Startup Leadership Program Delhi 2010


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Startup Leadership Program Delhi 2010

  1. 1. 17 Delhi Startups
  2. 2. Product Companies
  3. 3. Launched in 2007 by Aloke Bajpai with his IIT/INSEAD/Amadeus co-founders, is India’s leading travel search engine.
  4. 4. India Offbeat was started by a serial entrepreneur and a Chartered Accountant, Abhinav Goel. Travel and tourism is his first love, and he quit his job with Google to set up this specialty and experiential travel firm focused on India
  5. 5. Founded by Mrigank Tripathi – an INSEAD MBA and ex telecom strategy consultant, Voicetap is a startup focused on generating value through voice based solutions for telecom operators, large businesses and end users alike.
  6. 6. <ul><li>Advait Energy was founded by Ankur Agarwal, an IIT Engineer & Math PhD who quit BCG London & moved back to India to start this company. </li></ul><ul><li>Advait is a clean energy company that provides solar powered solutions to customers at the base of the pyramid. </li></ul>Patent pending
  7. 7. Fintact was founded by Arun Balakrishnan, an award-winning entrepreneur, and is backed by Rediff. It is India’s first insurance aggregator
  8. 8. MithaiMate was founded by Akhilesh Bali, a U Mumbai Engineer. It is India’s first gifting portal for Indian sweets, and has been recognized by all major publications in India including Outlook. CNN-ASIA, CNBC, NDTV, BLOOMBERG and ET.
  9. 9. Rahul Batra, an INSEAD MBA, founded Mobile Health Solutions, a consumer-centric mobile-based startup that enables consumers to track personal health data and provides 24/7 care through cellphones.
  10. 10. Building Blocks was started by Tarun Bhalla, a Delhi University Engineer & UWash MBA. Building Blocks was founded to bring a meaningful change in the way Mathematics, Science and Technology are taught in schools.
  11. 11. Awards & Recognitions Innoz, started by Deepak Ravindran, a Computer Engineeer from Lal Bahadur Shastri College, Kerala, provides value added services to mobile operators in India and abroad.
  12. 12. Get My Form, founded by Sahel Chalana, a BITS Pilani Engineer is &quot;Simplifying Apping&quot; by providing students with a fast, easily accessible and a simple interface to manage their applications.
  13. 13. is an upcoming online retailer founded by Sachin Garg, an ex-Amazonian with a Yale MBA and B.Tech. from Kurukshetra University
  14. 14. Aquskills, started by Saurabh Sachan, an NIT Engineer is aimed at improving employability of recent graduates. His second startup is ReviveResume
  15. 15. Chicory Chai is a design studio integrating traditional techniques into Lifestyle product design. It is currently working on reviving the craft of Kolhapuri footwear to develop various other accessories & home décor products.
  16. 16. [Hi!]Command is a Web and Mobile product being developed by Uttiya Bhattacharya of Design Business Collaborative [D+B]c, which are brands of the Design Business Corporation LLP. [Hi!]Command lets you get stuff done – socially [Hi!] Command Time is the Enemy   Get Stuff Done! Hi!
  17. 17. Service Companies
  18. 18. Rajat Harlaka of IIT BHU started Infogile Technologies, a mobile applications development company
  19. 19. TestPackage was started by Neeraj Jain and is a cloud applications firm
  20. 20. Stratessence is a strategy consulting firm for ideas and early-stage startups, and was started by Dipankar Sarkar
  21. 21. Mindgrep is a stealth mode company started by Ayush Ghai, an IITK Computer Science Engineer and a movie buff :)
  22. 22. Razi is a network of low cost integrated outpatient centers managed by Shwetank Verma