Digital Marketing 2012


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Explanations for the various aspects of an overall internet and digital marketing strategy, including search engine marketing, social media marketing, conversion-focused web design, email marketing, mobile marketing, and web analytics.

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Digital Marketing 2012

  1. 1. Digital Marketing 2012 Online Visibility + Website Conversions +Positive Brand Reputation = Online Success! Components of a Good DM Strategy Prepared & Presented By: Superior Web Solutions, Inc. WSI – We Simplify the Internet #1 Leader in Internet Business Services Thomas J. Holzkopf - President & Owner Phone: (608) 523-4255 | Advanced Internet Marketing Certification Member of Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization
  2. 2. Digital Marketing 2012• Digital Marketing Trends• Our Focus – Marketing vs. Technology• Our Services – Strategy-driven• Our Approach – ABC’s of Internet Marketing• About WSI (We Simplify the Internet)
  3. 3. Digital Marketing Trends
  4. 4. Internet Marketing Sees the Most Growth• During the recession, traditionaladvertising channels saw adecrease in spending growth in2009, as marketers moved theirbudgets to more measurablechannels like Internet advertising,which saw an increase of 14.1%• In 2010, most channels willcontinue to see a decrease ingrowth, while Internet marketingwill continue to remain the channelof choice and increase by 15.2%• In 2011, outdoor and TVadvertising growth will rise again,but the Internet will still see themost growth with 15.1%
  5. 5. Advertising Expenditure in the US by Media• In 2009, US marketers spent$20.34 billion advertising online• In 2010 marketers will spend$23.42 billion advertising online,and by 2011, this number isprojected to reach almost $27billion• Though TV ads still consume thelargest piece of the advertising pie,Internet ad-spend in the US hassurpassed print advertising,including channels like radio,magazine and outdoor advertising
  6. 6. Marketing Spending Increases in 2011• According to a November 2010survey of business executivesaround the globe by StrongMail,nearly two-thirds of companies willincrease spending on emailmarketing, and 57% will put moredollars toward social mediamarketing. Search took a distantthird place with 41% ofrespondents indicating they wouldspend more.
  7. 7. Social Media Marketing Continues to Rise• Trends indicate that USmarketers are spending moremoney to advertise with socialmedia• In 2010, $728 million will bespent advertising with socialmedia, up from $558 million in2009• Marketers are expected to spendapproximately $948 million onsocial media marketing in 2011• By 2012, about $1.23 billion willbe spent on social mediamarketing
  8. 8. More Adult Users on Social Networks• According to eMarketer, therewere 70.6 million adult onlinesocial network users in 2009(43.5% of total adult Internetusers)• In 2010, 46.5% of the adult onlinepopulation were social networkusers (77.8 million)• In 2012, more than half of alladult Internet users will also besocial network users (50.5%, 89.1million)
  9. 9. Activities of Social Network Users• Interestingly, 52% of socialnetwork users become afan/follower of a company or brandon the social networks• 46% have said somethingpositive about a company/brandon the social portals, while 23%have said something negative• 18% of respondents have usedthe social portals to promoteanother company/brand, and 12%have used social networks topromote their own business
  10. 10. So to Sum It Up:• Internet Marketing Outpaces All Other Methods• Top 3: Email, Social Media, Search Marketing• Mobile Marketing is Gaining Quickly!• Adults Are Rapidly Adopting Social Networks• > 50% Social Network Users Follow or Fan a Business Page
  11. 11. Our Focus –Marketing Vs. Technology Solutions
  12. 12. Our Focus – Marketing vs. Technology• We Focus On: – Lead Generation – Brand Building – Customer Nurturing• Online Success By Providing: – Online Visibility (Attract Target Market) – Site Conversions (Conversion-focused Design) – Positive Brand Reputation (Monitor, Analyze, Influence)• IM System - Not Technology-Driven!
  13. 13. Strategy Driven Solutions
  14. 14. Our Core Competencies• Conversion-Focused Web Design• Search Engine Marketing• Social Media Marketing• Targeted Lead Marketing• Mobile Marketing
  15. 15. DM System FlowChart Paid Search (PPC) SearchSocial Media Engine (SMO) Digital Optimization (SEO) Targeted Traffic Marketing System Email Mobile Marketing Marketing
  16. 16. How To Reach Your Customer - It Used To Be Simple!• Digitization has resulted in a media chaos
  17. 17. • What it takes to be successful today
  18. 18. Conversion-Focused Web Design Paid Search (PPC) Search Engine Social Media (SMO) Digital Optimization (SEO) Targeted Traffic Marketing System Email Mobile Marketing Marketing
  19. 19. #1 Priority – The Online “Face” To Your Company Is Your Website!• Conversion-focused Design – An investment with a return …• Start by identifying your online objectives for the website: – Increase BRAND AWARENESS – LEAD GENERATION – E-COMMERCE – INFORMATIONAL or CUSTOMER SERVICE• Identify the “Call To Action”. E.G.: – Submit an online form – Download a brochure or whitepaper – Call your phone number – Buy your products or services online• Design the site to funnel site visitors toward “Call To Action”
  20. 20. Web Design• State-of-the-Art Technologies (Joomla, DotNetNuke, Business Catalyst, Custom Design)• Conversion-Focused Design (See Examples)• Content Writing & Page Formatting• Landing Pages & Microsites• Content Management Systems (self-maintainable)
  21. 21. Conversion-Focused Web Design (Examples)
  22. 22. Web Design (Methodology)
  23. 23. Search Engine Marketing: 1. Search Engine Optimization 2. Paid Search Marketing (PPC) Paid Search (PPC) Search Engine Social Media (SMO) Digital Optimization (SEO) Targeted Traffic Marketing System Email Mobile Marketing Marketing
  24. 24. Pay Per Click – 12.2% Organic Search 74.3% Pay Per Click 13.5%
  25. 25. PPC % Pos 1 7.4Organic Pos % 2 3.4 1 27.1 2 11.7 3 1.1 3 8.7 4 .3 4 5.1 5 2.6 5 4.0 6 4.1 6 .9 7 4.1 7 1.7 8 3.2 8 .4 9 2.8 9 .1 10 3.6 10 .4
  26. 26. Search Engine Marketing – Organic Optimization• On-Page or “Organic” Optimization (Un-Paid Listings) – Keyword Analysis Is The KEY!• Off-Page optimization – Inbound Link Building – Quality Links Are Gold! • Directories, B2B Portals, One Way Links (PR3 or better) • Articles, Press Releases, Blog Posts with Links + Syndication – Interactive SEO – • Social Bookmarks, Social Networking Profiles• Landing Pages & Microsites – Content is Still King!• Site Submittal
  27. 27. Search Engine Marketing –On-page Keyword Optimization is Critical
  28. 28. Search Engine Marketing –Inbound Link Building Is Even More Important
  29. 29. Paid Search Marketing (PPC)• Immediately Attract Your Target Market• Seasonally & Geographically Friendly – Run Seasonally. Local or Global Advertising!• You Set The Monthly Budget• Only Pay When They Visit• Text, Photo Image, Video Ads & Now More!• Search & Content Network
  30. 30. What PPC Can Do For Advertisers • Pay-Per-Click Advertising can help an advertiser meet many objectives • Determining, measuring, and tracking metrics helps ensure successObjective Example Success Metrics Generate awareness • Targeted impressions Build brand • Qualified visits to your website Educate prospects • Depth of involvement Generate leads • Request for proposals Identify prospects • Coupon downloads • Newsletter registrations • Email address opt-ins • Appointments Customer acquisition • Sales conversions = $$$ Sales • Lower cost per lead/sale
  31. 31. Benefits of PPC: Cost• No minimum spend• You choose your own maximum daily spending limit (daily budget)• Choose how much you want to spend per click for every keyword• Only pay search engine when users click on your ad and visit your website• More cost-effective than Yellow Pages, Banner Ads & Direct Mail*• Conversion tracking = real-time return-on-investment data ** U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray, New Methods in Search Marketing: Contextual Advertising and Other Evolutions (Safa Rashtchy), June 2004
  32. 32. Example: How Adwords Can Pay For Itself $1,000 initial investment in AdWords $1.00 CPC ≥ 1,000 clicks 1 - 10% conversion rate = 10-100 sales Average sale = $100 $1K investment returns $1K-10K in sales Reinvest profits, increase budget
  33. 33. Best Solution: Combine SEO with PPC 1) Use PPC to get a fast start 2) Let PPC click-through and conversion rates help identify your best keywords 3) Target these keywords via SEO 4) Re-apply PPC funds to new keywords to attract even more traffic1/6/2012 35
  34. 34. Social Media Marketing Paid Search (PPC) Search Engine Social Media (SMO) Digital Optimization (SEO) Targeted Traffic Marketing System Email Mobile Marketing Marketing
  35. 35. What Is Social Media MarketingSMM is… Starting a Conversation Engaging Clients Online Brand Reputation Management A realm where ‘Consumers Rule’ Another way for your customers to find youSocial media is an umbrella term that defines thevarious activities that integrate technology, socialinteraction, and the construction of words, pictures,videos and audio. Wikipedia 2009
  36. 36. Social Media Marketing• In 2008, 79.5 million people, or 41% of the US Internet user population, visited social network sites at least once a month, an 11% increase from 2007.• By 2013, an estimated 52% of Internet users will be regular social network visitors. The steady stream of updates and news will become a weekly or even daily habit for many people.
  37. 37. SEO & SMO Work Together• Just adding pages and pages ofcontent as an SEO strategydoesn’t cut it anymore• Social Media is the new way totake your SEO strategy to thenext level• Social Media increases thenumber of high quality inboundlinks & targeted traffic
  38. 38. Types of Social Media Social Video/Photo/Music• Facebook Bookmarking Sites • Wikipedia Sharing Sites • Blogger• Twitter • Scribd • Wordpress• LinkedIn • Digg • Squidoo • YouTube • Moveable Type• MySpace • Technorati • Gather • Flickr • Yahoo 360!• Bebo • Stumbleupon • Photobucket • MSN Spaces• Orkut • • Metacafe • Social Networking Content Sharing Blogging Sites Sites Sites
  39. 39. Where Do You Start?
  40. 40. An Effective SMM Strategy Will: Increase Brand Promote Awareness Products/Services Get Indexed Protect Brand Quickly Dominate The Search Engines
  41. 41. Typical Social Media Startup Strategy For Small Businesses• Brand Reputation: Monitor, Analyze, Influence – Get Into The Conversation• Launch Branded Pages On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube• Integrate a Blog On Your Website• Content Development Requirements (Articles, Press Releases, Blog Posts to Syndicate Across All Channels)• Document Syndication Process• Future Steps: Add Online Customer Reviews, Videos
  42. 42. Targeted Lead Marketing Paid Search (PPC) Search Engine Social Media (SMO) Digital Optimization (SEO) Targeted Traffic Marketing System Email Mobile Marketing Marketing
  43. 43. Targeted Lead Marketing Definition• Lead Nurturing: – “Maintaining a healthy and interactive relationship with prospects and existing customers, wherever they may be in their decision making or buying process”.• Cost-Effective Methods Include: – Auto-responders – Click-to-Call (Internet to Phone) – Email Marketing – RSS Feeds – Blogs – Customer Loyalty Programs – Free Trials
  44. 44. Permission-Based Email Marketing: Leverage Your Most Important Asset• Market To Your List of Customer Email Addresses• Can-Spam Act of ‘03 - Permission-Based is OK – Always Provide Opt-out Option• Newsletters, Special Events, Promotions, Customer Loyalty• Should Be Informational, Add Value To The Reader• Include Links Back To Website From Newsletter• Put a Subscriber Window On Every Page Of Website 84% of consumers surveyed said they liked receiving e-mail from companies they had registered with—and more than one-half saved the messages for later review. 57% of consumers had a more positive impression of companies they had purchased from when they received e-mail from them— and 40% said such e-mail made a future purchase from the company more likely.
  45. 45. Advantages of Email Marketing• Unmatched Customer Targeting & Tracking Capability• Lowest Cost Per Unit of Any Advertising Medium• Creates On-Going Awareness Of Your Brand & Offerings
  46. 46. Mobile Marketing Paid Search (PPC) Search Engine Social Media (SMO) Digital Optimization (SEO) Targeted Traffic Marketing System Email Mobile Marketing Marketing
  47. 47. Mobile Marketing• From July 2009 to July 2010 Over $1 Billion Of Products Purchased From using a Mobile Phone• 1/3 of World Has Mobile Internet Access, Twice As Many Internet-Connected PCs• 60% of World’s Population Will Have Access By 2012• Easily Outpacing PC Evolution• Devices Can Provide Location-Specific Resources to Users• During 2011 Christmas Season, 44% of Last-Minute Shopping Came From Smartphones or Tablets!
  48. 48. Mobile Marketing Opportunities• Mobile Web Design – Not Like Your Primary Site• Mobile Advertising (PPC) – Search & Display Networks• Text (Instant) Messaging - Opt-In - Not Spam – Text Messages Read Within 4 Minutes – Email, 48 Hours• Custom Mobile Apps• Location-Based Services (e.g., Foursquare)• Mobile Bar Codes (e.g., QR Codes)
  49. 49. Web Analytics
  50. 50. Web Analytics• Analytics is… • A NECESSITY • A way to Track and Measure your Internet Marketing • A way to maximize ROI • A way to uncover opportunity • Google Analytics, Clicktracks, Urchin• What the Data Tells You• The Balance Sheet of YOUR Business Online
  51. 51. Our Approach –The WSI Internet Marketing Solutions Lifecycle
  52. 52. Our Approach – The ABC’s Of Internet Marketing• “A”ffordable Web Solutions For Your Business • We leverage economies of scale, pool resources and spreading costs across a large global network• “B”uild Pipeline of Targeted Traffic • Our core competencies are marketing strategies integrated with leading edge technologies. • We focus on Lead Generation & Customer Conversion• “C”onvert Website Visitors Into Customers • Conversion-focused Web Design
  53. 53. The WSI Internet Marketing Solutions Lifecycle• Discovery - learning more about you and your industry• Internet Business Analysis (IBA) - identify your business requirements and "pains & challenges"• Build - preparing the project requirements, submitting them to one of our Production / Solution Centers• Implement - launch the solution• Measure - analyze the Web Traffic & Conversions• Manage Results – manage campaigns and identify additional value, services, upgrades and enhancements – stay current The Lifecycle is designed to increase our client’s profitability, Return on Investment (ROI) and visibility by creating new revenues through Internet traffic generation and bringing more visitors through their "e-door".
  54. 54. About WSI
  55. 55. About WSI • WSI currently has over 1,500 offices in 93 countries – 13+ offices in Wisconsin • We have helped thousands of companies since 1995 • Our systems have been proven to get results1/6/2012 57
  56. 56. A Few Of Our Partners1/6/2012 58
  57. 57. 1/6/2012 59