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The Active Solar Water Heater


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The Active Solar Water Heater

  1. 1. The Active Solar Water Heater
  2. 2. Solar water heaters heat the water from the energyof the sun.There are two types of heaters, the passive andactive.The passive has no moving parts and the activerequires a pump and controller.The passive heater is the oldest style of solar waterheaters.
  3. 3. The pump used in the active system is used tocirculate the water and a controller is used to turnthe system on or off.Active systems are more efficient than passive butrequire electricity and can be more difficult andexpensive to put together. Solar Water Heater
  4. 4. The active system will have a holding tank and one ormore solar collectors possibly mounted on the roof.There is a controller that senses the water temperature ofthe water leaving the solar collectors and the water at theholding tank.The controller will know when to turn the pump on oroff according to the temperatures it senses. Solar Water Heater
  5. 5. The most common type of solar collector is theflat plat collector.Two more styles are the evacuated tube and theformed plastic collector.Of the three the formed plastic is the leastexpensive.It is used by having water circulate through pipeswhich is heated by the sun’s radiation. Solar Water Heaters
  6. 6. To purchase an active solar water heater is not cheapat about $3000.00 or more but it will repay itself overa period of years.Some people build their own system from availableblueprints avoiding installation costs and being able tofind parts at a discount.If you have a solar heater installed you will notice adifference in your electric bill and will feel good aboutyourself for having installed one. Solar Water Heaters
  7. 7. Why not build your own solar water heater?For more information on building your own solarwater heater, check out “Build Your Own SolarWater Heater.” Thanks for Visiting