless one is verycareful.