Social Impact of Technology


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Will Technology Destroy our Planet?

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Social Impact of Technology

  1. 1. WILL TECHNOLOGY DESTROY THE PLANET? Thomas JohnstonSocial Impact of Technology – GNED 1002 Professor Emily Brett April 11, 2013
  2. 2. Examples of technologies causing harm: hydro dams larger fishing fleets coal mining cars chemicals and pesticides urban development medical advances computers and the internet
  3. 3. GOOD: developed to generate clean energyBAD: waterways have been rerouted fordevelopment of dams causing increasedrisk of landslides and earthquakes. Reservoirs sit on top of faultline causing increase in pressure under the reservoir and withinthe rocks.
  4. 4.  larger fishing fleets allow for more storage and more successful fishing excursions modern day fishing fleets are about 2 ½ times bigger than oceans can supportfleets are like floating factories equipped with sonar and extremely large nets estimated fish population will by 80% within 10 to 15 years
  5. 5. Coal is easily combustible! Coal is easily found! Coal is inexpensive! HOWEVER!!!Two most destructive forms of mining are:1. MOUNTAIN TOP REMOVAL – mountain peak is shaved off to scoop out the coal from the top2. STRIP MINING – layers of the face of mountain are scraped to extract the coalDid you know??? In West Virginia alone, 300,000 acres of forest has been destroyed by mining.
  6. 6. CARS• Cars have allowed people to interact more easily in social and professional environmentsBUT CAUSES: gas emissions and damage to the ozone layer medical problems mainly in the respiratory system due to the combustion of fossil fuels oil for car maintenance means drilling for oil which uses up space and dangerous consequences to marine and land species if there is an accident
  7. 7. PROS CONS• economically good business • farming responsible for 70% of• controls damage to crops and pollution in waterways forests • increases nitrogen levels and• prevents diseases such as: decreases oxygen in water supply – malaria • endangers bird and insect – yellow fever populations – black plague • contributes to global warming
  8. 8. ADVANCES IN MEDICINE ALLOWS FOR LONGER LIFE SPANS = OVERPOPULTATION!!!More people = more waste = more demand for food = more production of consumer goods = more EVERYTHING!!!FACT! Everything that contributes to global warming will increase with population growth.
  9. 9. Increase in housing and business buildingsnecessary to keep up with population growthand demand for more products which is goodfor the economy.MAJOR PROBLEM: necessity of clearing land and deforestationLess trees = less absorption of greenhouse gasesLess trees interrupts water cycle increase of temperatures increase in global warming
  10. 10. According to Ben Rimes, “technology isn’t going to destroy our future, it’s just destroying the past, or rather the notion of what used to be good teaching.”What will that mean? A decrease in educational levels? People becoming lazier? Society becoming dissociated with reality?
  11. 11. The technologies discussed is a sample of what can cause the eventual destruction of our planet.Ultimately, it is ourselves who we should be most concerned about. We should be able to control the future of this planet by keeping people informed, properly educated and by staying active. We can all make a difference in the well- being of our planet and its environment.
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