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Prezentare retargeting final


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Prezentare retargeting final

  1. 1. Target the consumers you want, and engage them on products and services they need •1 Retargeting: theory, ideas and case studies •1 1
  2. 2. What is retargeting?• Advertising technique that engages / re- engages a specific audience.• Delivering messages on general sites to users that did specific action• Tracking consumers behaviors while get in •2 contact with your scripts •2 2 – Activation script – Deactivation script
  3. 3. Key factors for success• Identifying interested users• Engaging creative – Retargeting creative should engage user and build loyalty – Specific message •3• Big campaign reach• Continuous recruitment for retargeting cookie •3 3 data base
  4. 4. Types of retargeting• Site retargeting – Most used retargeting type – Retargeting script is placed in advertiser website – About 98 % of the visitors will leave the site without conversion – Build and retain customer interest during the consideration phase •4 > reach prospective consumers as quickly as possible before they buy from a competitor •4 4 > target them repeatedly throughout the consideration phase
  5. 5. Other retargeting types• Survey retargeting• Creative retargeting• Search retargeting •5• Third party tools (car configuration, loan •5 5 calculator)
  6. 6. Campaign Reach• Publishers using AdOcean adserver – One activation script for all accounts – Each publisher define retargeting in his account – Banners displayed only to activated cookies• All publishers on the market – AdOcean is used as a Agency adserver •6 – Backup banners are needed •6 6
  7. 7. Wizzair case study Campaign goal (Hungary): to increase the sales of the airplane tickets.• Retargeting goal: Contact users who visited site but did not make the purchase •• Results: total amount of campaign impressions contained 0,3% of retargeted ads. 44,61% of all orders came from retargeting, which proved to be more effective than regular formats. For retargeted ads the measured click -through rate (CTR) was three and a half times higher than for regular formats •7 •7 7 2 creative formats, caping 2 / 1
  8. 8. Swedbank case study Campaign goal: To reach internet users who are business owners but not yet Swedbank clients and not to disturb the existing clients. On Delfi:• Retargeting goal: Comunicate with potential clients• Results: 27 833 filled, 8 129 activated 6 178 users contacted (76%) average UCTR = 2,36% top layer UCTR = 14,21% •8 4 creative formats, caping 2 / 1 •8 8
  9. 9. HT milk case studyCampaign goal: To inform and educate about the advantages of HT milkas well as it’s significance in diet by using an interactive form ofadvertisement On Delfi, Apollo, Adnet:• Retargeting goal: Communicate with those who has interacted •• Results: 55 000 filled (RR=18%) 50 000 users contacted (91%) average billboard UCTR = 0,78% no capping •9 •9 9
  10. 10. Conclusions??? •1 0 •1 10 0