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  • BEFORE: Last merchandised on our November 12 th Beverly Center visit. Blue and gold color story is the center focus. Merchandise has been moved around for the sales rail 25% off selected merchandise for weekend promotion. Otherwise French Connection specialist kept the merchandise fairly organized.
  • AFTER: Beverly Center FRIDAY November 20th Originally I didn’t realize that the merchandise on the front rail was on sale until after I had already re-merchandised the center display area, so I ended up changing the rail in front, then switching it back. I decided to build my theme around a strapless dress statement. I chose the holiday sparkle strapless dress and the black with the grey pink strapless to put on the mannequins, and I felt that the studded black sweater, which work well with the silver studded leggings, would create some balance through contrasted long sleeves and leggings, but still relate to the Glam-rock theme as it’s studded. On the table I have selected two strapless dresses, solid bold pink & black thus relating back to our strapless-dress theme and on the display bench customers can easily locate the studded leggings they see on the mannequin or grab a cute buffy cropped cardigan which I though would be a ideal piece to work back to a strapless dress.
  • You may notice from the right hand side each rail is introduced by a little strapless number to create rhythm and relate to the theme. I continued to merchandise the 3 stand alone rails creating a bold color statement. The fuchsia rail is merchandised with the holiday sparkle beaded pieces and some bold black pieces to break it up. This rail works back to the center display focusing on making a Glam Rock statement and bringing to the front a couple of warm sweaters and cardigans for the cold season. The next rail I decided to go for more of a sexy safari theme, working in the gold with the orange and olive. The last rail is my blue/green (turquoise) rail which is more of a casual GlamRock rail with a selection of T-shirts, I included a skirt and leggings to work back to as well as more loose fitted structured dresses. This rail brings us to the wall display system. The first rack makes a bold blue statement broken up by grey and black merchandise. On the face two face out next to this rack I chose the strapless twill frilled dress and beaded silk spirit dress to add to my overall GlamRock style theme.
  • CLOSE-UP of standing rails.
  • The following rack continues with a feel of elegance incorporating classic black, beige and grey, with a touch of copper in between. I incorporated various fabric combination to create texture. In rhythm I chose the purple Strapless twill prom dress and beaded tunic to introduce my next color statement.
  • On the next rail I focused in from the printed long-sleeve dress and tied in the purple pinks and green/blues. I also used a couple repeated pieces in different color story’s to balance out the rail. I selected the printed dress for the next face-out highlighting the color story of the rail aside it. I chose this bright pink strapless dress for the following face-out for a pop of color and to introduce my final rail where I utilized grey’s pink’s and blacks to create a fun rail. This rail is merchandised with a selection of t-shirts and sweaters. I also included the tie died black and white tights to work back with a selection of pieces on the rail. Once again I have brought forward a couple a fun strapless dresses at each end of the rail drawing back to the overall theme. This rail incorporates a bit more of an edgy style with printed tees, tie-dye, sequins and stripes with pops of pink used to create a fun frisky theme.
  • Pictures taken before re-merchandising. These two rails were on sale. I ran the sizes and re-merchandised the rails to create more of a bold statement and give it a cleaner look, with the evening dresses and holiday pieces mostly on one rail and the more casual daywear on the other while still keeping to somewhat of a color story. (This picture was taken BEFORE)
  • AFTER: I ran out of film so unfortunately I couldn’t take better pictures to show you visually. Never the less as you can see firstly I chose this bright pink strapless asymmetrical dress for the mannequin to create a bold statement and draw attention in with a refreshing pop of color. I also chose the long sleeve batwing dress to put on a mannequin as it’s been hiding amongst other merchandise and is a great dress on as well as thought a long-sleeve dress would be applicable as the temperature is dropping. On the left hand side front rail I worked the color story back to the mannequins with pops of bright pink color peeping through. I included a few sweaters and long-sleeve dresses applicable for fall. I wanted to display a few of the blue skinny jeans on the center display table as they have been a popular seller and we do have a lot of pairs in stock so hopefully this will help to also push sales. The T-Shirts have been working well on the display table as the graphic is shown, I had a few customers sift through and pick out a couple while I was merchandising and can be worked back with the skinny jeans. With blue in mind I decided to bring the blue dresses front and forward as they have been pushed to the side and to continue with my keeping warmer in mind I also included the pop-knit grey and black sweater dresses. Merchandised on the two standing rails facing outwards on the right hand side of our section, I decided to work in the turquoises with the fuchsia/purples. I continue with the fuchsia color story on the center standing rail behind these rails. I also bring in some sparkle and studded pieces, included is the gold and silver strapless sparkle holiday dress, gold and silver studded leggings, fuchsia charlie top, fuchsia print tunic, the day-dreamer jumpsuit which can all be worn with the super comfy black jacket on the back of the rail. On the center standing rail aside this rail I continue with the blue color story and tie in the beige. I focus in from the blue/beige/black striped long-sleeve knit tie dress.
  • On the right hand side of the section’s standing T-racks, I wanted to relate each rail through a general color story. On the right rail I have utilized lighter hues of color and gave it a more sophisticated theme, on the left rail I utilize brighter shades of hues creating more of a bold statement. Each rail has a one-shoulder dress facing out, Bold fuchsia pink to the left, classic sophisticated black to the right, repetition builds rhythm. On the back rail to the right I have incorporated a selection of grey, black, and white t-shirts, tunics, sweatshirts, sweaters, tie-dye leggings and strapless denim dress. Finally on the left hand side of the back rail I utilize the orange and copper merchandise and break it up with some black pieces.
  • FCUK Merchandising

    1. 1. Merchandising
    2. 2. Macys/ Bloomingdales FRI 20/11 Beverly Center Bloomingdales: The overall vibe of the mall is fairly busy, picking up around lunch time. We had a few customers browse through our section while I was busy merchandising Tara from the showroom joined me around noon for about an hour to help with the size run and to organize things. I decided to bring the fuchsia front and forward to work back with some of the embellished sparkle pieces to create a glam-rock statement. I brought our selection of strapless dresses on offer front and forward to make statement and hopefully push sales. Macy’s: My visit to the Macy’s Men’s department went well. The French Connection section is located in the fore front of the walkway near the back-end of the store. Michael Korrs and Theory brand are next to our section. French Connection signage was not yet displayed. Striped sweater selection is on promotion. I met with the managers, they were happy to have us in the store, were extremely helpful and polite, and assured me that the sign is on order. We do have a few key pieces standing out in between the Macy’s Impulse Section.
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    5. 10. Macys/ Bloomingdales WED 25/11 Westfield Fashion Square Overall my visit to Bloomingdales went well, it was particularly busy in store the day before thanksgiving and our section was especially busy, most likely due to the sale we had going on. We definitely had some key hot pieces on sale drawing attention to our section. The merchandise on hand at this location is not as strong. We are lacking an even size run in some of our popular styles and selling down on better sellers. A few of our glitzy dresses where merchandised in a separate section of Bloomingdales, such as the beaded spirit dress, for a holiday promotion. French Connection definitely stand out in this section.
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