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Bruce Lee’s Entry into Martial Arts


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How did Bruce Lee get started in martial arts?

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Bruce Lee’s Entry into Martial Arts

  1. 1. Bruce Lee’s Entry into Martial Arts
  2. 2. Bruce Lee’s entry into martial arts evidently beganwith his father who taught Bruce the basics of theWu style of tai Chi.At the age of 13 in 1954, Bruce started learningWing Chung under Grandmaster Yip Man.After some time, some of Yip Mans other studentsdid not want to train with Lee because he was not offull Chinese heritage.
  3. 3. From that point Lee trained only with Yip Man oneon one and with his friend William Cheung outsideof the school.Supposedly Bruce would get into street fights andone time an opponent was believed to have mafiabackground and may have had a hit out on him.His parents decided to pack him up and send himto San Francisco to live with his sister, Bruce was18 at this time.He eventually wound up in Seattle.
  4. 4. Bruce starting teaching martial arts in 1959 in Seattleteaching what he called Jun Fan Gung Fu or “BruceLees Kung Fu”.His first student was Jesse Glover whom Bruce hadmet at school.Jesse was already a boxer and studied Judo.Jesse was the first to introduce Judo to Lee.Jesse was with Lee for 5 years and was his firstteaching assistant.
  5. 5. It was about 1959 that Bruce started his Jeet KuneDo.It was after the match with Wong Jack Man thatBruce realized that traditional martial arts was toorestrictive, he needed to develop a style that used onlywhat was useful from different styles and merge theminto a new, more flexible way to fight.It was also at this time that Bruce started training toimprove his strength and endurance, we know howimpressive his physique became from this.
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