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AI for Customer Service - DigitalGenius for Zendesk


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DigitalGenius brings practical applications of deep learning and AI to customer service operations. It analyzes incoming messages, predicts meta-data, routes cases, provides agents with accurate suggestions and automates responses. Human+AI™ enables agents using Zendesk to deliver accurate and timely information to their customers, while reducing overall internal & external resource load. We integrate directly with your Zendesk environment and can automate chat shortcuts, ticket tagging, routing, live chat and macros. The DigitalGenius App is now available in the Zendesk App Marketplace.

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AI for Customer Service - DigitalGenius for Zendesk

  1. 1. DigitalGenius goes way beyond the sort of automated chatbot that simply scans customer communications for keywords. Instead, it uses millions of past chat logs to train the AI to recognise what’s being asked, regardless of the wording, and respond accordingly. It can answer questions across e-mail, social media and mobile messaging, and works with existing customer service software. Your Customer Service Team MORE THAN 10 AGENTS AND GROWING On Zendesk Support or considering switching to Zendesk Support SEARCHING FOR WAYS TO IMPROVE EFFICIENCY Due to increasing volumes over text-based channels EXPLORING WAYS TO INCREASE CAPACITY Considering or has already deployed new text-based communication channels ACCESS TO CUSTOMER SERVICE HISTORICAL DATA Stored solved tickets that resulted in high customer satisfaction ratings YOUR GOAL Reduce first response time and costs by automating repetitive tasks & supercharge customer satisfaction Human+AI™ Solution POWER ZENDESK SUPPORT With Artificial Intelligence using Deep Learning INCREASE AGENT EFFICIENCY WITH AI Automate the repetitive and manual tasks with artificial intelligence. Save keystrokes, clicks and wasted time ENABLE INCREASED SATISFACTION RATINGS For both customers & employees MULTILINGUAL & OMNICHANNEL Trained with historical data using mathematical models - no keywords or dictionaries needed SMART MACRO SEARCH Enable agents to search both title and comments within macros HISTORICAL RESPONSES Faster response times & more consistent language across the team with AI powered historical responses Main Features Predictive Ticket Intelligence Pre-fill all the ticket tags, custom fields, drop downs & triage tickets using AI Human+AI™ Macro Answers AI suggests the best macro. Agent approves. System learns & automates. CUSTOMERS: AS SEEN ON: - The Times