Fixed Gear Bikes - A Brief History of Fixies


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Fixed gear bikes have been raced on the track or Velodrome for many years. They have also been used by road cyclist for off season training during the winter or for adding some variety to their normal training routines.

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Fixed Gear Bikes - A Brief History of Fixies

  1. 1. Fixed Gear Bikes -A Brief History of Fixies
  2. 2. Fixed gear bikes, or otherwise known as fixies,have develop into somewhat of a popular trendamong the college crowd and the Hipsters.As popular as they have become they are not newto the biking world.
  3. 3. Fixed gear bikes have been raced on the track orVelodrome for many years.They have also been used by road cyclist for offseason training during the winter or for addingsome variety to their normal training routines.
  4. 4. Early on in the history of cycling the freewheel wasintroduced. This revolutionized cycling but the fixedgear was still here to stay.What the freewheel did was allow the pedals toremain stationary while coasting. With fixed gearbikes the pedals will continue to rotate as long as thebike was moving.
  5. 5. The rider can still apply some braking actionwhen they apply resistance to the pedalsrotation.The bike can actually be ridden backwardsbecause the pedals can also be rotated in eitherdirection.
  6. 6. One of the benefits of the fixed gear bike is its lowweight. Not having derailleurs, shifters, cables andall the extra chain rings cuts down on the overallweight of the bike.The drivetrain itself is more efficient than its gearedversion because there is less mechanical parts to getin the way. The rider is able to transfer more energyto the drivetrain than a geared bike as well.
  7. 7. There are many fixed gear riders that do not usebrakes; they have become proficient enough atapplying resistance to the pedals to slow down andstop.A bike rider can also learn to go into a controlledskid to stop. When the road is wet or slipperymany riders feel they get better road feedback witha fixed gear bike than they would with a gearedbike.
  8. 8. Since one cannot stop the cranks from rotating youmust get used to going downhill fast or even goinginto tight corners because the pedals could hit theroad while they are rotating.Going downhill at high speed could have a riderpedaling at up to 170 rpm or even higher. Manythink that riding a fixed gear is more efficient andyou are able to transfer more power to the road.
  9. 9. Someone new to this kind of bike may at firsthave difficulty with the constantly turningcranks.It will take a little bit of riding to get used tothis new style after riding a geared bike foryears.If you have not tried the fixed gear way ofriding you owe it to yourself to check it out forsome added variety to your bike riding.
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