Lotus domino Portfolio Overview - v8.5.3


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This file provides overview of Lotus Domino Portfolio including all Entitlements and various components.

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  • Talking points: cultural transformation is slow (“why should I change?”) digital natives show experienced workers new things experienced workers expect newer entrants to assimilate into existing culture
  • Our team of usability engineers spent two years, and over 2000 usability tests, to build the best, most-functional messaging interface on the market today. Users of Outlook, Google mail, and prior versions of Notes will find themselves instantly comfortable in the substantially-improved Notes 8 user experience. ----- Modern, intuitive, Web-like user interface with a rich set of capabilities and features. Coversation threads – group emails by thread or conversation, rather than individually. Hopes with inbox overload and management. Integrated IM in your inbox, as well as in each individual email. Allows you to follow up in context, when the necessity arises.
  • ..and that team of usability engineers just keeps on going and going, and growing! We've added 50% more resource to that team since shipping Notes 8, to ensure that future versions of Notes continue to innovate and deliver best-in-class capabilities! ----- Intuitive user interface with a rich set of capabilities and features. Unanswered calendar entries – ghosted calendaring shows meeting invites, that you haven’t yet answered in gray, so that you can manage your calendar from your calendar, vs your inbox. Provides you with a total view. Integrated IM in calendar invitations.
  • Intuitive user interface with a rich set of capabilities and features. New business card view for easy scanning. Can customize with photos, images, etc. Integrated IM in contact list
  • Live Text recognizes different types of content and helps you automate common actions you might take against that content -- presenting relevant, real-time information that makes it easier to do your job -- with fewer distractions. My Widgets and Live Text in Lotus Notes expand the scope of information available to users. Get work done faster – reduce copy/paste Perform business actions with a single click Automate common look-ups Present relevant, real-time information – without storing it in a document – not subject to the date it was created Customize by role or individual
  • Reduces total .NSF size and overall disk usage Allows for tiered, less expensive storage Low I/O rates on DAOS directory Much faster and less expensive backups Much faster database compactions No single point of failure DAOS catalog
  • Reducing administrative costs has been another area in which we have really focused and delivered improvements in Notes and Domino 8.5. We think together they have an impact of about 30% as a result of enhancements such as reductions in the effort to manage ID files, through making policies more dynamic to automating upgrades and database file moves. As you may know IBM has a significant research and development initiative around “Autonomic Computing” - or systems that are self-maintaining and self-healing. This R&D work is being productized in capabilities such as Domino Domain Manager and Domino Configuration tuner, that are making it easier for administrators to diagnose and correct problems, or in the case of DCT – easier to avoid having problems and outages occur in the first place by analyzing the environment an recommending improvements.
  • Domino continues to be number 1 (according to data published by Gartner). Here is a summary of the key reasons why customers continue to choose Domino over Exchange and others etc…. We’ll now dig into each of these areas in greater detail
  • Security is no longer a nice to have – in today’s environment its essential Notes and Domino leadership in security is perhaps its most enduring strength. As security threats and have increased and other messaging platforms have become the regular target of attacks that exploit vulnerabilities, Notes and Domino have remained secure. Why? Because Security is part of the core architecture of our infrastructure. Notes and Domino security is truly end to end from the user on the Notes client to the document. We deliver, out of the box, a very comprehensive toolkit to protect clients, servers and more importantly protect your enterprise data that is managed by the messaging infrastructure. For example ID files that certify user identity Granular access control lists – down to the field level Encryption of data (128 bit or 1024 bit option in 7.0) Control over executables running on the client These are just a few of the facilities Notes and Domino customers take for granted (and lose no sleep over)
  • The extensibility of the Lotus Sametime client will give you access not just to people, but to information and resources. U sers need to have secure access to the information, resources and people to do their jobs faster -- without leaving their IM client This is a screenshot of the Sametime Client. Several things I’d like to highlight: First, you will notice that we have added dynamic location awareness. This uses the IP subnet address to recognize location. If the location has not previously been registered, the user is asked to identify the location which is stored so the next time the subnet address is recognized, the location will be known. In the future, we will also be able to integrate location based services from service providers. Also, note the client can integrate to the corporate LDAP directory providing valuable additional information about the people you collaborate with. We added a tray at the bottom where the capabilities provided by plug-ins can be accessed. Presence not only shows if a person is on line, but also if they are available…in a meeting, on a mobile device, etc. And by integrating the presence information from the telephony provider, we can also determine if the person is on the phone, what device they are accessible from, etc. You will also notice a set of buttons across the top tool bar. These allow a user to initiate a call (“click to call” through their corporate PBX, initiate a text chat, launch an IM chat or a web conference, etc. All of these buttons integrate the controls of the backend services provided by either IBM’s Sametime Server, or by other vendors, such as Alcatel-Lucent’s telephony and audio capabilities.
  • Average number of e-mails sent and received per day http://www.radicati.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Email-Statistics-Report-2010-2014-Executive-Summary2.pdf
  • Lotus domino Portfolio Overview - v8.5.3

    1. 1. Email Messaging and CollaborationExceptional Work Experience © 2012 IBM Corporation
    2. 2. Agenda● IBM Collaboration Solutions Vision● Revolutionary Collaboration Console – Lotus Notes● Smart Collaboration Server – Lotus Domino● Breakthrough Application Platform – Xpages, Lotus Domino● IBM Lotus Differentiators● IBM Sametime● Future Roadmap● References● Q&A2 © 2012 IBM Corporation © 2011 IBM Corporation
    3. 3. IBM Collaboration Solutions Vision © 2011 IBM Corporation
    4. 4. IBM Collaboration Solutions Vision4 On Premises Knowledge Worker Informational Worker (Boundary) External Partners Cloud Universal Access Messaging Communicating Connecting Integrating Open Standards Architecture Business Information Applications Management 4
    5. 5. Introducing IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.xSocial, Efficient and Green. Smart Collaboration is Here. Revolutionary Smart Collaboration Breakthrough Collaboration Desktop Server Application Platform USERS IT MANAGERS DEVELOPERS © 2012 IBM Corporation
    6. 6. Revolutionary Collaboration Console – Lotus Notes © 2011 IBM Corporation
    7. 7. IBM Lotus Notes: so much more than email! Connect ✔ Instant messaging and rich presence ✔ Calendar overlays ✔ vCards Discover ✔ Conversations ✔ Integrated search center: profiles, documents and more ✔ Widgets and Live Text Collaborate ✔ Office productivity tools ✔ Teamrooms, blogs and discussion forums ✔ Document and file sharing ✔ Status updates Access ✔ Offline productivity AVAYA SAP ✔ On premises or cloud IBM MICROSOFT BLACKBERRY ✔ Rich client or web-based EMC ORACLE CISCO APPLE ✔ Workflow and enterprise integration © 2012 IBM Corporation
    8. 8. Potential of Notes desktop today!9 © 2012 IBM Corporation
    9. 9. 10 © 2012 IBM Corporation
    10. 10. Conversation threads Color- coded messages RecipientIntegrated icons andpresence Horizontal and vertical flags and IM preview pane options
    11. 11. New calendar entries Color- coded meetings Integrated Group presencecalendars and IM
    12. 12. Integrated presence and IM Business card view13
    13. 13. Revolutionize the way you work—bring your in-box tolife! Collect widgets Wire them to text, creating Live Text! • Perform business actions with a single click • Auto-recognize common text strings • Automate common searches and lookups • Present relevant, real-time information14
    14. 14. IBM provides a customized workspace with widgets that helpyou socialize beyond the enterprise © 2012 IBM Corporation
    15. 15. 16
    16. 16. 17
    17. 17. 18
    18. 18. Potential of iNotes desktop today!19 © 2012 IBM Corporation
    19. 19. IBM Lotus Notes Travelere-Mail and Full Calendar support● Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch● Nokia Symbian Smartphone Devices● Android Smartphones “It’s in the box”
    20. 20. Create, Edit & Share Documents Download today It’s free! Symphony.lotus.comIBM Lotus Symphony comes with IBM Lotus Notes at no additional cost © 2012 IBM Corporation
    21. 21. Lotus Notes 8.5.3: drag-and-drop file sharing made easywith IBM Connections Files● Upload files for your own use or to share with others● Drag and drop an attached file or a file from your desktop to Files● Drag and drop or copy and paste a file from Files to your desktop● Send an HTML link to a file● Search for people or communities● Sort files for easier browsing● Detach the Files window from the Notes sidebar● Open Connections Files in a browser● Share, or stop sharing, existing Files● Delete Existing Files● Rename Existing Files © 2012 IBM Corporation
    22. 22. Lotus Notes 8.5.3: quickly tap into your social networkwith IBM Connections Profiles● Post your status so that colleagues can see what you are working on● View status updates from colleagues in your network● View status updates from colleagues you are following● Comment on a status posting● Clear your status● View your board or someone elses board● View the list of people you follow © 2012 IBM Corporation
    23. 23. Lotus Notes © 2012 IBM Corporation
    24. 24. Smart Collaboration Server Lotus Domino
    25. 25. IBM Domino Architecture Security Choice of Clients: Lotus Notes (Windows, Linux and Mac) iNotes Web Access (Windows, Linux and Mac), POP3 / IMAP, Mobile Devices, MS Outlook Development Mail Server Web Server Tools Directory Server Collaboration Server Integrated Administration, Statistics and Events, Monitoring Runs on Multiple Platforms – 64 bit support, Virtualization Techniques IBM AIX, IBM i5/OS, IBM z/OS, Linux, MS Windows, Sun Solaris
    26. 26. Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) •Bigfile.ods Samantha.nsf Domino •Hugefile.odp •Podcast.mp3 Mike.nsf •Bigfile.ods •Hugefile.odp •Podcast.mp3 •Bigfile.ods Ted.nsf •Hugefile.odp •Podcast.mp3 DAOS Catalog Domino 8 •HashValue->Bigfile.ods •HashValue->Hugefile.odp •HashValue->Podcast.mp3 Domino Bigfile.ods Hugefile.odp Podcast.mp3 •Bigfile.xls •Hugefile.ppt Domino 8.5
    27. 27. Simplify Identity Management 1. User enters windows Password • Allow Windows® authentication to be used in place of Notes user 2. Encrypted key, name/password unlocks Notes ID • Allow users to automatically recover 3. Notes ID damaged or lost ID files • • Simplify initial ID file provisioning • Allow for administrator password reset of ID file • Provide for automatic synchronization of multiple ID files ● • Domino DBs •
    28. 28. Improved Quality of Service• Reduce Domino failure frequency by focusing on high-capacity, high-load and error conditions• Reduce failures due to “out of address space” by leveraging 64-bit Domino• Provide major reductions in transaction logging overhead (I/O and CPU)• Drastically reduce mail routing delays Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT)  Ease the administrative tasks  Identify problems and misconfiguration  Suggest potential solutions © 2012 IBM Corporation
    29. 29. Lotus Domino – Administration Savings Administration costs are significant in messaging systems – they can be very labor intensive Reduce administration costs by 30% through features such as: ➢ ID File management ➢ Enhancements to the Administration Process (AdminP) ➢ Dynamic Policy-based management ➢ Domino Domain Manager ➢ Domino Configuration Tuner ➢ Automatic cleanup of application database moves ➢ Centralized and automated client upgrades
    30. 30. Breakthrough Application Platform XPAGESBuilding rapid value with the rightcollaborative application platform © 2011 IBM Corporation
    31. 31. Domino Applications Access where you need it Rapidly deliver on business objectives with a tailored solutionReduce IT and development costs  Integrate and leverage existing applications, data, content and systemsQuickly respond to changing business needs  Support business flexibility and agilityImprove organization effectiveness  Easy-to-use security-rich applications that are robust and scalable Typical Domino Applications Workflow Requirements Planning Project Management Help Desk / Customer Support CRM Analytics / Reporting Compliance Personal Productivity 33
    32. 32. XPages: Same Source – Multiple Renderings iWidgets Notes Client Mobile Devices Web 2.0 Domino Designer 34
    33. 33. OpenNTF.orgCode snippets → Controls → plugins → TemplatesDownloads continue to climbLots of XPage templates and controlsNew and updated projects coming all the time developerWorks XPages wikis Extension Library © 2012 IBM Corporation 35
    34. 34. IBM Lotus Differentiators
    35. 35. Quickly tell me whats for FREE !!!! ● Traveler – Push Mail on Mobile – Mail with wheels ● iNotes – 3 browser modes (Full, Lite, Ultralite) – Anywhere Everywhere ● Symphony – Productivity Editor – Not an Expensive Typewriter ● Sametime Entry – Chat, IM – Realtime Collaboration ● Designer – Application Development – Cool Apps, Xpages Whew !!! More... ● Connections Files and Profiles – Microblogging, Profiles & Files – Go Social ● Sametime Proxy – Awareness in a browser ● Tivoli Directory Integrator – Directory Sync and Integration ● Mobile Connect – VPN Solution – Connect from anywhere securely ● ● ● ● ●37 © 2012 IBM Corporation
    36. 36. Continued Investment protectionNew cutting edge features added with each release38
    37. 37. “Upgrade” v/s “Migrate” Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade UpgradeDomino 5 Domino 6 Domino 7 Domino 8.x Domino Next Domino Beyond Co-existence between versions You can jump versions © 2012 IBM Corporation
    38. 38. Domino Replication Still Unique in the Market Application Replication is very different to Database Replication Self contained, transportable, relocatable, complete ● Application Independent ● Collaboration centric ● Rapid Application Development Replicated to Clients for Offline support ● Isolating the user from Network Performance Clustered on Servers for availability ● Clustered between sites for disaster recovery © 2012 IBM Corporation
    39. 39. IBM Lotus Notes & DominoProvides a security-rich messaging and collaboration platform forsharing data and connecting your employees and extendedcommunities Enterprise Strength: Reliability and Scalability  Clustering for both Failover and Load-balancing  Advanced Administration Tools, Statistics and Events, Monitoring Proven Security  Granular Levels: Server, Database, View, Field.  Integrated Seamless PKI encryption. Digital Signatures. Execution Control Lists, Smartcard support Customers Flexibility & Choice  Operating System, Hardware Platform, Directory, Client Access Lower Cost Of Ownership  Policy Based Administration, Network Bandwidth, Replication, Quota Management 1000s of IBM Business Partner solutions Packaged templates
    40. 40. Notes & Domino Proven and Trusted SecurityLayered security model - best practiceSecurity spans from user to documentComprehensive Security tools  Certification and ID files  Server Access Lists  Access Control Lists & Roles  View & Form, Section & Field  Encryption – Public & Private keys, secret keys for apps  Database encryption (local)  Database signing and Execution Control Lists  Multiple administrator roles  Programmability restrictionsDomino uses the dual-key RSA Cryptosystem and the RC2 and RC4 algorithms for encryption.Both the Notes client and Domino server support 1024-bit RSA key and 128-bit symmetric key forS/MIME and SSL.The Notes protocol support the use of 630- and 1024-bit keys for key exchange,and use 64- and 128-bit keys for bulk data encryption.
    41. 41. Domino Advantage: Domain Monitoring Domino Domain Monitoring User Provides a means to monitor and Interface determine the health of a Domino Domain from a single UI Configuration Probe-based architecture helps and Reporting automate problem determination by feature (e.g. replication, messaging, directory, security, Event filter etc.) Prioritize and resolve problems Collection Aggregation and Server Correlation across servers Hide details until needed using event filters Collection Collection Server Server events Probes Domino Servers in a Domain
    42. 42. Domino Advantage: Notes Smart Upgrade Smart Upgrade supports updates to Notes 8.5.xAutomatic, no touch, server-managedupgrade for Notes client
    43. 43. © 2012 IBM Corporation
    44. 44. IBM Sametime: Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC2) ● Industry leading online meetings, rich presence, instant messaging ● Standards based audio & video ● Intelligent telephony with a powerful user experience ● Mobile Support ● Built-in social collaboration ● Rich & zero-download browser clients ● Web 2.0 APIs for easy integration ● Open, extensible, secure, cross platform, highly scalable © 2012 IBM Corporation
    45. 45. Sametime Audio & Video – Out of the box Presence & Instant Online Meetings Messaging Video Conferencing
    46. 46. Delivered with a consistent user experience acrossall major operating systems and platforms Mobile Desktop Browser access iPhone / iPad, Blackberry, Windows, Mac, Linux IE, Firefox, Safari Windows, Android © 2012 IBM Corporation
    47. 47. Sametime mobile clients Blackberry Android iPhone © 2012 IBM Corporation
    48. 48. Sametime client for Blackberry devices Sametime Meetings, Instant Messaging and Presence Note: Final product features and user interface are subject to change © 2012 IBM Corporation
    49. 49. NEW Sametime mobile client for Android ■ Presence & IM ■ Send images over IM ■ SUT Dialer ─ Place calls from your mobile phone via SUT ─ Calls back to device to avoid outgoing mobile charges ─ Use the preferred number and device to avoid mobile charges ─ Change preferred SUT device directly from the Android phone © 2012 IBM Corporation
    50. 50. IBM Sametime Mobile for iPhone Instant messaging and presence Business card Send pictures over a chat session directly from the device © 2012 IBM Corporation
    51. 51. On iPAD Instant Messaging, Presence, and SUT Rich Sametime web meetings © 2012 IBM Corporation
    52. 52. Integration with Existing Solutions © 2012 IBM Corporation
    53. 53. Future Roadmap © 2012 IBM Corporation
    54. 54. A Roadmap for the Future Note: Information is subject to change without notice at IBM’s discretion Lotus Notes 8.5.4 supports LotusLive Notes  Focus on Quality, Base for Social Edition R  Adopt Common One UI sM Improved error messages & diagnostic controls te Lotus Notes 8.5.3 PIM consumability features No Mac Cocoa support supports LotusLive Notes Additional mobile device support  Broaden the reach of the Notes client Enhanced SSO via on prem SAML 2014 R LotusLive Notes C&S REST APIs sM Improved search and sorting Maximize experience for hybrid experience (on premises / cloud) te Improved calendar updating Bug fixes No Enhanced new mail notification More signature options Connections Business Card Improvements Lotus Notes 8.5.2 Recent contacts improvements Lotus Notes Feature R LotusLive Security & SSO improvements sM supports LotusLive Notes LotusLive policy enhancements Release te  Broaden the reach of the Notes client RHEL 6.0 Desktop , Citrix Simplified deployment No LotusLive Notes XenApp 6.0, and enhanced 64-bit toleration Improvements in multi-user deployments Tighter LotusLive Notes integration Sametime 8.5.1 & Symphony 3.0 of the client Mac OS 10;6, RHEL 5.4, Windows 7 LotusLive Notes supported via Lotus Notes Traveler 2012 Continuity Experience extends across Lotus portfolio solutions: Sametime, Connections, iPhone/iPad support (OS 3.X, iOS4) Traveler support for Linux Lotus Notes Social Edition Quickr, etc Mail, calendar, & contacts improvements Simplified deployment Quickr Connectors enablement Mac Cocoa support Convergence Notes seamless failover capability Improved error messages & diagnostic controls Delivers unified collaboration experience Convergence across rich, web and mobile clients Post-8.5.2: Adopt Common One UI Android support (4Q) Integration of adjacent email capabilities Innovation social mail, Social search and analytics 2011 Improved UI/navigation Improved Email Notification across the collaboration environment PIM consumability features Enhanced integration with Lotus portfolio New Opportunities Maximize experience for hybrid experience (on Domino applications, extensive use of premises / cloud) widgets and mashups technology, and Enhanced SSO via on prem SAML HTML5 for richer user experience. C&S REST APIs 2010Reflects new LotusLive Notes content for inclusion in a Socially Oriented Collaboration Capabilities Embedded experience Open Social integrationfuture Notes/Domino feature release Widgets in iNotes social mail Introduction * * To be used in conjunction with IBM Connections © 2012 IBM Corporation
    55. 55. Embedded Experiences Embedded experiences ease Embedded experiences ease transient interactions with transient interactions with content within mail and other content within mail and other applications applicationsCategorization by Categorization bydate helps make date helps makeemail easier to email easier tomanage manage 57
    56. 56. Dark UI – Updated Dark UI – Updated Lotus iNotes “Next” — Mail Navigation Bar – Navigation Bar – Styles, Fonts, Icons, Styles, Fonts, Icons, Spacing Integrates Better with Integrates Better with Spacing Portfolio Services Portfolio Services Simplified Dates Simplified Dates Widgets Sidebar Widgets Sidebar Panel Panel --Google Gadgets Google Gadgets --Drag & Drop Drag & Drop Embedded Embedded Preview Preview Experience Experience58
    57. 57. The IBM Sametime and SUT releasetimeline Proposed Themes  Enhancing the social experience  Rich communications  Mobility  Cloud  Intelligence  Platform vitality IBM Sametime 8.5.2 IFR 1 IBM Lotus IBM Sametime Sametime IBM Sametime SUT Unified Unified Unified Lite Telephony Telephony Telephony IBM Lotus IBM Lotus IBM Sametime IBM Sametime Sametime Sametime 8.5.2 Next 8.5.0 8.5.1 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 All information regarding new products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. All information on new products is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract. All information on new products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion.59 © 2012 IBM Corporation
    58. 58. Q&A  If time allows...60
    59. 59. © 2012 IBM Corporation
    60. 60. “The future of e-Mail is Social”  IBM Connections Mail is the evolution of collaboration and messaging  Not a product – a service you can tap into wherever you are  Evolved capabilities “Very soon, you wont be able to see e-mail and social networking separate. e-mail will not die, it will in fact have more flavour and will be more integrated." -- Neha Gupta, Senior Research Analyst, Gartner62 © 2012 IBM Corporation
    61. 61. Gartner Report Notes and Domino Next: A Glimpse Into IBMs Collaboration Future The Gartner “Notes and Domino Next: A Glimpse Into IBM’s Collaboration Future” report focuses on the evolution of Notes® and Domino and highlights the broader shift in the collaboration market toward a blending of traditional collaboration services with newer social constructs and business applications—all accessible through mobiles, browsers and rich clients. This analysis is relevant to individuals tracking the evolution of the collaboration market, as well as IT leaders responsible for Notes or Domino infrastructures. Download reprints from Gartner at this link: http://imagesrv.gartner.com/media-products/pdf/reprints/ibm/external/volume6/article15.pdf They still “got it” in 2011 . . .63
    62. 62. Gartner recommends . . . IBM concurs Download reprints from Gartner at this link: http://imagesrv.gartner.com/media-products/pdf/reprints/ibm/external/volume6/article15.pdf64