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COURS                          Tourism Business Simulation Game
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Col Bus Sim Ol


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Col Bus Sim Ol

  1. 1. COURS Tourism Business Simulation Game Fiche rédigée par Tony Jolley UFR et département IUT de Colmar, département des Techniques de Commercialisation Licence Professionnelle d’hôtellerie et Tourisme, Formation mention « Chef de projet Touristique » Tony Jolley. Learning and Teaching Fellow, Senior Lecturer in Tourism, Enseignant Bournemouth University. Adresse électronique ECTS XXXXXXXXX Module Tourism Business Simulation Game UE UE XXXXXXX Basic understanding of the Tourism business and context. Pré-requis Ideally some prior working experience (not necessarily in Tourism) Working knowledge of English Language (reading, writing, speaking) Nombre d’heures de 20 cours Estimation du temps de 20 hours in class PLUS 20-40 additional hours reading, researching and working on travail personnel team / individual assignments. Immersion (as a ‘professional’) in a number of in-class Tourism Business scenarios / realistic work environments, such as Tourism Product Development; Recruitment and Selection; International Market Profiling and Forecasting/Scenario Planning. These Activités pédagogiques scenarios will draw upon and weave together the learning acquired upon other LPHT programme units. Langue d’enseignement ENGLISH Purpose: To enable the student cohort (individually and corporately) to draw upon, integrate and apply knowledge gained over various elements of the taught programme in Description succincte Semester 1 within the context of one or more commercial / organisational tourism du contenu scenarios designed to expose students to realistic, interactive work environments and the strategic and operational challenges in managing them Evaluation: Students will be assessed over a range of variables as dictated by their respective roles and activities. This is likely to include elements of the following: • Written • Reports • Memos and letters Evaluation des acquis • Agendas and minutes • Thinkpieces • Presentational • Chairing, leading and participating in meetings in role • Formal presentations • Informal presentations 1. A good Tourism text such as : Tourism Principles and Practice. Fletcher,J. Gilbert,D. Cooper,C. Wanhill, S. et al (2005). FT Prentice Hall Lectures préalables recommandées 2. A good Tourism Marketing text such as : Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism. Kotler, P et al. 3. A good, generic Human Resources Management text.