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International Red Cross Street Marketing


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Street marketing operation made in Marseille for Marcel Saucet Communication Marketing course.

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International Red Cross Street Marketing

  1. 1. ICRC Street Marketing Communication Marketing Course Prof. Marcel Saucet Euromed Management Tiziano Tassi Miriam Nagler Jacek Schab Yordi Greb Carolin Konstandin Birute Markeviciute Shafi Masudi
  2. 2. The concept Objective Sensibly people about the helpfulness of charity for who really needs help How Surprising and shocking people by seeing well- dressed people begging for money and giving out tickets to understand and remember the message
  3. 3. Logistic Place & Time Rue Saint-Ferréol (the shopping street), Marseille, 14.30 h Date “Buy Nothing Day” Saturday 28th November 2009
  4. 4. Tickets “There are people who “Other people really need The website where find informations
  5. 5. Help can’t wait.