Adlt 623 Understanding Org Culture Part I Modified


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Adlt 623 Understanding Org Culture Part I Modified

  1. 1. Understanding Organizational Culture Part I Edgar H. Schein (2004)
  3. 3. Misconceptions about Organizational Culture
  4. 4. Abstract Nature of Culture
  5. 5. Culture and Leadership “Culture and leadership are two sides of the same coin in that leaders first create cultures when they create groups and organizations.” What do you think he means?
  6. 6. Attributes of Culture
  7. 7. Attributes of Culture
  8. 8. “ The bottom line for leaders is that if they do not become conscious of the cultures in which they are embedded, those cultures will manage them.” Edgar H. Schein, 2004
  9. 9. Shared Attributes of Organizational Culture
  10. 10. Characteristics of Culture
  11. 11. Culture Defined
  12. 12. Three Levels of Culture Artifacts Espoused Values Underlying Assumptions
  13. 13. Artifacts: visible organizational structures and processes, such as ...
  14. 14. Espoused Values: established group values and beliefs such as ...
  15. 15. Basic Underlying Assumptions: beliefs and attitudes so taken for granted that they are not often articulated
  16. 16. How does a new group create a culture?
  17. 18. What do you see as the artifacts and espoused values at Enron from the movie? What “appear” to be basic underlying assumptions in operation? How would you go about finding out more about these underlying assumptions to ascertain if what you have surmised is correct?