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New Conversation Class Teacher


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Published in: Education
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New Conversation Class Teacher

  1. 1. New Conversation Class Teacher: Mr. Tony JOLLEY<br />Office: wherever Malcolm was! (Am writing this before my first day at IUFM!)<br />Telephone: whatever Malcolm's telephone number was!<br />Days on Campus: variable - in order to maximise conversation and tutorial opportunities.<br />Email Address: (Please mention 'IUFM' in the subject line)<br />Teaching website:<br />IUFM Tab on teaching website:<br />'Tonyversity' Professional Website:<br />IUFM Contract: I am replacing Malcolm Cox and am part-time only (nominally 2 days a week) between 22nd March and the end of August 2010.<br />Important Background / about me.<br />Call me 'Tony' – we can be professional yet informal<br />Native English. Born in the North between Manchester and Liverpool. Lived on the South coast of England most of my life. (Guess which team I support!)<br />52 this year!<br />Career: Research and Development Manager then 20 years as Senior Lecturer (Maître de Conf.) at Bournemouth University teaching at Degree and Masters level (Services Management).<br />Research interests: use of new technologies in learning and teaching.<br />Moved to Alsace in 2005. Live in a small village in the Sundgau. Married. 5 kids aged between 12 and 22.<br />Currently teach at: IUFM; IUT Colmar, English Department (FLSH) & Business School (FSESJ) at UHA Mulhouse and the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württembourg, Lörrach. <br />I am an 'Autoentrepreneur': my business name is 'Tonyversity'. Under this 'umbrella' I teach business management and English, 'finesse' translations of documents for publication in English and act as a management and English language 'coach' to mid-career professionals.<br />I have some understanding of the concours: based upon the fact that my wife holds a CAPES (Anglais) and is Prof. Ag. and now teaches the CAPES Anglais and I often help her 'coach' candidates for the oral exams.<br />