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  • Cost: $99.00 x 2 = $198.00
  • Grant powerpoint

    1. 1. $10,000 GRANTRecently, we, Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Fincel, appliedfor a grant to purchase educational technologies forour classrooms.We are so blessed to share that our applicationwas approved.We want to share with fellow educators andparents how we plan to execute this wonderfulgrant.
    2. 2. Technologies SharedMrs. Jacobs’ class is composed of twentykindergartener students.Mrs. Fincel’s special education class is composed often students who have dyslexia and dysgraphia.We share an office space between our two classes.Both teachers would like to share grant funding toacquire technologies that both classes will use.
    3. 3. TT-02RX Teachers Tool w/ CP-RX82 Projector & Manual Wall Screen Bundle  What’s included: One visual presenter, one XGA projector and one wall-mount projector screen.  Each of us will get our own bundle.  This package will allow us to project information large enough for all students to see.  The projector is a document camera, so we will be able to use real objects in our presentations: 3D visual aids. Cost: 2 x $1,374.99 = $2,749.98
    4. 4. HP Laptops: g6t Series  These laptops will go on our media cart to be shared between our rooms.  Will have assistive and educational software programs for both classes to enjoy.  Intel processors and increased amounts of RAM and hard drives promise speedy processing.  Will be used in group settings. Cost: 4 x $399.99 = $1,599.96
    5. 5. Kurzweil 3000 Major software that will be added to our laptops for students. Will allow text to be scanned and read to students. Words are highlighted as they are red allowed. Has other key features like dictionary and thesaurus, syllabification and phonetic spelling. Software for teacher’s computer and 4 student computers.Cost: 1 x $2695.00= $2695.00
    6. 6. iPad2 These tablets are small and fun to use. 4 iPad2’s will be on the media cart. Educational applications will enhance curriculum in new exciting ways. Applications are also available to assist special education student.Cost: 4 x $488 = $1952.00
    7. 7. HP - LaserJet Pro Network-Ready Wireless All-In-One Printer  This will be located in our office space.  Will be used with the Kurzweil 3000 software to scan text.  Works on Wi-Fi, so teachers and students can scan, copy, and print from anywhere , as needed. Cost: 1 x $374.99 = $374.99
    8. 8. Caliphone USB Headsets with Microphones  Headphones connect with USB to allow better and faster sound distribution.  Students will get to use these with the laptops and other sound technologies to listen to books, music, and other learning programs.  Students can speak into the microphone and programs will respond and recognize speech.  These will also be on the media cart. Cost: 4 x $29.99 = $199.96
    9. 9. Bamboo Pen & Touch Graphing Tablets  These will be on the media cart as well.  Students will be able establish and increase their hand-eye coordination with this technology.  Students will use the pen and table to write, draw, etc. and see their results on the laptop screen.  Adobe Photo Shop will allow students to edit and enhance their work. Cost: 2 x $99.00 = $198.00
    10. 10. Student Marker Boards & Supplies  This grant will also allow  Marker Boards (48 pcs) use to give each student Cost: 1x $62.99= $62.99 their own marker board and  Dry Erase Markers (54 pcs) markers. Cost: 3 x $13.68 = $41.04  Erasers will be shared.  Erasers (6 pcs) Cost: 6 x $1.69 = $10.14
    11. 11. Our “Sharing” Media Cart  Thiscart is an adjustable all steel cart.  We purchased the optional power source to help keep equipment charged,  Our media cart will include: 4 HP Laptops 4 iPad2’s 4 Headsets w/ Microphones 2 Graphing Tablets  Students will love it when the media cart is in their room! Cost: 1 x $193.00 = $193.00
    12. 12. BUDGET SNAPSHOT Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Fincels Grant Budget Technology to be Purchased Price Quanity Cost Purchased FromHP Laptops $399.99 ea. 4 $1,599.96 Shopping.Hp.comHeadsets w/ Microphones $29.99 ea. 4 $119.96 Caliphone.comELMO Teaching Tool Bundles $1374.99 ea. 2 $2,749.98 SchoolOutfitters.comKurzeil Lab Pack $2695.00 ea. 1 $2,695.00 Compuaccess.com16G Wifi Apple iPads $488.00 ea. 4 $1,955.52 SamsClub.comHP All-in-One Printer/Scanner $374.99 ea. 1 $374.99 BestBuy.comMedia Stand $193.00 ea. 1 $193.00 SchoolOutfitters.comBamboo Pen & Touch Graphing Tablet $99.00 ea. 2 $198.00 SchoolOutfitters.com48 Pack of Marker Boards $62.99 ea. 1 $62.99 SchoolOutfitters.com18 Pack of Dry Erase Markers Assorted Colors $13.68 ea. 3 $41.04 SamsClub.comDry Erase Erasers $1.69 ea. 6 $10.14 GoDryErase.comTotal $10,000.58 Note: We will cover the $0.58 over our budget.