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Class 3 overview of the four i's


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Class 3 overview of the four i's

  1. 1. Jane Vella’s Model of Instructional Design Putting Dialogue Education into Practice
  2. 2. A Proverb Tell me, I will forget Show me, I may remember Involve me, and I will understand
  3. 3. The Four I’s Types of Learning Tasks  Inductive work – connects learners with what they already know  Input – course content; new material  Implementation – try it out  Integration – asks learners how they will integrate new learning into their developing knowledge of medicine and medical practice
  4. 4. Types of Input: Instructional Strategies Learning Methods  Lecture  Forums, panels, symposiums  Interactive TV, video  Discussion  Case Studies / Group Projects  Online/distance learning  Learning Contracts  Critical Thinking Techniques  Demonstration / Simulation  Mentoring  Learners teach the content Level of Engagement  Low  Low  Moderate  Moderate  Moderate  Moderate to High  Moderate to High  Moderate to High  Moderate to High  Moderate to High  High