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  1. 1. Monster-storyThe story of Molly and PruttThe two monsters Molly and Prutt were friends. One day they went to thepreschool to visit the children.-It is so good that you came, said the children to the monsters. We knowthere is a treasure in the big forest outside the school, but we are afraidof going out in the forest. Maybe there are dangerous, wild animals outthere.-We are not afraid said the monsters, we will go out in the forestand find the treasure.Molly and Prutt borrowed two shovels in the preschool and walked deepinto the forest. But how could they find the treasure? Suddenly they sawan owl in a tree.-What are you two monsters doing in the forest? asked the owl.-We are looking for a treasure, answered Molly and Prutt. Thechildren in the preschool asked us to help them find the treasure..-I think I can help you, said the owl. Here is a map; if you follow themap you will find the treasure.Molly and Prutt looked a the map and started searching. Behind a rockthey found a mark on the ground.-This is the same mark as the mark on the map, said Prutt.-Yes, we have to start digging, said Molly.
  2. 2. The monsters started digging a hole with the shovels. They saw a box inthe hole.-This must be the treasure, said Molly and tried to open the lid. Butit was locked! Oh no, said Prutt. Where is the key? How can we find thekey?Well .... Look into the hole because youll find: three maps1. The first map takes you over the mountains and you have to walk.
  3. 3. 2. The second map will make you look under the bridge.3. The third map tells you that under the bridge there are rocks andunder rocks is the key.Search it and when you find it immediately sent a letter to us. So we cansee the treasure together.The Italian friends
  4. 4. Molly and Prutt find the key and then they go back to the treasure. They unlockthe box and this is what they find: Gold, silver, gold medals and diamonds!The box is heavy, but the monsters are strong and they can carry the boxwith the treasure back to the school. The children are so happy to seeMolly and Prutt with the treasure! They decide that the treasure will bemoney to buy toys for the pre-shool. They get a lot of toys!The Swedish friends