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Class 7 intro to assessment rev for 2017


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Class 7 intro to assessment rev for 2017

  1. 1. Data are simply facts or figures – the “bits” of information When data are processed, interpreted, and organized to make them meaningful, they are called Information Knowledge is created when information is applied and made useful.We create knowledge, construct knowledge, and apply knowledge to solve problems.
  2. 2. Assessment applies to learners. We assess the extent to which students or trainees have acquired knowledge and skills. Evaluation usually applies to programs. It is the process of determining the merit, worth, or value of something, called the evaluand. Measurement is how we determine attributes or dimensions of that which is being studied.
  3. 3. The Scale at the Conference in New Orleans: Valid or Reliable?
  4. 4. Inter-rater Reliability: A Story of Asparagus
  5. 5. Does (action) Shows how (performance) Knows how (competence) Knows (knowledge) Miller, 1990, with adaptation in 2016 by Cruess et al. Is (development of a professional identity) Consistently demonstrates the attitudes, values, and behaviors expected of one who has come to “think, act, and feel like a physician” Consciously demonstrates the behaviors expected of a physician Demonstrates the behaviors expected of a physician under supervision Knows when individual behaviors are appropriate Knows the behavioral norms expected of a physician
  6. 6. Create Evaluate Analyze Apply Understand Remember
  7. 7. Three Purposes of Assessment •To make decisions about learners’ performance •To evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum •To PROMOTE LEARNING
  8. 8. Assessment OF Learning or FOR Learning? Assessment: the process of establishing successful learning • Assessment OF learning: (Focus on what the FACULTY will do) • Assessment FOR learning: (Focus on what the LEARNER will do)
  9. 9. Your Experiences
  10. 10. Assessment for Learning:What does the literature say?
  11. 11. Teaching and Learning Activities Feedback and Assessment Learning Goals and Objectives
  12. 12. An Assessment System FOR Learning Goals / Outcomes/Competencies What do you want your learners to be able to do? What do you want your learners to know? Skills/Behaviors Curriculum Assessment 1. 2. How to get there? Does it promote learning? Essential Foundational Components Consider the assessment culture, faculty development, support, resources
  13. 13. Designing Assessment for Learning • New Programs
  14. 14. NOVEMBER 6 – CHAPTER 7 NOVEMBER 13 – CHAPTERS 8 AND 9 NOVEMBER 20 – CHAPTERS 10 AND 12 • Simulations and Models