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A project report on shopping mall

This is to certify that the project on shopping mall
submitted by us in fulfillment for the award of the
We hereby acknowledge with deep gratitude for the co-
operation and help given to us by all those who pour...
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A project report on shopping mall

  2. 2. CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project on shopping mall submitted by us in fulfillment for the award of the diploma in Architecture Assistantshipof department of technical education HARYANA at Govt. Polytechnic for Women Sec.8 Project Guide H.O.D. Mrs.REENA KAPOOR SIGN Mr. RAJESH SIR SIGN Mrs.USHA MAM SIGN Mrs.POONAM SHARMA SIGN
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We hereby acknowledge with deep gratitude for the co- operation and help given to us by all those who pour their magnificent efforts in making our project. We are glad to express our heartfelt thanks and due respect to our lecture. Mrs.USHA MAM, Mrs.POONAM MAM, Mrs.RAJESH SIR for their great support inspiration motivationand under able guidance the entire project was completed. We take this opportunity to express our profound, gratitude and thanks to our H.O.D. Mrs.REENA KAPOOR MAM. We are also very thankful to the manager and the owner of the shopping mall for their great support. At last we are extremely thankful to our mother, father, brother, sister and family members for their moral support.
  4. 4. PREFACE The hospitality industry in the country has been tremendous change over some last years. This has lead to a greater competition The Shopping malls are designed for the business purpose also. It Play the important role in the shopping. Shopping mall is used for the entertainment purpose also. It includes the fun town also. This is ever changing business that constant challenges and explores the territory of marketing and cuisine. Contemporary shopping mall is push and expand the boundaries of dinning, cinemas, fun town, retailing shops, food court, childrenplay room, McDonald etc. Shopping mall is very popular at that time. Reinventing and that times creating new ways for future. The palettes and minds of its patterns. Shopping malls have a attractive elevation to attract the customer. In future shopping mall have a great achievement.
  9. 9. ARCHITECT’S Our Architectural and design team to translate the visionof crown to synergistically developmalls for multiple activities like retail, entertainment, leisure, hypermarketand large stores with lots of human movement and to synthesizethe form, function and aesthetic. We have engaged the services- Oliver Vidal of Swanke Hayden Conell Architects of USA. The firm which did the TRUMPH TOWERS of USA. MATHUR and KAPRE associates Designed the beautifully landscaped clover leaf flyover at AIIMS crossingNEW DELHI. SUN GLOBE ARCHITECT’S – Structural engineer’s projects planner and INTERIOR DESIGNERS.
  10. 10. CROWN INTERIOR GROUP CROWN GROUP is a premier real estate develops in NCR and now spreading wings to other parts of the country. They have a diversifiedport folioin real estate development. The group is owned by the experienced professional who are famous for their innovative thinking and who have passionate commitment to bring world-class technology ideas and design for improving the quality of life in and around the catchment area of their developments. The highly specialized professional skill sets covering every aspect of the real estate industry with a Shared Geol in what gives crown the ability to envisionand harness the incrediblepotential that the future holds. The core team has a proven track record for excellence spanning more than 70 years and it is widely recognized for its best business practices, transparency and reliability in real estate industry.
  11. 11. SUBMITTED BY NAME- ROLL NO.- RITU- 10003021105 NEERU - 10003021102 SHOBHA- 10003021107 KAMAKSHI- 100030200 KIRTI- 100030200 REEMA- 100030200
  12. 12. FEATURES  2,50,000sq.ft of parking space in double basement for more than 900 cars.  Extra wide servicecorridors with 8.5*8.5 service escalators for movement of goods.  With coming group of Badarpur flyover,easy access from primary and secondary catchment area.  Generous and ample landscaped greenery water bodies and fountains for a relaxed environment  Two large atriums with multipleactivities.  Lots of plays of colors and lights for a warm and congenial atmosphere.
  13. 13. VISION AND VALUES OF SHOPPING MALL  VISION- To create world class state- of –the-ART developments that combine style, convenience and modernity,using latest technology and adhering to the best industry practicles to large enduring relationshipwith customers.  CORE VALUES- Customer focused- We strive to evoke customer delights by exceeding customer expectations, as customer lies at the core of our business.  INTEGRITY- we always striveto meet our commitment with integrity sincerity and consistency.  ETHICAL PRACTICLES-We follow time honored ethical practices in our everyday functioning by transparency in our transactions.
  14. 14.  RESPECT FOR PEOPLE- maintaininglong term relationshipbased upon mutual respect with all our customers partners and employees is the bedrock of everyday functioning.  COMMUNITYCENTIC- we are committed to the transform the communities we serve into better places to livework and raise families.  ENVIRONMENTALCONCERNS-it is our constant endeavor to develop eco-friendly,energy efficient sturestum and adopt green building technologies.
  15. 15. LOCATION OF THE CROWN INTERIOR MALL A project which the people in the region have been holding their breath for ‘’CROWN INTERIOR’’ is based on the ‘’FUSION MALL CONCEPT’’. It is firstof its kind in INDIA to house A-Z of interior products under the roof. ‘’CROWN INTERIOR’’ mall is situated in very good location. It is near to the Faridabad Delhi border. Its do the good business because it is situated in a crowdie place. From here more traffic locate so it is very popular in Faridabad.
  16. 16. PARKING It is the open space parking. Parking is the very important part in today’s life in any type of building because most of the people commit by vehicles. The parking of the CROWN INTERIOR mall is very large. And in it parking is also provided in basement and it is double basement. Its mall parking space is very proper. In crown interior mall parking is also provided in the basement also. In interior mall parking way is provided in the right side of the mall building from going the basement parking. Open car parking area 2,50,000 sq. ft.
  17. 17. ELEVATION Elevation is the most important part of any type of building. It helps to build the good or bad images of any building. It attracts the people therefore it should be designed in such attractive way as that of “CROWN INTERIOR” in elevation of the crown interior mall colors glass are used. The front of the shopping mall is made up of glasses it makes the front of the shopping mall is very attractive.
  18. 18. MAIN ENTRANCE IN THE RELIANCE MART Entrance is the main part of the building because it is of the thing which people see firstso it should look very attractive. The entrance door of the shopping mall is very large and it is made up of glasses and it is wide also and here class door are used. The level of its main entrance is below the ground floor. It is the entry of the reliance mart. Reliance mart is made for the shopping purpose only.
  19. 19. RELIANCE MART Reliance mart is mainly use for the shopping purpose. Reliance mart is also below the ground floor. It is also in the basement. Here fruits and the vegetable stalls also and the magazines stall are also located.
  20. 20. It is made from the shopping purpose.
  21. 21. MAIN ENTRANCE OF THE GROUND FLOOR Main entrance of the ground floor here ramp is provided in the front for come on the ground floor. The main entrance ramp size is above the 10’-0’’.And its door sizeis also min. 10’-0’’.
  22. 22. RECEPTION Reception is the place of interaction between the customers and the receptionist. Reception is the place where a customer can pay their bills of own shopping and can concern about the facilities of the shopping mall. The size of the reception is 4’-10’’inwidth and 3’-10’’inlength. It is made up from wood and glasses. In mall it is also use to collect the language of the customer which is with her own. It is situated on the ground floor.
  23. 23. ESCALATORS It is use to transfer the one floor to other floor. Escalators are provided to take the many people in one time to transfer to one floor to another floor.It is move one floor to another floor by escalator. It is provided with attractive handrail of with glass.Escalator is work basement to the other following floor.These mall in basement escalators process are work continuously from here. It is held on opposite side for up and down on the floor.Here ten no. of escalators are situated.
  24. 24. LIFT Lifts are used to many persons transfer to one floor to another floor. Here lifts are provided for twenty person and its self weight is 1360kg.It is used in the place of staircase. It is used to transfer to load one floor to another floor. In INTERIOR lift is provide to basement from other floor. It is used to transfer the heavy load one floor to another. Lifts are available on the every floor.
  25. 25. STAIRCASE Staircaseis providedon the all floor. Its flooringis red stone. Staircase flooringis look nice in the mall. Here above ten numbers of staircases are used. It is continuous from basement to another floor. And the railinglooks also beautiful. In railingglass are used.
  26. 26. BASEMENT FLOOR Here double basement floor for parking are provided. Most of the area of the crown interior is used for the car parking and the other types of vehicle and store the other types of extra material also. Here columns are located in many positions and the pillar sizeis max. 2.5’’*3.5’’.In the basement parking car and motor cycle parking zoning is different.Car entry and exits are same. Basement floor is best utilize for parking.
  27. 27. From basement fireexits are also provided and no. of fire exits are provided. Basement size is very large. It is provided on full covered area.
  28. 28. Ramp is provided for the moving of the vehicle’s its ramp size maximum is 20’-0’’. It is double ramp for entry and exit of vehicle’s.
  29. 29. GROUND FLOOR PLAN The ground floor plan is also known for the name of ‘’GENERAL VANILLA FLOOR’’. Its total area is globes [g- 34to35] and its area is 14,19052ftarea. On the first floor many types of brand also located for example RAYMOND,ADIDAS, REEBOK, TITAN, LIBAS, CHIHABRA, WOODLAND, SONY, TIMEX, FASTRACK, ZODIAC ORIENT, BLACKBERRY, PUMA Etc. and here health and glow, tailor shop etc. on the ground floor fashion wear of boys and girls [G-29] and the café of coffee day is also provided in that area of 11,500sqft .Here stalls are also available like popcorn, ice-cream etc.
  30. 30. The ground floor plan included its……………  FOR SHOPPING 1.Women’s clothing 2.Men’s clothing 3.Book stores 4.Gift and hobby shops 5.Electronics 6.Jewelers shops
  31. 31. 7.Leather goods 8.Shoes stores 9.Shopping mall 10.HOME SAAZ hhh Accessories more…….. On the ground floor area brand of the HOME SAAZ is provided. here all type of material are availableof the home saaz brand
  32. 32. HOME SAAZ is included its………..  Curtain, Sofa fabric  Bed , Bath  Table linen, Rugs  Carpets, Wooden flooring  Wall papers, Crockery  Crockery,Crystal ware  Decorative  Home accessories  HOMESAAZ is the name of the floor also.
  33. 33. WALL FINISHING Wall of the shopping mall is decorated with various wall pattern such as- wooden panelling, colours wall texture etc. and the various types of wallpapers are also used. Ventilators of glasses are being placed in the wall, so that the air from the air –conditioned can come down and keep the mall atmosphere cool. It play the important role in interior of the shopping mall.
  34. 34. FIRST FLOOR PLAN The first floor is also known for the name of ‘’ INTERIOR FLOOR’’ On the first floor retailing shops are provided and the area of the retailing shops is 14,275sq.ft. On that floor shops of shoes, sleepers, gents wear garments, ladies wear garments, girls wear, boys wear shops, kids wear and the kids accessories and the other human things are provided. RETAIL SHOPS ON SIDE OF CORRIDOR FRONT.
  35. 35. On the first floor CROMA are also provided [F-30 to F- 35] and the area of that 25,000sq.ft on the firstfloor food stalls are also provided. On that floor other types of offices are provided it is used from managers. On that floor many types of things are provide which is used to the people for exercise and for the decoration purpose also. On that floor bride and groom clothes are also available. Its types of shops are very high range on that floor corridor are used which sizeis 12’6’’ or 12’8’’.
  36. 36. On that floor HOMESAAZ is always provided. its locate on the area of 25,346 sq. ft Here bedroom, children room, washroom,kitchen and the drawing room also. Its types of interior designing shows space analysis in the interior its shows.
  37. 37. FALSE CEILING CROWN INTERIOR Mall roof is well designed with the help of P.O.P. The used for fancy light of very high quality are used for the decorative purpose. Fans are also provided at the suitable distance. The arrangement of the ceiling light and the fans are very attractive. The false ceiling are made attractive with the help of colours and the combination of dark attractive colours. It used for the pleasant appearance. Wall texture and the coloured ceiling is one of the example.
  38. 38. SECOND FLOOR Second floor is the also INTERIOR FLOOR. ITS floor show the peaceful environment and create the pleasant effect in it types of rooms.On that floor corridor are provided which dimensionis 12’6’’or 12’8’’.Its floor is around it but is locate in the shape of U. here shops are also look name like ‘’stanley and lazy boy sizes [s-30 to 35] and the area is 21,156sq.ft and the prageti furniture[s-01] and its type of furniture layout area is 8,323sq.ft and the galaxy [s-03 to 06] and its provided in the area of 5,229sq.ftarea, and the candle bloom is [s-45].Dolphin international LTD woodmart and D’ mart [s-36 to s-40] and its also covered the area which size is 19,004sq.ft. on that floor showroom are also situated its include the child wear and other necessaries of the child. Its floor is also include the corridor of same size. the second floor plan include the beauty activities of life also. For examples- spas, beauty parlour,salons.
  39. 39. Second floor is knowing from the name of ‘’INTERIOR DESIGNING’’ On that floor fully interior designing purpose room are located. It decorated for the sailing purpose. Here many types of rooms are decorate purpose for locate the wonderful interior like bedroom, children room, livingroom, drawing room, kitchen, attach washroom etc.
  40. 40. FLOORING IN interior many types of floorings are used. Here in RELIANCE MART, BASEMENT,GROUND FLOOR, FIRST FLOOR, SECOND FLOOR, THIRD FLOOR, WASHROOMS, FOOD COURT, KIDS FUN ZONE, RESTAURANT, SITTING AREA, ETHNICHAAT etc. used different material of flooring.Somewhere timber flooringare also used. And in the basement cotta stones are used and the other zoning other types are flooringused.
  41. 41. Third floor On the third floor multiplex, kids fun town are situated. In it two or three cinemas are in one block. In it block BAR and CLUB are also situated. In it block small food court are also made. And on it floor RESTAURANT, SITTING AREA, MCDOWNLDS are also provided. Here ENHNICHAAT minimum 12 kiosks to be providingin this area.
  42. 42. THIRD FLOOR Third floor include the EVENTS- Movie,on it is the old style Indian restaurant On the third floor sitting area is also provide. The area of the sitting is very large. In that area lighting effect is also create the pleasant effect. The area of the sitting is attached with the corridor which size is 12’6’’varies from 12’8’’. THIRD FLOOR INCLUDE THEM-
  43. 43. THIRD FLOOR FOOD COURT On that floor small food court are also provide. In it sitting area is very well planned. There are circular table with comfortablechairs are providedat the suitable distance. It is called SITTING AREA also. The roof the court is well designed with the fancy ceiling with fancy lights. Both of material is very costly and its look attractive also. There is also a servicecounter in front of the food court. customer used for lift for come in the food court also.
  44. 44. INEX MULTIPLEX On the third floor four multiplex are provided. In its 1200 seats are gives. Its four multiplexes is design in the separate of one block.
  45. 45.  THIRD FLOOR include the food and night life also for examples…..  Restaurant  Bars and pubs  Lounge and disc’s  Cafes, Bakery  Fast food  Desert and ice cream  Mithai shops and the stalls also. On the third floor Chinese restaurant are also available. And fun town also provided. and a Indian restaurant are available.
  46. 46. RESTAURANT On the third floor a restaurant is also provided. In restaurant adequacy of spaces will influence building and operating costs and efficiency.The third floor is known from the name of entertainment floor or a zone. Its restaurant size is so large. The size of the restaurant is 15,000 sq. ft. it restaurant design very well. It creates the enjoy full environment.Dispersed seating suitable for guests with restricted mobility should be suitable in restaurant, coffee, dinning and is the Chinese restaurant.
  47. 47. FUN TOWN OF KIDS ZONE Fun city, where the fun is? There can’t be a place better suited for kids fun. Fun city is the leisuredivisionof the landmark group which is builds and operate family entertainment centre across the world. Fun town is mainly design for the kids. Third floor is known for the entertainment zone or a fun city also. Here many types of games are provided for the fun. And the many types of roller break dance, up and down and the jumping floor are made in the fun zone. Is Zoning name is JAMMIN KIDS ZONE its size is too large. Here bikes and car games and the computer games is very interesting. Kids zoning is very joyful for the kids and our self also. In the kids fun zone music system are also provided.
  48. 48. funcity
  49. 49. Funcity of kids
  50. 50. TOILETS Toilets are also important part of the building. In it mall it should be kept neat and clean. In interior mall in one toilet three blocks are used. And for the handicap person toilets are also provided. Now in the toilets big mirror are used and the designer wash basins are also used. Designer taps are also provided its look shiny and pleasant also. All these things give a good appearance. Male and female toilets are made separately. Ceramictiles should be used in bathrooms and toilets. In the interior mall toilet are so clean. And here costly tiles are used. And the hand drier are also provide. The size of one block in toilets is-5’-4”.
  51. 51. PATHWAY On the front two entry and exits pathways are provided. The outer space parking are also provided for the vehicle and the kids fun area is also provided. On the outer side suitable parking and park also. The pathway size is 20’-0’’.Max Its pathway use for the parking in the basement.
  52. 52. Its pathway use for the ENTRY and EXITS.
  53. 53. Lighting arrangement in mall Lighting is the important factor in the shopping mall.It creates the effect in the different type of zoning. In the retail shops lighting arrangement is very nice in looking.
  54. 54. And in the corridor lighting effect is also creatively. In that mall high range cost lights are used. And the arrangement of light is suitably.
  55. 55. In the storage area light arrangement is very well.
  56. 56. FIRE FIGHTING IN the any type of building fire fighting system are very important. Its plays important role in the ‘’CROWN INTERIOR’’ mall.It is defined as the service is used in broadly for providingsafety from system alarm is play the important role in it.
  57. 57. Although fire a man- made disaster but it can damage the file, property and the economy at a greater than other natural disasters,so firefighting must also be given equal appearance preference in construction of any building. There are many factors that have an influence on the level of fire safety offered by a building.
  58. 58. Some of the more significantfactors are-  Likelihood of firesuppressionby the occupants.  Communication system.  Emergency procedures and staff training  Reliability and effectiveness of sprinkler systems  Fire characteristics [flames and smokes] –rate of spread , size severity.  Means of evacuation  Action of firebrigade  No. of occupants and their behavior  Performanceof building structure
  59. 59. Parking system  In the CROWN INTERIOR mall parking is provide in the basement and front and sided space.  Dimensions of vehicle parking spaces in parking bays range from 1.80*4.60 m to 2.50*6.00 m.  While 90degreeparking is more economical in space requirements [20-22m sq./car].  45degree parking [23-26m sq./car] can be more convenient.  For wheelchair users 3.00m  Vehicle parking space for people with disabilities should be wider: for semi ambulant persons by widths should be increased to 2.80m.
  60. 60. Landscaping in site plan In the front of mall a small park is provided. It is a kids play ground also available. In the site planning proper greenery are provided and on the site kids fun zone are also located.
  61. 61. EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT Seismicprovisions for improvingperformanceof non engineered masonry construction with experiments verifications.  JACKETING- it is the most popularly used methods for strenghing of building column. The main purpose of jacketing are……..  To increase concrete confinement by transverse fiber/ reinforcement,especially for circular cross sectional columns  To increase shear reinforcement  To increase flexural strength by longitudinal reinforcementprovided they are well anchored at critical sections adding infill walls- strengthening of exiting reinforcedmovement resistingframes often involves addition of infill walls. It is an effective and economical method for improvingstrength and reducing drift of existing frames by proper selection of the infill masonry strength along with prevention of its premature separation from the column, a more desirable failuremode can be achieved
  62. 62. .Adding new shear walls one of the most common methods to increase the lateral the lateral strength of the reinforcedconcrete buildings is to be make a provisionfor additional shear walls.
  63. 63. CONCLUSION B/W ‘’CROWN INTERIOR’’ and ‘’CROWN PLAZA’’. ADVANTAGES OF THE CROWN INTERIOR-  Size of the crown interior mall is very large.  It is provided on near the highway.  It is very popular.  Here parking providedin the basement and it is double basement also.  Here the shopping centre of reliance mart is also provided in the basement.  Its more popular and its do good business also.  Here four screens multiplex are provided.  In it Chinese, Indian type of restaurant are use.  Here interior designing take part on the more spaces.  Its plot area and covered area also too large.  Here no. of escalators are more and lift also.  In its sitting area is more available.
  64. 64. DISADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES of the CROWN PLAZA  Size of the crown mall is too short expecting crown interior.  It is provided near the Magpie and here more crowd.  It is less popular.  Here parking providedon the front and the side of the building.  Here on firstand second floor retailing shops are provided.  Its do not do more profit in the comparisons of crown interior mall.  Here one screen multiplex is provided.  Here mc’d and the other two small restaurants are provided.  Here also interior designing take part but in short space.  Its plot area is too short at in the comparisons of crown interior.  Here two numbers of escalators are provided.
  65. 65.  Here sitting area is too small,sitting area is not sufficient.